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What Happened to BellyBuds after Shark Tank?


BellyBuds is a company that provides a special audio system for fetuses above 20 weeks, which helps them develop necessary motor skills very early on.

Let’s have an insight into the company’s details and what it actually does!!

BellyBuds at a Glance:-

IdeaPregnant belly headphones
FoundersCurtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden
Asked For$500,000 for 13%
Accepted DealNone
Business statusIn Business
Episode No.Season 5, Episode 8
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What is BellyBuds?

BellyBuds are a “Pre-Natal audio system” that is meant for developing special abilities and skills to identify sound patterns in a yet-to-be-born.

Research shows that fetuses are affected positively by playing music for their babies.

It is a huge aid to those mothers who want to hear music and/or want their baby to listen to a particular melody while still in the womb, and having increased mobility.

These are small tailored speakers that stick to the belly and play music or any other rhythm at the permissible level.

Founder Story:

Williams got the inspiration to develop BellyBuds by seeing his wife, who used her iPod earbuds to play music for their unborn child.

Seeing her difficulty in mobility, William requested his friend and designer Waaden to make a set of buds that would help her wife multi-task while keeping music close to the baby. This was where “BellyBuds” was born.

After designing it, they realized that it might help other mothers as well and so they began their research on audio simulation and its effect on unborn fetuses.

The research indicated that fetuses over 20 weeks develop better sensory and hearing skills when exposed to music at a specified decibel level. They then decided to introduce “BellyBuds” to the world.

Did BellyBuds get a deal on Shark Tank?

The founders, Curtis and Matt came on Shark Tank with a demand of $500,000 in exchange for 13% equity in the company.

They then demonstrate their product, how it works, and the response of the fetus to the stimuli. The company had already been to famous shows like “Keeping Up with Kardashians” and “Modern Family”.

Discussing numbers, the founders stated that they made $300,000 in their first year and had reached $340,000 at the time of recording the episode, with lifetime sales of $1.4 million.

Their patent for the product had been pending for 3 years and the company was also at a substantial loss. The reason for that was the under-selling of their products by some trusted companies.

With the steep valuation stated and substantial loss of money in the business, the Sharks were very unsure of their investment in the company.

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Sharks like Barbara, Lori, and Kevin started dropping out just because of the numbers.

Shark Daymond states that he would have been interested in the product had Mark not pointed out that he and his wife had been using similar products for 9 years.

Daymond and Mark both failed to contribute to the deal in any way and hence, the duo had to go out of the tank without bagging any deal.

What happened to BellyBuds after Shark Tank?

Like every other startup experiencing a surge in their sales after appearing on Shark Tank, BellyBuds also followed the same suit.

However, unlike any other startup, the BellyBuds management was ready for such a surge and hence, their website could successfully host a massive increase from 200-300 to 1500 hits per day. Their retail sales also doubled.

BellyBuds are now available in online mode, both through their website and stores like Amazon, and also in offline mode through retail outlets like Babyland and BuyBuyBaby all through USA, Canada, and even globally.

In 2017, the company changed its name to WaveHello and also introduced some new products such as Soundbub, a plush toy, and Lovebub, a blankie that plays white noise.

BellyBuds started losing a considerable amount of customers as the audio jacks started disappearing from phones, The product WombMusic was hence, a huge success due to its Bluetooth connectivity.

BellyBuds is still doing pretty well with an annual revenue of $5 million as of 2023.

Product Details:

  • BellyBuds are an audio system for unborn kids or fetuses.
  • They are like earphones that stick to the belly of the mother in order to play the music.
  • The earphones use medical-grade reusable adhesive so that only the baby can hear the music.
  • The product is sold for $49.99 and takes $10 to manufacture.

What’s the net worth of BellyBuds?

BellyBuds entered Shark Tank with an ask of $500,000 for 13% equity, valuating the company to $3.8 million. The company, however, could not secure a deal on Shark Tank and ended up empty-handed.

The company’s estimated annual revenue is $5 million, but the information on its Net Worth is not yet known.

Who are the competitors of BellyBuds?

The major competitor of BellyBuds is Baby Bump headphones which are increasingly becoming more popular than BellyBuds.

Is BellyBuds still in business?

Yes, BellyBuds remains in business and has even managed to capture a niche market for its product.

Sharks did not invest in the venture saying that they couldn’t make their money out, but with BellyBuds, Cartis and Matt proved otherwise.

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What is BellyBuds?

BellyBuds are a “Pre-Natal audio system” that is meant for developing special abilities and skills to identify sound patterns in a yet-to-be-born.

What's the net worth of BellyBuds?

The company’s estimated annual revenue is $5 million, but the information on its Net Worth is not yet known.

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