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Posts published by “Ajit Singh”

Ajit is a writer from Vapi, who is a thorough researcher and likes researching startups and businesses. He is pursuing his BBA and being a curious mind loves learning new things.

BeSomebody Shark Tank Update


BeSomebody is application software that promotes learning. BeSomebody is for those who want to learn new things. BeSomebody is all about learning and exploring new facts and findings. BeSomebody connects…

Liberate Shark Tank Update


People who need help to improve and maintain their physical and mental health need guidance. Liberate is the guide they need. It is a mental health fitness studio. It promotes…

Nomiku Shark Tank Update


Nomiku has invented its concept of sous vide cooking and helps people practice that. Under the method of sous vide cooking, the food is the first vacuum sealed and then…

BeerMKR Shark Tank Update


Beer is a necessity for many people and drinking beer is a habit for many. What if some way was invented to make it at home following simple steps? BeerMKR…

Tie Not Shark Tank Update


Tie-Not is a brand that helps to tie the knot easily and quickly. Tie-Not manufacture two products that help to tie a proper knot. Children can fill the balloon with…

Moink Shark Tank Update


Moink is a subscription service for a box of meat. ‘Moink’ is the combination of  ‘moo’ and ‘ink’ Moink offers self-raised and ethically sourced meat to its customers to build…

Gallant Shark Tank Update


Gallant is a business that deals with curing dogs through stem cell therapy. How does Gallant work is the dog sterilized by the vet and its reproductive organs? The organs…

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