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Washed up Hollywood: What Happened After Shark Tank?


Washed up Hollywood- buckling the future

Looking for a designer buckle to meet your fashion needs in your budget? Found it. Just contact Washed up Hollywood. A designer for buckles and belts for both men and ladies.

The business has a legacy of over thirty years that you can trust. It provides this service for all may you be a celebrity or a civilian.

The business started by Danon Beres’s father has soon picked up speed. As he aimed the public from the age of 18 to 40 for the product and found new designs for the new generation!! 


Founder Story:

The journey for the business started at a young age when Danon Beres found a certain fondness in the business started by his father AI Beres thirty years ago.

He says “I used to watch my father at work and I hoped to become like him someday when I grow up”. It all started then and now is the owner of Washed Up Hollywood started in 2016 by Danon Beres.  

Did Washed up Hollywood get a deal on Shark Tank?

Danon Beres came to the shark tank in the 2009 show seeking an investment of $500,000 for a 25% equity business and had the sharks hooked on to his presentation. Danon is accompanied by two models who are wearing his product and distributing samples to the sharks Robert and Daymond love the accessories and inquire about the price of each of them.

Danon replies “The belts and buckles range from $50 to $100”. The sharks are interested to know about the annual revenue competitors and much more. Dannon proves to them that the profit margins are strong and says that “The revenue is $438,000 out of which $50,000 is his clear earnings”.

Robert thinks he’s gambling not investing and says that “The owner has made a massive value error in the pitch”, therefore he is out. Daymond asks whether the valuation figures he tells them are correct or not. Kevin Harrington the guest shark thinks the investment is a bit too excessive, therefore he is out.

Barbara takes a chance to talk about her retirement. Finally, Kevin tells Danon that “He has wasted their time”. Danon walks away with no deal. Even though stating about the enormous growth he could not get the sharks hooked up for a deal.   

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What happened to Washed Up Hollywood after Shark tank?

The sharks were interested in investing only if the price was a little lesser but that could not happen. Nowhere is it known about the state of the Washed Up Hollywood business, but by doing a little research we can decipher that the business is closed and is nonfunctional.

Washed up Hollywood, sold their product online and in retail stores. He made over $400,000 in sales after he started but soon could not see that much of a future in the business. The business he started in 2005 saw a close in the year 2010.

Most of the sales of Washed up Hollywood were made through online business, by selling on his website and on large online retail giants like Amazon and eBay. Their website is no longer functional and sales are seen only on eBay for a higher price. 


  • Washed Up Hollywood, provides variations of belts and buckles that are all Hollywood style.
  • From crystal skulls to the logo buckles and belts all is on offer for gents and ladies
  • Made in the USA.


  • The idea for buckles and belts was let loose.
  • Buckles were priced between $50 to $100.
  • Buckles featured designs from the 1950 and 1960 Pop cultural relics for their customers.

Is Washed-up Hollywood dead?

The company is out of business, currently. He wanted to expand the business on a worldwide spectrum. But these dreams remained a dream as the business did not prosper any further. 

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What is Washed up Hollywood?

Washed up Hollywood is a designer buckle and belt brand to meet your fashion needs.

Who founded Washed up Hollywood?

The journey for the business started at a young age when Danon Beres found a certain fondness in the business started by his father AI Beres thirty years ago.

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