Shark Tank India Episode 25: What Happened in the Show?

In episode 25, Three companies came on the show. First was Paws  India by Priyam Singh, Second was Sunfox Technology by Saurabh Badola, Rajat Jain, Nitin Chandola, and Sabit Rawat, and Third was Alpino Health Foods by Priyank Vora, Umesh Gajera, Chetan Kanani, and Mahatva Sheta.

At the end of the episode, the shark lesson of the day was given by Vineeta about product-market fit which means market demand increases by mouth marketing and basic advertising, putting lots of money in marketing does not mean the product is market fit.

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Paws India

Paws India is an e-commerce pet product and development company. Paws India- Let’s revolutionize pet space together. Paws India focuses on innovation, advanced healthcare, and product development. Paws India also helps flourish other pets’ start-ups.

Paws India is working for pets and towards pets. Paws India also serves edible items for pets. Having a pet nowadays is like having a child which is not going to listen to you to which Paws India came into the market. Paws India is the first manufacturer of smart toys for pets.

Who are the founders of Paws India?

Priyam Singh from Bombay is the founder of Paws India. Priyam and her brother both been pet lovers since their childhood and always wanted to have a pet. Priyam belongs from a pharmaceutical backgrounds family and her brother used to work in there also, after which her brother left the job and started this segment to which Priyam also joined him and that’s how Paws India was started.

Shark Tank India  Paws India
Paws India

Did Paws India get a deal on Shark Tank?

Priyam came on Shark Tank with Gabru, her dog, looking for an investment of 50 lakhs for 4% equity, a company valuation of 12.5 crores. After the demonstration on the show, Namita said that she doesn’t have expertise in it and went out, Priyam said that she was seeking for her to which Vineeta felt offended and went out.

Ghazal said that she had already invested in a similar products company and due to conflicts of interest, she went out. Peyush gave her a suggestion to focus only on demanding business and moved out. Anupam said that he was interested in the business and gave an offer of 50 lakhs for 15% equity with a condition that he wanted to meet her brother first and should follow a strategic chain.

Anupam asked her that because she belonged to a well-off family, she must have money, so why she doesn’t invest her own money which she said that her father is a businessman and asked her to return his money ASAP. Priyam didn’t give a counter, just asked him whether he would fund future demands to which Anupam said that it depended on the size. Priyam said that it would be up to 25 to 30 lakhs. Anupam agreed to that and Priyam accepted the deal.

Sunfox Technology:

Sunfox Technology is a manufacturing company which had made a device named Spandan. Spandan is a pocket-size device that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Spandan cuts the involvement of doctors as it measures EGC from a smartphone. Spandan gives 99.7 % accurate results. Spandan had served a lot during the period of Covid- 19. Spandan is on a global mission to minimize the death of people due to the lack of devices. Spandan is very easy to use. Spandan also has zero radiation, no buttons, and no issues.

Who were the founders of Sunfox Technology?

Saurabh Badola, Rajat Jain, Nitin Cahnadola, and Sabit Rawat are the founders of Sunfox Technology from Dehradun. They shared that lots of people die due to heart attacks and the unavailability of resources to rectify this problem. Sunfox had built Spandan for the same cause. ECG is the basic test which costs up to 2000 in a hospital which Spandan is the best alternative in the market.

Shark Tank India Sunfox Technology
Sunfox Technology

Did Sunfox Technology get a deal on Shark Tank?

Sunfox team came on Shark Tank with a heart clown which did some actions to point out the importance of the heart. Sunfox Tech came on the show in search of an investment of 1 crore for 2% equity, company valuation is 50 crore. Sunfox’s co-founder ended the pitch with a line of the song” Hai Apna Dil to Awaara, Na Jane Kispe Ayega”.

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Anupam asked what was unique in them to which Sabit replied that it was its use and price. During the pitch, it came out that Sunfox had received 50 lakhs from Byrek and the government for DSI with a 0% grant. All the 5 sharks liked the product and came together with an offer of 1 crore for 6% equity and said it was non-negotiable. They took a moment and Sunfox had accepted the deal for the same offer and took all the checks.

Alpino Health Foods:

Alpino Health Foods brings healthy food products to the people. Alpino makes eatables which include various snacks, Green tea, Muesli, Apple cider, and peanut butter. Alpino is India’s favorite healthy snack, Made in India Brand. Alpino manufactures peanut butter powder, which is for the first time in India. Alpino is available on more than 15 e-commerce websites and 3000 plus retail shops in India. Alpino serves it under four flavors, which include Chocolate, Natural, Classic, and Coconut.

Who were the founders of Alpino Health Foods?

Priyank Vora, Umesh Gajera, Chetan Kanani, Mahatva Sheta from Surat, Gujarat are the founders of Alpino Health Foods. When they all were in college, they used to have peanuts during the lectures. After their graduation, they were planning to do a business and from there, they thought to go with peanut and started India’s health revolutionary snacks- Alpino Health Foods.

Shark Tank India Alpino Health Foods
Alpino Health Foods

Did Alpino Health Foods get a deal on Shark Tank?

Alpino came on the show with varieties of products in search of expanding it more in numbers and sales. Priyank Vora asked for an investment of 1.5 Crore for 2% of the company, company valuation is 75 Crore. After tasting the foods and demonstration, Namita and Vineeta directly took a step and gave an offer of 1.5 Crore for 10% equity.

Peyush and Anupam countered them and asked Alpino founders to explain more about products and their future aspects. Ghazal said that she had already invested in the same product company. So, due to a conflict of interest, she moved out. Namita said that one shark was already out and requested them to take their decision fast, otherwise, they would also have moved out.

Peyush and Anupam also came together and gave an offer of 1.5 crores for 9% equity of the company. Vineeta and Namita changed their offer to 1.5 Crore for 8.5% equity. Alpino Health foods founders took a moment for discussion and when they came back, Anupam, Peyush, Namita, and Vineeta came together and gave a new single offer of 1.5 crores for 8% equity in the business. Alpino gave a counteroffer of 1.5 Crore for 2.5 %.

Anupam made them understand the factors to which they gave a counteroffer of 1.5 Crore for 5% of the business. Anupam again said that leaving the deal for 3% of the company was a wrong decision. Alpino said that they couldn’t go with the numbers and rejected the offer and went out. No deal was made and the pitch was closed.

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Which companies presented in Episode 25?

In episode 25, Three companies came on the show. First was Paws  India by Priyam Singh, Second was Sunfox Technology by Saurabh Badola, Rajat Jain, Nitin Chandola, and Sabit Rawat, and Third was Alpino Health Foods by Priyank Vora, Umesh Gajera, Chetan Kanani, and Mahatva Sheta.

Who are the investors in Shark Tank India?

  • Ghazal Alagh – Co-founder and Cheif Mama of Mamaearth
  • Aman Gupta – Co-founder and CMO of BoAt
  • Vineeta Singh – CEO & Co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics
  • Ashneer Grover, Founder, and MD of BharatPe
  • Peeyush Bansal – Founder & CEO of
  • Namita Thapar – ED of Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  • Anupam Mittal – Founder and CEO of

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