What Happened to Coyote Vest After Shark Tank?

Ever seen your pet being attacked by the wild predators that lurk in nature? Well here comes to the rescue Coyote Vest the first-ever spiked protection wear for your dog that keeps away those predators.

The product comes in many forms and colors to choose from. Suitable for your small furry friends. The features are just right to keep your companion out of danger. The product comes with attached accessories to give your pet the much-needed appeal.  

Coyote Vest at a glance:

BUSINESSSpiked protection wear for dogs
ENTREPRENEURPaul Mott And Pamela Mott
ASKED FOR$250,000 For 10%
WebsiteCoyote Vest
Buy on AmazonBuy Now!


Who is the founder of Coyote Vest?

The founders of this product thought of the Idea after losing their dog Buffy to a coyote attack that was most violent. The idea came as a way to rescue small dogs that were not fit to attack large animals like the coyote. The incident is a shocking surprise for the owner Pamela and Paul Mott. Paul was walking with his dog unleashed in a dog park, he saw after a few minutes his companion in the mouth of a coyote who ran away thinking it to be a good meal. After that their dog buffy was never seen again.

The business started in the year 2015 in response to the above incident. With the belief that the product made would have saved his pet from harm, the first coyote vest was created. Let’s see whether they get a deal on the shark tank for the same.

Did Coyote Vest get a deal on Shark Tank?

The shark tank pitch for the husband-wife pair was a fun and exciting journey. The two of them entered the tank for an investment of $250,000 for 10% and brought their models or the much-known customers to the stage for the demonstration. The first one to be interested in the product was Robert but he just loved how the product looked on the dog and didn’t make an offer.

Actually, the sharks were impressed by the sales of the product to date but they thought that the product was too niche and didn’t make the cut to get the much-needed investment that Coyote vest came looking. Had to leave with no deal from the shark tank episode.

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What happened to Coyote Vest after shark tank?

Despite not getting a deal with sharks the business is still on the roll. They have made $260,000 in sales so far and hope to grow more. There are some obstacles that the company has to overcome but as a business, they have reached a sale of $1 million as of today.

  • The variety is endless for your little furry friends and comes with multiple attachable and detachable accessories.
  • The products on offer are coyote vests, spike vests, coyote whiskers, and hawk shield
  • The product has millions of happy customers worldwide.
  • The spikes on the spike vest are adjustable and can be replaced with different color accessories.
  • They also have dog neck belts for protection around the neck. This product also comes in different colors and additional decoration is the spikes on the belts.

Coyote Vest Revenue:

The company sells the product online. They have many happy customers and marvelous reviews about the love they have spread over the years. The products are sold for $99.95 and the accessories range from $19.95 to $39.95.  

Competitors of Coyote Vest:

Some of the competitors of coyote vests are:

  • Taglec
  • Spot on
  • Ezy dog
  • Made by Cleo and many more.

What’s the Coyote Vest net worth?

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Coyote Vest was valued at around $2.5 million. The company has increased its sales since shark tank and has introduced the product to dog lovers around the country. The company hopes to spread even further with its aim of doing $1 million in sales this year.

Interesting Facts of Coyote Vest:

  • Coyote vest was difficult to make at first as per the specifications given by the consumers
  • The vest is made from Kevlar and hard plastic spikes that keep predators away. The spikes are placed around the neck and down the torso.
  • Paul and Pamela enjoyed pitching their product on shark tank and thought it was fun introducing the product to the customers. 

Is Coyote Vest still in business?

The fight with the wild is on for this company as they keep on building their plans to develop more products of protection for their four-legged furry friends and make a safe place.

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What is Coyote Vest?

Coyote Vest is the first-ever spiked protection wear for your dog that keeps away those predators.

Who founded Coyote Vest?

Pamela and Paul Mott are the founders of Coyote Vest.

Did Coyote Vest get a deal on Shark Tank?

Coyote Vest had to leave with no deal from the shark tank episode.

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