What Happened to Everytable After Shark Tank?

We are all hooked to fast food which are Burgers, Fries. Did we realize how it adversely affects our health? It’s now time to move into Healthy Food, which is quick to get and has a plethora of healthy options to drive your hunger away.

Here comes the locally sourced nutritious, freshly made food every day both online and in their stores from Everytable. Not only healthy and nutritious but with a lot of variety like – Hot and Cold, Salads and Wraps, Breakfast, Drinks, Dessert, and Snacks.

Everytable at a glance:

EPISODE NO.Season 9 Episode 21
BUSINESS IDEAHealthy and Fresh Foods with low rate Prices
FOUNDERSam Polk And David Foster
ASKED FOR$1,000,000 For 5%
ACCEPTED OFFER$1,000,000 For 10%
SHARKRohan Oza


Founder Story:

Sam Polk and David Foster, both from the LA region came up with a brilliant new, healthy but affordable alternative for everyone. Most of the parents pick up fast food for their kids and themselves, singles who rely on quick bites but are not healthy. Groceryships, an NGO in Southern LA was supporting the food-related issues in the neighborhood. The duo took that concept and turned it into an affordable but healthy idea for all.

Sam and David ventured into the business of providing healthy meals in restaurants at affordable prices by involving commissary kitchens to produce wonderful menus and stored in smaller outlets of the neighborhood for consumers to pick and carry them and eat healthy food at their convenience. Trust me the options are mouthwatering and healthy too, brought by professional chefs to the food counters.

Did Everytable get a deal on shark tank?

David and Sam pitch for $1 Million at a 5 % stake in the business. Post an explanation of their business model, they share the food samples. The sharks love the food and its quality. The prices of the food packs are based on localities which are decided on Zip Code. Affluent areas are between $4-$6 and on lower prices $2-$3 where only fast foods are available. The purpose is to offer healthy food at the same comparable price as traditional fast food.

Our Guest of the show, Rohan questions the valuation of $20 million. While Sam and David can make $3.5 million from their original and other locations, it still does not justify $20 Million.

Barbara and Lori love this mission but keep out. Mark is not convinced on how soon they can see returns so he is also out. Rohan is the one interested and makes an offer of $1 million for 13.3% which is countered and then a re-offer is proposed for 6.67% which is again re-countered. Finally, Rohan makes an offer at $1 Million at 10% and both Sam and David accept the offer happily.

What happened to Everytable after shark tank?

Sam and David won the shark tank deal but did not materialize into the closure with Rohan. The mission to succeed in this business was strong and grew leaps and bounds. Everytable secured multiple funding from investors and grew into multiple locations and business sectors.

Everytable revenues

From the initial $3.5 million in 2018, they grew to $7 million in a year and increased their growth by 200% in 2021 to reach $19 Million. Such growth is phenomenal considering it has flourished even in the toughest times of COVID as food is an essential ingredient.

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Everytable has been able to get 15 investors to fund their business and the Roger and Kimbal Musk being the most recent ones. The total funding amount was $32.3 Million from 7 funding rounds over the last 4 years.


Everytable had a clear mission to start with healthy food options at affordable prices to replace the traditional fast food and various locations. Started with a few dishes from the missionary kitchens in LA growing from 1 to 5 locations. Post shark tank episode they have grown in greater magnitude 11 locations in 2020 and double in 2021.

Added their fresh food delivery, with a great range of 28+ menu items to choose from hot and cold – Chicken, Pork, Salmon, Tofu, Shrimp, and many more dishes. Some great salads and Wraps to choose from. Options of Deserts, Essentials, and Drinks are also available in their Online orders. The food pack is ready to grab option and eat later by heating it or enjoying your salads as-is.



Other competitors in the fray on delivering fresh food options are :

  • Freshii –  $475 Million
  • Newk’s Franchise – $141 Million
  • LYFE Kitchen – $100 Million and many more.

Everytable net worth:

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Everytable was valued at around $10 million. Everytable has been a great success and is proudly a mission-driven company. They have grown from $3.5 million to now $19 million in 2021. Started with One Location of LA, spread into 11 locations in 2020. It does not stop there with additional funding the business has plans to expand into 30 locations.

The prices are unbelievable like $3 -$4 dollars with great flavors, nutritious too. The prices are so competitive because they are made in a central kitchen and distributed across the locations on Ready to Pick stores.

Interesting facts:

  • Prices for the same meal are based on Zip Code. $6 in affluent areas and $2-3 at dessert foods (where usually fast foods are the only option).
  • A rotating menu of 28+ fresh, nutritious food options is available.
  • Heat them for 2.5 minutes and enjoy the flavors.
  • Subscription of Daily, Weekly, Food for Cause options also available.
  • Skip Anytime when you feel like a break is required from the subscription schedule.
  • Fresh delivery is to be consumed within 4 days, and Weekly deliveries are also available.

Is Everytable still in business?

They started with non-Government organizations and enhanced the support with better services. Everytable is growing with a purpose as they have now expanded to serve various industries like Business, Education, Healthcare, and government also. 

Servicing Homeless communities with food, college students who are staying in hostels remotely with healthy food options is very humbling and true to stay for everywhere in Everytable. Being good while doing business ..to serve the community. Here to stay for – Everybody, Everyblock, and Everytable…

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What is Everytable?

Here comes the locally sourced nutritious, freshly made food every day both online and in their stores from Everytable. Not only healthy and nutritious but with a lot of variety like – Hot and Cold, Salads and Wraps, Breakfast, Drinks, Dessert, and Snacks.

Who founded Everytable?

Sam Polk and David Foster are the founders of Everytable.

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