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What Happened to Paparazzi Proposals after Shark Tank?


Are you someone who is looking for the perfect way to propose to your partner but also needs advice on it? Or, do you want to capture all the blissful moments while you pose the most critical question of your life?

Fret not, because Paparazzi Proposals are at your disposal.

With its professional “paparazzi” photographers and useful suggestions from the company, you can amp up one of the most anticipated moments of your life to a notch higher !!

Paparazzi Proposals at a Glance:-

IdeaSurprise proposal photograph
FoundersJames Ambler
Asked For$250,000 for 20%
Accepted Deal$50,000 for 30% + $200,000 loan
SharksKevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner
Business statusIn Business
Episode No.Season 5, Episode 8
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What is Paparazzi Proposals?

Paparazzi Proposals is your ultimate romantic advisor and works especially hard on making your proposal day a memorable one.

The company Paparazzi Proposals dwells on the idea that every couple deserves special attention on their special days.

The service includes hiring photographers who behave like real paparazzi and follow the couple throughout the day, leading up to their secret proposal and capturing an abundance of emotionally precious memories.

The service also provides suggestions on the place to fix the proposal, the gifts, and the plans after the proposal.

Founder Story:

James Ambler, the founder of Paparazzi Proposals has been a professional photographer and has functioned as a paparazzi for many years.

He got this idea after he proposed to his now-wife, and realized that even though they spent priceless moments together, they could not capture a single photograph to symbolize it.

Before founding Paparazzi Proposals, James had been working as a breaking news photographer for a long time.

His inspiration for the idea was also his medical condition which was diagnosed to be a clogged artery at the age of 28, which led him to start the company.

Did Paparazzi Proposals get a deal on Shark Tank?

Paparazzi Proposals entered the Shark Tank with a demand of $250,000 for 25% equity.

He gives a brief overview of his company and how it helps to-be grooms to set romantic proposals, locations, and gifts and ultimately instills them with confidence to pop up the question.

He then went on one knee in front of the Sharks to offer them a ring with dollar-bill origami !!

The Sharks question James on why he needs their money, to which he answers that he needs to expand and market his business properly, which till then he had been doing through jewelers alone.

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Owing to his unusual selection of advertisement channels and huge valuation, Sharks Mark, Barbara, and Robert dropped out immediately.

Despite the various flaws, Lori loved the business idea and decided to offer James $250,000 for 50% equity. The offer was instantly joined by Kevin, revising it to $50,000 for 33% and the rest as a loan.

With not many offers on his plate, James decided to join hands with the two Sharks, hence, sealing the deal.

What happened to Paparazzi Proposals after Shark Tank?

James’ hesitation while accepting the deal on Shark Tank paved the way for the nullification of their deal with Lori and Kevin.

Despite of this, the company is expanding slowly but graciously and has already been introduced to three cities.

During his busiest months, November and December, and then again during Valentine’s he also hires a bunch of professional photographers for his aid.

As of August 2021, the company has a presence in 37 cities including Paris which increased to 38 as of 2022.

The business now has around $13 million as its annual revenue and has added the facility of traveling anywhere for a proposal or hiring a photographer for 24 hours.

Product Details:

  • Paparazzi Proposals provide the most unique but efficient way to capture your special day.
  • They also provide advice for proposals, the after-proposal setting, gifts, and much more.
  • There are different packages that include different perks such as multiple go-pros, drone shots, and even live bands and flowers.
  • The company also provides various other features with different prizes.

What’s the net worth of Paparazzi Proposals?

While entering the tank, Paparazzi Proposals was valued at $1.25 million, owing to its ask of $250,000 for 20% equity.

The founder however accepted the deal by Kevin and Lori, valuating the company down to $167k.

After its stint on the show and an amazing business run, Paparazzi Proposals now stands at an impressive Net Worth of $10 million.

Who are the competitors of Paparazzi Proposals?

Some of the major competitors of Paparazzi Proposals are:

  • Rhea Shields Photography
  • Wedit
  • Snappr
  • Itsbyu, and many more.

Is Paparazzi Proposals still in business?

Yes, Paparazzi Proposals is still in business and is in fact doing extremely well.

The aim of the founder, James to make your special day into a day that will remain etched in your memories for years to come is taking him places.

The company is sure to continue its successful path and become a household name soon.

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What is Paparazzi Proposals?

Paparazzi Proposals is your ultimate romantic advisor and works especially hard on making your proposal day a memorable one.

What's the net worth of Paparazzi Proposals?

Paparazzi Proposals now stands at an impressive Net Worth of $10 million.

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