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Our resources

Bizzbucket resources are specifically designed for startup founders to save their time and hustle. Our resources aims to reduce your efforts so that you can focus on things that really matters.

Free Calculators

Our suite of essential calculators is designed to empower founders with the insights they need to succeed

Startup Essentials

Read and comrehend content that is essential for you to get started!

Startup Templates

Use pre-created templates for your Startup

Free Tools

Check the amazing list of free tools that will accelerate your growth.

Case Studies

Learn from the case studies of other startups and businesses.


Learn from the mistakes of other startups so that you won’t repeat them.

Startup Basics

Startup Basics covers many of the queries of first time founders.

Learn how psychological biases and heuristics impacts your business.

business model

Learn about organization’s and how exactly they drive growth with their innovative business models. 

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