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How Does Discord Make Money?


Discord is a platform that is designed to create communities from education, gamers to business. It is an American proprietary freeware instant messaging and VoIP application which is an all-in-one text, voice, video chat application. The main focus of this free application is to provide a hassle-free chat experience during gaming or other activities. The application can run on android, windows, ios, macOS, Linux, and web browsers.

Discord at a glance:

  • Free voice and text chat app for gamers, game marketplace, and store and merchandise.
  • Founder:  Jason Citron
  • Valued at $7.1 billion(2020) after series H round.
  • Competitors: Twitch, Bigo, Raptr.


Founder Story:

The founder of OpenFeint, Jason Criton was also behind the concept of Discord. OpenFeint, the leading social gaming platform for iPhones has about 200 games live in the game store. Apart from that, there were 500 more games in development and 25000 registered application developers. He eventually sold OpenFeint in 2011 for $104 million and used the money to find Hammer and chisel, a game developing studio.

discord founder

How to use Discord?

Discord business model:

Like most gaming applications, Discord is completely free and as per the plans and strategy, it is not going to ask its users to pay for the features. The principal focus of the app is to give a hassle-free platform to its users so that communication increases. Apart from that, the company also focuses on integrating its text and voice chat services in the gaming industry. The organization provides a free device that helps the engineers to integrate the application into their games. Some of the popular features which are available free of cost are Stream kit and rich presence. These features help out the game designer to list their game in the application.

The application can get huge benefits of capitalizing on the network effect by operating among the gamers where the value will be increasing with the increase in the users who join it.


How Discord make money?

The corporation is in opposition to advertisements and promoting of client’s information and facts and is relying on the funding cash until now. They have no such target to make customers pay to utilize the software in the future however the corporation is shifting toward an enterprise model wherein it offers extra and higher capabilities to the people who pay for them.

  • Discord Nitro is one of its revenue streams which offers better emojis, bigger uploads, HD videos, and live streams, profile badges, and more.
  • Discord Nitro Classic offers base chat perks at $49.9 per year and $4.99 per month.
  • In 2018 Discors Game Store was introduced which allows developers to publish their games and earn money. Discord keeps a 10% share of game revenue.
  • Also, discord makes its income with the aid of using promoting corporation inventory and different merchandise.
Discord revenue

Note: Discord does not disclose how much revenue it makes, all values are estimates.

Discord Funding Rounds Summary:

Founding Date2012
Discord total Funding$379.3 m
Discord latest funding size$100 m
Time since last funding2 months ago
Discord investorsIndex VenturesAccel PartnersBenchmarkGreylock PartnersSpark CapitalGreenoaks Capital ManagementTencent HoldingsDanny RimerTime WarnerYouWeb9+ ProgramIVP (Institutional Venture Partners)Specialized TypesGeneral Catalyst PartnersFirstMarkRidge Ventures (Formerly known as IDG Ventures USA)Technology Opportunity Partners

Discord’s latest funding round in June 2020 was reported to be $100 m. In total, Discord has raised $379.3 m. Discord’s latest valuation is reported to be $725 m.

discord funding rounds

Discord is valued at $7 billion in November 2020 after raising $100 million in series H round.

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Discord Valuation:

discord valuation

Discord is valued at $7 billion in 2020 after raising $100 million in series H round.

Is Discord profitable?

Perhaps, the query nonetheless remains: Is Discord profitable?

Discord is probably making use of a premium enterprise model, however, plainly they’re earning sufficient cash or maybe higher to function the corporation and it could be visible by its terrific record for the beyond years.

Since it becomes released in 2015, the corporation has attracted the eye of massive firms in the gaming market, such as Index Funds and Greylock Ventures, to make investments big sums of cash on them. The cash they acquire from the budget from huge organizations alone is already a reflection of how successful they’ve become.

Moreover, in 3 years, Discord has grown a lot from 25 million customers in 2016 to a sizeable 2 hundred million lively customers in December.

Discord is probably earning the handiest little sales from beauty items, its merchandise, and subscription plans, however, they have an in-depth scope of audience, more than enough to preserve the corporation’s working costs.

Since they’ve been experimenting on new techniques this year, just like the Discord sports store and the 90/10 revenue split, I suppose it’s now no longer incorrect to mention that you can still without problems foresee Discord’s continued success in their competitive field of market.

Amazing facts about Discord:

  1. As of December 2019, there are over 250 million registered Discord users.
  2. As of February 2020, there are over 56 million monthly active Discord users.
  3. Discord has a total of 165 employees as of May 2019.
  4. An average of 25 billion messages is sent monthly on Discord.

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What is Discord use for?

Discord is a group chatting platform originally built for gamers but now it is used in many community interactions.

Who founded Discord?

The founder of OpenFeint, Jason Criton was also behind the concept of discord. OpenFeint, the leading social gaming platform for iPhones has about 200 games live in the game store. Apart from that, there were 500 more games in development and 25000 registered application developers.

What Does "Idle" means in Discord?

Idle means user has opened Discord on browser but not actively using it.

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