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What Happened to BareEASE after Shark Tank?


Have you always wanted to undergo a Brazilian wax but are afraid of the pain it may cause?

Or, Are you a regular bikini wax customer and just want to numb the pain a little?

Well, whatever the pain, BareEASE is here to numb and erase all of it with its special numbing kit and panties combo, that lets you opt for a pain-free Brazilian wax.

BareEASE at a Glance:-

IdeaPrep kit to reduce pain during waxing in bikini area
FoundersEdna Ma
Asked For$50,000 for 20%
Accepted DealNone
Business statusOut of Business
Episode No.Season 5, Episode 5
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What is BareEASE?

BareEASE is an attempt at reducing pain during Bikini waxing using a special “Numbing Kit” and panties, both featuring creams for maximum pain reduction.

The Numbing Kit prepares your bikini area by anesthetizing it and moisturizing the skin so that the waxing experience can be less painful.

BareEASE is available on the company’s website,, and at various spas and bikini waxing clinics.

The product is aimed at making the beautification of the bikini area as painless as possible so that you can enjoy wearing your favorite bikinis without having to worry about body hair.

Founder Story:

Edna, a former Survivor South Pacific player entered Shark Tank after a stretch of two and half years after shooting another Mark Brunette lead reality show. Edna is a certified anesthesiologist as well.

The idea of BareEASE came to her mind when she saw some statistics, stating that 40-80% of women shave or groom their bikini line and it is vastly becoming a cultural norm.

Being aware of the pain one has to go through during this type of waxing, Edna decided to develop BareEASE.

Did BareEASE get a deal on Shark Tank?

Dr. Edna Ma, the founder of BareEASE enters the tank with a demand of $50,000 in exchange for 20% equity.

She then goes on to explain how her patented formula works, and how it ceases or reduces the waxing pain to a large extent. BareEASE is also the only kind of wax-numbing cream in the market.

Further, she explained her finances, stating that the company earned $45,000 in sales in the past year and is projecting sales of $65,000 this year.

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The kit sells for around $18 and she gets it manufactured for around $2.82. She needs help with distributing her product and hence, she requires capital as well as the experience of a Shark.

Edna also states that she still practices medicine. After the presentation, all the Sharks dropped out of the deal instantly, due to various reasons.

Most of them judged from the presentation that she needed someone to run her business and not run it herself. This made the Sharks wary of investment and hence, BareEASE had to leave without any deal.

What happened to BareEASE after Shark Tank?

After Shark Tank, the company experienced a boost in its sales, better described as the “Shark Tank effect”.

Even though the company operated pretty well for the next few years, its sales still kept on dwindling because Dr. Edna never gave her full potential to her business.

She kept maintaining her profession alongside the business which hindered its growth a lot.

Due to various issues in marketing, financing, and in all the business departments, the company shut down in 2014. The founder, Dr. Edna Ma keeps on working as a full-time physician and is now into writing children’s books.

Product Details:

  • BareEASE is a unique lotion that helps numb the bikini wax area hence, reducing the pain that you have to go through.
  • The lotion consists of Lidocaine-based cream along with ingredients like aloe and jojoba.
  • It requires simple cleansing and exfoliation, then trimming the hair to half an inch before applying the lotion.
  • The panties keep the lotion in place so that it does not damage your clothes anyhow.
  • The numbing effect is felt within 15 minutes and after 30-45 minutes, the area becomes fully numb and ready for Brazilian wax.

What’s the net worth of BareEASE?

BareEASE entered the tank with a valuation of $250,000 from an ask of $50,000 in exchange for 20% equity. Edna unfortunately, could not clinch any deal on the show.

The recent Net Worth of the company is also unknown because the company is now out of business.

Is BareEASE still in business?

No, BareEASE is now out of business. Their website is also no longer active. It seems as if the hunch of the Sharks did prove correct here as the company is no longer in active business.

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What is BareEASE?

Bare EASE is an attempt at reducing pain during Bikini waxing using a special “Numbing Kit” and panties, both featuring creams for maximum pain reduction.

What's the net worth of BareEASE?

The recent Net Worth of the company is also unknown because the company is now out of business.

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