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Shark Tank India Episode 22: What Happened in the Show?


In episode 22, Four companies came on the show. First was Hair Originals by Piyush Wadhwani, Jitendra Sharma, and Ashish Tiwari, Second was Essentially Happy Marketing by Aditi, Third was Moonshine by Rohan Rehani, and Nitin Vishwas and Fourth were Fulhari by Dhruv Soni, Gulshan Sharma, and Rahul Shankar.

At the end of the episode, the shark lesson of the day was given by Vineeta and she explained about gross margin, which means an exact amount of profit which is left after selling the product.

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Hair Originals:

Hair Originals – A hair color brand? No, it’s not a hair color brand. Hair Originals is India’s first brand that manufactures 100% natural hair extensions and was launched in 2019. Hair Originals serve different types, variations, and colors of hair extensions like permanent hair, Temporary hair, and Wigs.

Hair Originals hair extensions can be ordered from their website and it sources its raw materials from South Indian temples.

Hair Originals Shark Tank India
Hair Originals

Who were the founders of Hair Originals?

Piyush Wadhwani, Jitendra Sharma, and Ashish Tiwari are the founders of Hair Originals. We all know that India is the ethical source of hair all over the world. Jitendra is an IIT graduate and in reference to his job, he had traveled 40 countries for work purposes were his neighbors asked him to bring hair for them from India and Jitendra got the idea to start a business to which he asked Ashish to join and when they started manufacturing plants, they called Piyush, an old friend of theirs and started Hair Originals.

Did Hair Originals get a deal on Shark Tank?

Hair Originals came on the show looking for an investment of 60 lakhs for 2% equity, company valuation is 30 Crore. After the pitch and demonstration, Aman and Vineeta gave a combined offer of 60 lakhs for 6% equity.

Ashneer, Anupam and Peyush also joined and gave a trio offer of 60 lakhs for 5% equity in the business. Hair Originals asked for a moment to discuss and came back on the show with a counteroffer of 4% equity for 60 lakhs to Ashneer, Anupam, and Peyush’s offer.

Aman and Vineeta got ready to do it at 4% equity, Jitendra asked if Ashneer, Anupam, and Peyush were also willing to do it at 4% equity. Ashneer said yes to the counter and the deal was made. Hair Originals also received a platform from Flipkart to sell their products.

Essentially Happy Marketing:

Essentially Happy Marketing is the business brand that manufactures a spray. A body spray? No, a toilet spray called Poo de Colonge, which is manufactured with the help of Palm oils. Poo de Colonge locks the bad odor under it. Poo de Colonge is sprayed 5 to 6 times at once to lock the smell.

Poo de Colonge can be used in restaurants, public toilets, cafes and other needful places. Poo de Colonge comes in five variations which include Poopsise Daisie,  Poops a lot, Mask a Poo, Poop essential, and Pooprazi. Poo de Colonge is available on Flipkart, Amazon, and Trell.

Who were the founders of Essentially Happy Marketing?

Aditi is the founder of Essentially Happy Marketing, which makes Poo de Colonge. Aditi is a resident of Mumbai and Dubai and had her past experiences in marketing and distribution. We all use flavor full with different smelling products in our washroom to make it smell good but we all know that it doesn’t work up to great extent.

Essentially Happy Marketing Shark Tank India
Essentially Happy Marketing

Especially, leaving a smell after poop is an embarrassing thing to do, and getting caught is devastating to overcome all this, Poo de Colonge came into the Market.

Did Essentially Happy Marketing get a deal on Shark Tank?

Aditi came on the show with Poo de Colonge looking for an investment of 75 lakhs for 5% equity, company valuation is around 15 crore. After the working demonstration of the product, Aman appreciated her work but said that he didn’t find it as a business and moved out.

Vineeta said that if it is going well in the U.S, it doesn’t mean the same product will go well in India, different people, different approaches, and went out, due to the risk involved. During the pitch, Aditi revealed that it is manufactured at 65 rupees and sold in the market for 555 rupees.

Peyush didn’t find it investable and went out. Ashneer also went out and said that he would be interested if it was an automated type of product. Anupam said that he was interested in the sector but found it early to invest and turned it down. No deal was made on the show and the pitch was closed.


Moonshine is a company that manufactures a brand product Meads. What is Meads? Meads is the oldest alcoholic beverage. Meads is made with the help of alcohol and honey. Meads was an ancient and royal drink that people used to drink 10,000 years back.

Moonshine Shark Tank India

Moonshine brings back the same Meads in a few variations which are Contemporary meads, Carbonated meads, and Slightly sweet Meads. Moonshine makes its drinks with natural ingredients and no addition of preservatives. Moonshine currently serves its shine in 4 different states of India and planning to double the numbers this year (2022). Moonshine is a made-in-India product and was started in the year 2016.

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Who were the founders of Moonshine?

Rohan Rehani and Nitin Vishwas were the founders of Moonshine and they are childhood buddies and both are from Engineering background. Moonshine was a very difficult path to travel on for them, it took them around 2 years to get the approval for Mead drinks.

Did Moonshine get a deal on Shark Tank?

Moonshine came on the platform of Shark Tank looking for an additional brightness of expert and funds. Rohan Rehani and Nitin Vishwas asked for an investment of 80 lakhs for 0.5% equity in exchange of business, company valuation is 160 Crore.

After the explanation, Anupam directly gave them an offer of 80 lakhs for 2% equity of the company, also said if all the sharks agreed, they could come together. Vineeta agreed. Peyush said that he had one principle that he doesn’t invest in such a business which will somehow not contribute to future development.

So he asked a few questions related to the positive benefits of it and got convinced. All the sharks came together and gave an offer of 80 lakhs for 2.5 % equity. Anupam also said that they could do it for 1 crore in exchange for the same equity. They took a moment and gave a counteroffer of 1.5 Crore for 1% equity of the company. Anupam and Ashneer went out after the counter.

Peyush, Vineeta, and Aman also moved out for the same as they found them a bit rigid. No deal was made on the show and the pitch got closed. Moonshine didn’t go empty-handed from the show. They received an exclusive course from Up Grad in Business Analytics.


Fulhari is India’s biggest fresh fruit brand. They delivers fresh fruits, salads, juices, lassi, yogurt, and many more. Fulhari currently has more than 200 products and delivers the dishes just in 45 minutes and is a customized business model. It is available on Zomato and Swiggy and has a shelf life of 9 months.

Fulhari Shark Tank India

Who were the founders of Fulhari?

Gulshan Sharma is the CEO and founder of Fulhari, Rahul Shankar is the Co-founder and Dhruv Soni is the first investor and team member of Fulhari. Rahul is an electrical engineer, Gulshan is a Mechanical engineer and Dhruv is a B.Tech and MBA degree holder. They always had the vision to start something under their hands and that’s how Fulhari started.

Did Fulhari get a deal on Shark Tank?

Fulhari came on Shark Tank looking for an investment of 50 lakhs for 2% equity, company valuation is 25 Crore. After tasting the fruits and demonstrations, Ashneer and Anupam shared their opinion that it was not a cause of doing a business and got disinterested from it. Aman asked what they were and what was their business. Dhruv replied that they were not a fruit company.

In simple words, it is a cut and service company. Dhruv gave an excellent explanation to which Peyush felt like Dhruv should be the CEO of the company. Anupam made his decision and said that it was difficult to make it a business and went out. Vineeta said that she was interested in the business but a few of their claims were pointless and gave an offer of 50 lakhs for 10% equity but she said that she knew other sharks would jump into it. So, she gave an offer of 50 lakhs for 8% equity.

Ashneer said that it was not a business model and they should close this thing and went out. Peyush asked about the shareholdings amount to which there were huge ups and downs and Peyush went out for the same reason, whereas Vineeta remained with the same offer.

Fulhari didn’t accept the deal and in the end, Ashneer seemed very disappointed with them and said that they were wasting their degrees there and asked them to close it whereas Aman asked them to continue their business. No deal was made on the show.

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Which companies presented in Episode 22?

In episode 22, Four companies came on the show. First was Hair Originals by Piyush Wadhwani, Jitendra Sharma, and Ashish Tiwari, Second was Essentially Happy Marketing by Aditi, Third was Moonshine by Rohan Rehani, and Nitin Vishwas and Fourth were Fulhari by Dhruv Soni, Gulshan Sharma, and Rahul Shankar.

Who are the investors in Shark Tank India?

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  • Aman Gupta – Co-founder and CMO of BoAt
  • Vineeta Singh – CEO & Co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics
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  • Peeyush Bansal – Founder & CEO of
  • Namita Thapar – ED of Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  • Anupam Mittal – Founder and CEO of

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