Holiball: What Happened After Shark Tank? [Updated]

Have you made your ornaments ready for Christmas?

Well if not we bring to you the Holiball -an inflatable Christmas ornament that is shaped like a Christmas bulb. It comes in 22 different varieties (colors). It is sturdy, fragile, and comes in 2 distinct sizes to adorn on top of the Christmas tree. 

Holiball shark tank update

The company was founded by three cousins, Amberly Hall, Kristy Moore, and Jennifer Couch, who were born and raised in Houston, Texas.

Before venturing into the world of business, Amberly was versatile with the knowledge to become an educator and real estate agent. Kristy was a full-time mom. Jennifer being an entrepreneur, started her stint in commercial real estate. Today, their duties have changed at Holiball, Amberly is also now a full-time stay-at-home mom, same as Kristy and both are thankful for the time. Jennifer, an already established entrepreneur with and strong business mindset continues to utilize her skills to create a path for further expansion.

Holiball at a glance:

EPISODE NOSeason 12 Episode 7
BUSINESS IDEAInflatable Christmas Ornaments
FOUNDERSKristy Moore, Jennifer Couch And Amberly Hall
ASKED FOR$150,000 For 10%
ACCEPTED OFFER$150,000 For 25%
SHARKMark Cuban And Barbara Corcoran


Founders Story: 

The idea inflated in the mind of its owners during a road trip. The mind of the three cousins was inclined towards making a massive inflatable ornament so that all could enjoy it! For Amberly and Kristy who hadn’t ventured out as entrepreneurs, it was a first, however, with Jennifer’s experience and guidance, they were able to hit the ground running.

Kristy, the perfectionist came up with the design through precision and with the help of her creativity and intricate details made the product possible. 

Holiball shark tank update

Did Holiball get a deal on Shark Tank?

The three masterminds clubbed their expertise and were seen on shark tank’s episode 7 season 12 seeking an investment of 150,000 for 10% and they soon left accepting an offer of $150,000 for 25%

Jennifer, Amberly, and Kristy once completed their pitch, the sharks quickly tried their hand to inflate their samples and the trio demonstrated their power inflation machine. It’s worthwhile to note, the trio put the whole business together in place within 120 days. 

Kevin had already been part of Christmas businesses earlier so not interested. Barbara does come out with a strict offer of $150,000 for 25% with an answer right away. Daymond also pitches in which creates confusion but eventually Mark and Barbara provide an offer of $150,000 for 25%. The trio ladies think about it and finally join Mark and Barbara, for the deal.

Product Analysis of Holiball:

Holiball products are well suited for both indoors and outdoors, they have achieved great success within months of its entry into the market. Amberly, Kristy, and Jennifer commenced the startup from the Houston area with merely 1000 units in four traditional colors.

But they have grown from that stage to now with 22 colors and fortunately, many others felt the dire need for their novel product which resulted in the entire stock sold out much quicker than anticipated. Some more radical shades like lilac, merlot, and black are now equally in demand.

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What Happened to Holiball After Shark Tank?

Holiball is available in over 22 colors and in two separate sizes, which can be purchased with either an 18 inch or 30-inch diameter.

The trio sisters were invited to Atlanta’s Americas Mart that gave a significant leap to launch the most popular product in Latin America and Australia by February 2020. Believe it or not, Holiball is the most selling holiday décor across 200 shops located around 36 states and 8 countries, which is incredible. Holiball sales have rocketed from being stationed at Mom & Pop Shops to being available on ‘Shark Tank’ along with big players now.

Starting in 2019, they reached $171,000 in sales and in 2020 around $650,000. One of the challenges was not having enough inventory. In 2021 the plan is to hit $800,000.

Holiball shark tank update

The balls cost $10 to develop but are available at retail for $40 and $60.The full collection is available online and in select Houston retailers. The product range is from $40 to $60. Holiball also offers an air pump at $35.

Whataburger has teamed up with Holiball, Houston based company to spread the Christmas cheer across the US. The company valuation started with $600,000 and has now been valued for more than a million. 

Holiball shark tank update

How much is Holiball worth?

Holiball’s valuation stands at $600,000 on shark tank and has now been valued for more than a million. Also, their sales are around $800,000 in the year 2021.

Interesting facts about Holiball:

Holiball has various unique features and some highlights are – 

  1. The oversized and unbreakable Christmas special ball became a hit, which is a UV-resistant engineered polymer that serves in a multipurpose way.
  2. Durable and lightweight material well built to withstand the heat and rains.
  3. In 22 eye-catching colors, can be hung externally with the assistance of an elegant hoop provided on its top.
  4. Amberly, a former educator with Kristy’s creative vision and sister Jennifer’s basic instinct of running a series of businesses, all three combined their strong points, they realized they had an original and unbeatable idea: The Holiball.

Future aspects of Holiball:   

The journey of the three sisters began by traveling in the US within Texas, Dallas and Atlanta finally to reach the Jackpot – leveraging the Home & Gift Buyer market. Holiball is now reached across 8 countries and is an insanely sought-after product for Christmas…Three sisters have launched their own Website is the best place to shop the Holiball Ornaments.

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What is Holiball?

Holiball -an inflatable Christmas ornament that is shaped like a Christmas bulb. It comes in 22 different varieties (colors). It is sturdy, fragile, and comes in 2 distinct sizes to adorn on top of the Christmas tree. 

Who founded Holiball?

Holiball was founded by three cousins, Amberly Hall, Kristy Moore, and Jennifer Couch, who were born and raised in Houston, Texas.

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