What Happened to Inirv After Shark Tank?

Inirv – The smart knob for your kitchen. Have you done cooking the smart way? Well, if not here is the gadget for you. Presenting INIRV, the smart knob attached to your stove that cooks no matter the weather. Designed to satisfy the norms of sustainability development Goals and advance to become an eco-friendly company in the future.

The product is smart with IoT and allows you to cook to perfection not allowing the food to overcook, undercook or even burn. When you don’t have the attention span to cook anymore its motion sensors will do the job for you. Detecting if there is motion in the kitchen or not, if not the stove automatically closes the gas. It also checks the stove to detect high levels of natural gas or smoke that emit from the burner. All this so that you can have a safer kitchen.  

Inirv at a glance:

EPISODE No.Season 9 Episode 14
IdeaSmart knob for your kitchen which detects smoke and temper
FounderRanjith Babu And Akshita Iyer
ASKED FOR$800,000 For 8%


Founder Story:

It all started at the heart of the fire when an incident Akshita’s mother happened as a house fire in the house. The very next day she realized this was a pressing matter that needed a solution. So, she got on to work and stayed up day and night to come up with a solution. She believed it was high time we gave the kitchen a makeover for the better. She needed to revamp the kitchen and get it all smart for cooks everywhere.

That is when she and her husband put their heads together and came up with a plan. They knew the path ahead was a difficult one with numerous challenges from funds to creating the prototype all felt hard to do. Their grit and determination let them light ahead and kept going. Eventually, they collected money and got into full production. Ome as it is known today was born.

Did Inirv get a deal on Shark Tank?

The two innovators Akshita Iyer and her husband Ranjith Babu Iyer came into the shark tank seeking $800,000 for 8%. The pitch starts off a spark in the mind of the sharks when she talks about the hazards there are related to cooking. Next comes the demonstration of the product. After the pitch is done, free samples are distributed to the sharks.

Ranjit and Akshita explain the mechanism that these smart knobs can switch automatically as they detect the movement based on the sensor placed right above the ceiling. Can be controlled via the app also using the mode to switch on or off the appliance.

During their initial Kickstarter campaign, $430,000 was raised, which sharks did acknowledge. Mark is the first one to go out. Kevin and Daymond are out for the same reason with the worry of whether they will get their money back or not. Robert pounces next and offers them $800,000 for 20% to which they counter $800,000 for 10%, Robert is out.

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Finally, Lori liked the idea but decides to go out too as $800,000 was a lot of investment and not backed with scalable production as they were in prototype mode and had no firm sales as yet. Ranjith and Akshita acknowledge the feedback and leave the shark tank episode without a deal.

What happened to Inirv after the shark tank?

The sad story of Inirv now known as Ome saw a never-ending cycle of problems. After airing on the shark tank, they saw themselves descending steeply. Firstly, the company that manufactured the product sued the Inirv company.

Next, the company failed to deliver a working prototype of the product to customers to deliver. In 2021 they still haven’t paid the company backers. The company started in May 2021 and there were challenges in the shortage of chips.

There continued the problems and finally, in 2021 June they renamed and rebranded to Ome. Finally, in December 2021 we see the delivery of products is possible and the products are returned back due to incompatibility, leaving many customers unhappy. The product is made out of dry solar cells making it 100% renewable. It has numerous features and some of them are:

  • Led indicator
  • WIFI
  • Gas detection
  • Smoke detection and many more.

The app is an in-genius technology that looks for the help of IoT to remotely control the gas stove. With the help of a single click, it is possible to monitor it from anywhere. This product has the technology of IoT and sensors. These combination sensors help to safeguard. Motion sensors and gas sensors.

One unit production costs $99 and a pack of four will cost you $279. This product is sold on the website and now the business is taking preorders for the product. The product has a patent and uses IoT technology to make your kitchen safe to cook in. The website is functional for delivery.

Inirv Net worth:

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Inirv was valued at around $10 million as per the founders, but Robert valued them at around $4million.


Inirv is into smart stove knobs and has competition from –

  • IguardStove
  • Innohome

These two companies make similar products to that of Inirv now named Ome.  


  • Inirv featured on CES in 2020.
  • They raised $450,000 in the TechStars future home accelerators funding program.
  • Each kit consists of four knobs, based on IoT technology.

Is Inirv still in business?

Yes, the company is not functioning due to many issues they need to solve. This organization has to move fast to deliver the many awaiting customers. They planned to deliver the product to the many customers and await to soar in terms of sales for the company.  Now available under the new business banner called Ome.

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What is Inirv?

Inirv is the smart knob for your kitchen which detects smoke and temperature.

Who founded Inirv?

Akshita Iyer and her husband Ranjith Babu Iyer came up with the idea of Inirv.

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