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All Dead Startups of Y Combinator from Day One


YCombinator in short known as YC is one of the most desirable places for early-stage startup founders, till now YC has shaped more than 18 unicorns startups.

YC is a startup accelerator which selects a batch of startups twice in a year and provides them with a funding amount of about 150,000 $ at the equity of about 7%.

YC winter batch starts in January and ends in March while the summer batch starts in June and continue till August.

After getting selected in YC startups get reshaped into proper businesses with proper business plans and after three month period, each selected startup has to pitch on demo day for investment opportunities.YC is founded by Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Trevor Blackwell, and Robert Tappan Morris in 2005. Currently, YC startups have raised more than 25$ billion and its portfolio includes startups like Airbnb, Stripe, Quora, Dropbox, Gitlab, Doorbash, etc.

Startup NameClassDescription
PatientBankS16Get medical records online from any doctor or hospital.
RevloS16Revlo helps broadcasters on Twitch engage and monetize their fan base. We do this by allowing broadcasters to create interaction opportunities for their fans at scale.
ConvrgeF1Hang out with friends in virtual reality
FlightMateF1Flexible flight querying with automated booking
Jetty FinancialF1A virtual assistant to manage finances
CastleW16Castle manages rental homes for landlords using automation and on-demand labor
StrongIntroW16StrongIntro helps recruiters turn their entire company into a source for engineering candidates
RoomblockerS15Book hotels for groups and events. No fees or markups
OmnirefW15Omniref is a code-based reference, maintained by and for the programming community
TheoremS14The marketplace for independent fashion
VatlerS14An on-demand valet service in San Francisco
WeaveS14Professional networking to arrange meetings and friendly discussions.
Zen99S141099 tax help for rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, housekeepers, and more
HoverChatW14HoverChat enables true multitasking by allowing you to read and reply to incoming messages without ever leaving your current screen.
Move LootW14The easiest way to buy and sell furniture.
The Dating RingW14We’re making dating fun again. We meet all of our members and set up dates. It’s like meeting through friends, except much, much better.
AmulyteS13An Emergency Response System. Reimagined.
ButtercoinS13Trade bitcoin with ease.
FanHeroS13Let your fans support you. The easiest-to-make storefront for creators.
Graft ConceptsS13Makers of unique iPhone cases.
HumS13HUM, simply redefining the inbox one chat at a time.
KivoS13Get feedback on your presentations.
PrimS13Same day laundry delivery.
SpoonRocketS13Most convenient meal ever.
TeleborderS13Immigration, tax, and relocation. All in one place. Teleborder helps you scale your business.
ixi-playS13The Robot Buddy kids will love! Engage, Challenge, Learn.
ErrplaneW13Monitoring, error reporting, and metrics for all your applications.
FlightCarW13FlightCar lets people parking at the airport rent their vehicles out to other travelers. Never pay for airport parking again.
MyoW13The MYO armband lets you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other favorite digital technologies.
SwapBoxW13With Swapbox you no longer have to worry about missing deliveries. Use your Swapbox shipping address and your packages will be waiting for you at our nearest location.
TerascoreW13Set up exams, tests and assessments with ease. Get student answers securely. Get them graded instantly.
BigCalcS12Fast, scalable financial analytics. BigCalc lets quants and algo traders run simulations on limitless amounts of historic data.
CircularS12Circular offers an infinitely scrolling feed of content based on people you follow and topics that interest you.
Coco ControllerS12A Kickstarter project that adds directional controls and game buttons to almost any phone
EaselS12Easel is an in-browser, high-fidelity web design tool that lets you mockup, share and implement your ideas with ease. is an automatic journal that helps you to record your life and store it forever.
GridS12A Simply Remarkable Spreadsheet.
HipTypeS12Hiptype brings analytics and targeted advertising capabilities to the most popular eBook platforms
KipptS12With Kippt we want to make your information workflow and archiving effortless.
MarkupwandS12Photoshop to html & css. Generates automatically in minutes
MicroEvalS12Say goodbye to long forms and meaningless numbers. MicroEval is the quickest and most meaningful way to give feedback to your employees.
ProfigS12Profig provides transcriptions, call tracking, voice broadcasting, CRM integration and other custom features to businesses. is a curated marketplace for design.
TapInS12TapIn is the easiest way to go from seeing to sharing. Broadcast mobile videos instantly.
TomoGuidesS12Handcrafted iPhone travel guides that are free, offline, and just plain full of awesomeness
EmbarkW12Embark makes it easy to get around without a car. We make free, fast, and simple mobile apps for mass transit riders worldwide.
FlypadW12Flypad turns your iPhone into a motion-sensing game controller for PC, Steam, & indie games.
GivesparkW12Where fans and celebrities gather for good.
GrouperW12We’re a social club that sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends. 3 guys & 3 girls.
KyteW12Kytephone is a free app that transforms an Android smartphone into a safe and fun smartphone for kids.
LVL6W12LVL6 creates social mobile games on Android and iOS.
MedigramW12Healthcare communication made simple. Medigram provides a HIPAA-compliant communication platform to make any medical conversation convenient and secure.
MidnoxW12Create stunning HD videos and share them with your friends.
PairW12Pair is an app just for the two of you.
PopSetW12Popset is the easiest way to start group photo albums with friends, directly from a mobile phone.
TiKLW12An Android and iOS app that turns your phone into a real-time push-to-talk walkie-talkie that also sends texts, voicemail, images, and video.
ZillabyteW12Zillabyte is an online big-data analysis platform currently in stealth mode.
Aisle50S11Aisle50 is the first group-buying outlet for groceries, a $2 trillion business. The best way to save on your groceries.
B2BrevS11We’ll help you make smart and easy decisions on products and services based on honest reviews, from one business to another
Can’t WaitS11Be the first to hear about movies that you will love!
DebtEyeS11We are an automated credit counseling solution to help customers get out of debt, a little like a “turbo tax” for those who need debt relief.
EveryMeS11We believe most stories are meant to be shared with your family and best friends, not 500 strangers. Everyme lets you choose who to share with and how.
FreshPlumS11Freshplum’s goal is to bring the decision-making power of data science to companies who sell goods and services electronically.
Habit LabsS11Habit Labs aims to turn leading a healthier life into a game.
InterstateS11The future of open project management. Keep users away from competitors by keeping them in the loop with your product’s development.
KicksendS11Kicksend allows friends and family to easily share files in real-time on the web, mobile, and desktop.
LeakyS11Leaky helps consumers make better decisions about insurance.
MarketBriefS11The latest SEC Filings, Press Releases, Patents, and Trademarks for 700000+ companies and entities.
PaperlinksS11QR codes made easy. Paperlinks is the premier platform for generating QR codes for businesses.
PicPlumS11Share Your Best Moments. Send photo prints to loved ones in seconds.
ProxinoS11Proxino is a cloud platform for monitoring and debugging client-side JavaScript.
SiastoS11Siasto is a collaboration and project management tool that integrates into Google Apps, Gmail, Google Drive, GCal, box, and Dropbox.
YardsaleS11Yardsale, a mobile app to help folks sell goods to local buyers.
ZenboxS11Zenbox is a browser extension that connects all of your SaaS services.
Balanced PaymentsW11Payments for marketplaces. Pay sellers, campaign organizers and service providers.
CircleW11Know when your friends & networks are nearby, wherever you are, no matter where you go
FitFuW11Think of FitFu as a personal trainer in your pocket that keeps you active with little bits of exercise throughout the day.
GrubWithUsW11Grubwithus social meals allow you to meet new people, while dining at some of your city’s best restaurants.
Meetings.ioW11With you can meet face to face with anyone from around the world within your web browser.
MinoMonstersW11MinoMonsters is a social game where players collect and battle pet monsters.
Moki.TVW11Moki.TV is a directory of all paid and free content included on Amazon’s streaming service, Netlfix, Hulu, iTunes, and others.
NowJSW11Flotype Inc. is a venture-backed company building a suite of enterprise technology for real-time messaging.
Pebble TechnologyW11IP was acquired by Fitbit in 2016. Pebble is an infinitely customizable e-paper watch.
TaskforceW11Siasto is a collaboration and project management tool that integrates into Google Apps, Gmail, Google Drive, GCal, box, and Dropbox.
TellFiW11Fastest, easiest way to setup a phone system for your business.
TrustEggW11The simplest way to save for a child’s future.
I Move YouS10
KoducoS10Koduco makes iPad games that focus on multiplayer collaboration on the same device
MessagePartyS10MessageParty is a new kind of mobile blogging service
OhLifeS10Write in private about your life
TapzillaS10Taking the daily deal model and applying it to discounts on paid mobile apps
WhereoscopeS10Whereoscope is a service designed to help parents keep know where their kids are
140betsW10140Fire is a platform to make online video ads interactive. is a browser application that allows people to donate to charity while shopping online.
ChromaOmW10We want the whole world to find their color enlightenment
CueW10Know what’s next.
EmbedsterW10Embedster allows bloggers to serve an ad for any YouTube they display on their site.
FabriclyW10Fabricly is a great way for designers to gain extra exposure, whether you’re already selling online or if you’re just getting started.
GamadorW10Gamador is a social game developer that has released three games so far.
HomejoyW10Book a trusted cleaner today for $25 per hour
InfoharmoniW10Infoharmoni is a data visualization startup founded by Kovas Boguta.
LaunchhearW10LaunchHear is a way for bloggers to get early review copies of new products.
NewsLabsW10A platform that helps old-school journalists adapt to the web, by giving them help with advertising, SEO, and other issues they may not have had dealt with
NotifoW10Notifo is a mobile application and platform which allows any web site or service to easily create mobile notifications.
NowmovW10Nowmov is an endless stream of videos recommended to users based on their interests, friends and what’s trending around the world.
PlurchaseS09Plurchase is an online social shopping site.
EchodioW09Echodio makes it easy to keep iTunes music libraries in sync, securely backed up and streamable from anywhere.
NambiiW09Nambii is an online dating service with iPhone applications that allow users to send and receive flirts with people around them.
PocketFunGamesW09pocketfungames is a game developer for the iPhone that focuses on games with strong social components.
PropableW09Propable was a suite of online management and investment analysis tools for property investors.
TheSixtyOneW09thesixtyone is Digg for new music, a social filter for the tsunami of indie creativity hitting the web.
VoxliW09Voxli offers browser-based group voice chat for gamers and teams.
AwesomeHighlighterS08A company that provides a tool that enables you to go to a website and highlight information to save for later or share with your friends
MeetcastS08Browser-based software that enables real time interaction, including sharing documents and images, screen sharing, etc.
People and PagesS08A service similar to Google Groups, allowing group organizers to manage email lists and publish to the web in one place
PopCutsS08Popcuts is a unique online music store. Buy music. Make money.
SnipdS08Grab pieces of enjoyable content from any page, save them online, and share without having to copy/paste using a simple bookmarklet.
SocialbrowseS08SocialBrowse is a Firefox extension for sharing links.
StartuplyS08Startup companies. Startup jobs. Jobs at the world’s best angel- and venture-backed web, media, and technology companies.
TicketStumblerS08TicketStumbler is a secondary ticket market search engine and comparison website.
Vidly / FliggoS08Vidly, formerly known as TwitVid (or, wants to be the easiest way to share video on the web.
YoulicitS08A web content recommendation engine that leverages the wisdom of the crowds to return the most recommended sites related to a website or topic
8aweekW08A Firefox extension that monitors surfing behavior to let you know when you spend too much time on time wasting sites
DeluuxW08Deluux aims to relocate the center of peoples’ online identities to their personal websites instead of a single social network
InsoshiW08Insoshi is an open-source open networking platform.
Kirkland NorthW08A game that pits sections of campuses against each other in a virtual battle for university-wide domination
MightyQuizW08User-generated quiz questions that can be answered and rated on-site or through a distributable widget
MixwitW08Mixwit describes itself as a combination of Slide and iTunes
SnaptalentW08Snaptalent powers a distributed job advertisement network primarily meant for developer listings
TipjoyW08A social payments engine that allowed userse to easily collect ‘tips’ from their followings as Paypal transfers
WundrbarW08Wundrbar wants to improve upon the search bar experience by providing users with powerful inline commands
YumDotsW08YumDots wants to be the go-to mobile application for finding places to eat when out on the town
AdpinionS07Adpinion tried to get rid of the antagonism between advertisers and web surfers by letting you vote for the ads you want
BiographiconS07Biographicon was a wiki-based website containing biographies of famous and non-famous people.
FuzzwichS07A browser-based 2D animation studio
RebleS07Windows software that allows users to stream music from friends who also have installed Reble
SlapVidS07A video site built on P2P technology that allows users to find and watch videos pulled from top video sites
SplashupS07An online image editing service that provided advanced tools with image editing layer effects
iJiggS07A social music site that lets users vote on submitted singles using Digg-like voting
SocialMothW07Socialmoth is a community to post your thoughts anonymously
Whitenoise NetworksW07Whitenoise is like a social network for the music industry
WritewithW07A collaborative writing web app, enabling you to easily write, edit, and publish a document with a group
JamGlueS06An online community where you can listen to or mix music from a library of user-contributed music
JumpChatS06A platform bridging mobile text messages, email, and IM communication without needing to download anything
LikeBetterS06An online personality test game, where you look at two photos and choose which one you like better
PollGroundS06A social polling site. Easily create surveys and allow the “wisdom of the crowd” to answer your questions
ShoutfitS06Upload images to create an online closet, and build a network of fashionable friends
TalkitoS06A service that enables its users to meet and chat when they visit the same websites.
ThinkatureS06An online collaboration environment that allows users to chat and draw diagrams on a shared whiteboard.
FlagrW06Flagr enables users to share places, adding photos, video and descriptions from their mobile phone
YouOSW06YouOS provides a platform for developers to create and distribute applications that live in a browser-based “desktop” environment
MemampS05A better desktop search solution
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