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Shark Tank India Episode 4: What Happened in the Show?


In episode 4, three companies came on the show.

First was Cosmetic  Intelligence by Angad and Kanika, the second was by Uma and Kalpana Jha, and the third was Bummer by Sulai Lavasi, Episode 4 was quite interesting to watch and learn as all the sharks shared and suggested a few ideas related to business models.

Vineeta Singh’s story of the struggle of making Sugar India’s top cosmetic brand was covered in the episode. At the end of the episode, Anupam shared the shark lesson of the day which was about CAC -Customer Acquisition Cost means how much do you need to spend in sales and marketing to attract new customers to join.

For eg:- 100 people took a book for 5000 rupees. It means CAC will be 5000/100 meaning 50 rs per new customer.

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Company 1: COSIQ ( Cosmetic Intelligence )

COSIQ – Cosmetic Intelligence is a sunscreen, which is manufactured in the form of serum. It is an ethical and intelligent skincare brand. It provides proper information to the users about using it, all the ingredients are used in the right proportion to ensure safety for consumers.


It gets vanished in 10 secs after applying to the skin and leaves 0% white crusts. COSIQ is formed by a mixture of two ingredients- Vitamin C serum and sunscreen and is the best-selling product of COSIQ. It was launched in October 2021.

Who are the founders of COSIQ?

Kanika and Angad are the founders of COSIQ. Kanika is in the skincare industry for the last 2.5 years and has also developed a few prototypes before. They met at their best friend’s wedding, then they dated and got married.

The story of the evolution of COSIQ is very interesting. After their marriage,  everyone started asking when’s the baby coming and so they decided to plan a baby and gave birth to COSIQ sunscreen serum.

Angad manages the Financing, sales, and marketing part whereas the product development and innovation are managed by Kanika. They are following an organic marketing model.

How was the COSIQ Shark Tank Pitch?

COSIQ needed investment for the purpose of strengthening its marketing lines. They asked for the investment of 50 lakh rupees for 7.5% equity in their business, company valuation is around 6.67 crore rupees.

They served a few samples to the sharks to try and got a positive response but Namita Thapar found it a bit sticky so she went out by justifying her decision with a statement that this product will not be able to survive for the long term in the market.

Ashneer Grover was very impressed by the product. He said so during the pitch. Anupam Mittal gave an offer of 50 lakh rupees for 20 % equity, said it was the beginning of the product, which means it requires a lot of attention and work.

Vineeta Singh belongs to the same industry and was very happy to give an offer of 20 lakhs for 20% and 30 lakhs debt at 12% interest.

Aman Gupta liked the product but went out as he had already invested in a start-up similar to this line. Ashneer gave an offer of 75 lakh rupees for 33.33%, which means 1/3 of the company, and said his appetite is more.

Founders accepted the deal of Anupam to which he again gave another offer of 50 lakh rupees for 25% by joining Vineeta in the deal, Ashneer encountered that the offer by changing his deal for 25% at 75 lakh rupees investment.

Kanika encountered that offer of 50 lakh for 20% to Vineeta and Anupam, they rejected the offer to which the founders accepted the deal and went out with hope and confidence.

Company 2: JhaJi Store. Com

JhaJi Store, taste of Mithali. In June 2021, the company created an official website of It manufactures different types, variations, and flavors of pickles.

They all are sundried and free from preservatives, artificial colors, and chemicals which make them unique in taste and fragrance. They are currently focusing on the online platform. It is made in bulk, then packed and sold in jars bottle.

JhaJi Store. Com
JhaJi Store. Com

It manufactures pickles of different resources like mango, lemon, chili, and many more. It uses its funds or investment in 3 ways, short-term, midterm, and long-term planning per go.

Who are the Founders of the JhaJi Store?

Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha are the founders of, from Delhi. They are brother and sister-in-law in the relationship.

They are basically from Bihar. We all know that people from Bihar are food lovers and they love to add pickles to everything because of its magical taste in it. They shared that they have learned it from their old generation and that’s how JhaJistore came into the market.

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Kalpana’s son helps them with marketing purposes and teaches them about the technology to be used to increase sales. He is the one who had develop the website of the JhaJi Store.

How was JhaJi Store Shark Tank Pitch?

Founders of JhaJi Store came on the platform, seeking an investment of 50 lakh rupees for 10% equity in business means the company’s valuation is around 5 crore rupees.

They came to the Shark Tank India platform to fulfill their short-term goal- fulfillment of the local demands, mid-term and long-term goal for advertisement, and expansion of the market in other cities.

After tasting the pickles, Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh went out because they believed that JhaJistore needed expertise and they didn’t have any experience in it.

Ashneer also went out with a suggestion that they should focus on their profit margin as well as shareholding. Aman wanted to join but turned himself down as he didn’t have enough time to invest in it,

Anupam wished them all the best and went out. As all the sharks were out, Kalpana and Uma Jha were thankful to all the judges for their time.

Company 3: Bummer

Bummer is a brand that manufactures underwear, it excites your innerwear style.

It comes in different colors, shapes and sizes, and variations for both men and women. Bummer also manufactures innerwear for couples. It is super soft and sustainable in nature, made up of micro model fabric along with exclusive designs and bold looks.


Bummer is available on currently. Its statistical data says that out of 100% market -50% of men and 50% of women are the buyers of it, which is very impressive. It manufactures all types and varieties of innerwear an individual can think of.

Who are the Founders of Bummer?

Sulai Lavasi is the founder of Bummer, he is the sole proprietor of his business.

He was working on it for the last 3 years, but launched in the second half of 15 months, as in the first 15 months, he was busy working hard, doing surveys, finding the right raw materials in terms of getting his product right.

Sulai is a very confident man who took his stand towards this and never stepped back, a similar attitude was seen on Shark Tank. He had first expanded his channel by tying with 3 cities slowly but effectively. What motivated him to do so? Is still a question.

How was the Bummer shark tank Pitch?

Sulai Lavasi came on with an investment-seeking pitch of 75 lakh rupees for 4% equity in the business, which means Valuation is around 18.75 crore.

Sulai showed a few samples to the sharks, everyone was impressed by its quality. Unfortunately, Anupam turned down as he had a bad experience in this market and shared that he had lost a huge amount in it.

During the pitch, Sulai points out especially Aman and Vineeta for an investment which disappointed Ashneer and he went out with a statement that he needed investment from particular sharks so he should ask them which turned into tough talk between Aman and Ashneer.

After a moment, Aman and Namita gave a combined offer of 75 lakh rupees for 15% equity.  Sulai gave a counteroffer to that for 6% equity in the business, Aman said that he was getting egoistic vibes from him to which Vineeta supported Sulai.

Aman and Namita gave a final offer of 75 lakh rupees for 10% equity. Again Sulai encountered that with the last offer from his side which was for 7.5% equity, Anupam asked him to make it 8% but Sulai didn’t take the shark pressure and finally Aman and Namita accepted the deal which was for 75 lakh rupees for 7.5% equity.

Aman appreciated him and both the Sharks handed over the signed check.

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Which companies presented in Episode 4?

First was Cosmetic  Intelligence by Angad and Kanika, the second was by Uma and Kalpana Jha, and the third was Bummer by Sulai Lavasi, Episode 4 was quite interesting to watch and learn as all the sharks shared and suggested a few ideas related to business models.

Who are the investors in Shark Tank India?

  • Ghazal Alagh – Co-founder and Cheif Mama of Mamaearth
  • Aman Gupta – Co-founder and CMO of BoAt
  • Vineeta Singh – CEO & Co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics
  • Ashneer Grover, Founder, and MD of BharatPe
  • Peeyush Bansal – Founder & CEO of
  • Namita Thapar – ED of Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  • Anupam Mittal – Founder and CEO of

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