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Understanding how do Elon Musk’s Tesla works?


Tesla Inc. (previously called Tesla Motors, Inc.) is an American automobile and clean energy company founded in 2003. It is based in Palo Alto, California. This company manufactures electric vehicles and specializes in battery energy storage. 


Tesla at a glance:

  • Automobile and clean energy company.
  • Founder: Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel, Marc Tarpenning, Ian Wright
  • Ticker Symbol: TSLA.
  • Revenue: $24.5billion (2019).

Founder of Tesla:

Elon Reeve Musk is an entrepreneur, business manager, engineer, and philanthropist.  Apart from being the founder, Ceo, and CTO of SpaceX he is also CEO of tesla., founder of Neuralink, and co-founder and chairman of OpenAI.

He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 2018. In2018, he was ranked twenty-fifth on the Forbes listing of The World’s Most Powerful People and first on the Forbes listing of the most innovative Leaders of 2019. As of August 14, 2020, his internet well worth was anticipated at $76.7 billion U.S. dollars and he’s indexed by Forbes as the 7th-richest character withinside the world. He is the highest-tenured CEO of any automobile producer globally.

Breaking down Tesla business version:

For the first time in its history, in January 2020, Tesla has surpassed the hundred billion marketplace capitalization. To advantage a chunk of context this is 3 instances more on the marketplace capitalization of Ford, within an equal period.

Revenue streams of Tesla can be categorised in two:

Automotive Segment revenue for Tesla comes from Vehicle sales, leasing, and other services. Also, Tesla makes money from solar energy systems and storage products.

By 2019, Tesla sells 3 merchandise:

Model 3: for mass adoption

A four-door mid-length sedan with a base fee for mass-marketplace enchantment produced each withinside the Fremont Factory and. at the Gigafactory in Shanghai.

Tesla reportedly won't sell the $35,000 Model 3 anymore - The Verge

Model Y: the SUV

It is a compact recreation software car (“SUV”) constructed at the Model 3 platform with the functionality for seating for up to seven adults.

Tesla Model Y - Wikipedia
Model Y

Model S and Model X: the huge sedan

It is a four-door huge sedan that functions with big touch screens, motive force interface, Autopilot hardware, over-the-air software program updates, and rapid charging via a Supercharger network.

Model X | Tesla Sverige
Model X

Key Resources of Tesla:

  • Battery and storage systems of vechiles make it superior in market.
  • Effective cooling and charging of batteries.
  • Free/ low cost charging systems.
  • Big Data is its key future resource for its fully automative driving. Tesla collects data from its cars and its strategic patners. This may cause major threat to future of ride haling companies like Uber, Grab etc.

Understanding Tesla long-term strategy:

While all of us recognize Tesla today, its strategy turned into fashion already some years back. Usually, powerful techniques get rolled out in years, and best once they end up with a success story.

Yet, while they’re getting rolled out they’re now no longer apparent at all. So a great deal, that the ones rolling out the unconventional strategy, are becoming criticized, ostracized, and best on the cease idolized.

This is the case of Tesla’s long-term strategy, which is well worth studying to recognize what entry-strategy Tesla employs, and what its long-term strategy looks like.

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Tesla revenue:

Tesla’s annual/quarterly sales records and boom price from 2009 to 2020.

  • Tesla sales for the area finishing June 30, 2020, become $6.036B, a 4.94% increase year-over-year.
  • Tesla sales for the 12 months finishing June 30, 2020, become $25.708B, a 3.08% increase year-over-year.
  • Tesla’s annual sales for 2019 become $24.578B, a 14.52% increase from 2018.
  • Tesla’s annual sales for 2018 become $21.461B, an 82.51% increase from 2017.
  • Tesla’s annual sales for 2017 become $11.759B, a 67.98% increase from 2016.
Chart: Has Tesla Found the Formula for Profit? | Statista
Source: Statista

Funding and investor:

Funding Rounds:

Announced Date Number of Investors Lead Investors 
May 9, 20201$565MIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China
Dec 23, 20194$1.4B
Oct 6, 20191$700MChina Merchants Bank
May 14, 2019$860M
May 14, 2019$1.8B
Mar 8, 2019CN¥3.5B
Aug 7, 2018$2B
Feb 2, 2018$546M
Mar 28, 20171$1.7BTencent Holdings
Mar 17, 2017$750M

Number of Lead Investors 13

Number of Investors 39

Investor Name Lead Investor Funding Round Partners 
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China  Yes  Post-IPO Debt – Tesla  
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank    Post-IPO Debt – Tesla  
China Construction Bank    Post-IPO Debt – Tesla  
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China    Post-IPO Debt – Tesla  
Agricultural Bank of China    Post-IPO Debt – Tesla  
China Merchants Bank  Yes  Post-IPO Debt – Tesla  
Tencent Holdings  Yes  Post-IPO Secondary – Tesla  
Goldman Sachs  No  Post-IPO Equity – Tesla  
Bank of America Merrill Lynch  No  Post-IPO Equity – Tesla  
Deutsche Bank  NoPost-IPO Equity – Tesla  

Is Tesla profitable?

Tesla earned 1/3 region of 2019 in its early time. Indeed, the employer posted $143 million in internet profits. However, annualized employer internet losses were $862 million.

Competitive analysis of Tesla:

The Volkswagen MEB Entry and Its Cheap Price

Volkswagen plans an inexpensive electric powered automobile called the MEB Entry. It may be approximately 1/2 of the fee of the Tesla 3.

Another exciting component is that the automaker anticipates an excessive manufacturing amount for the automobile. People might not bear immoderate waiting intervals to begin taking part in their new vehicles.

Analysts talked about that notwithstanding this automobile being a contender on a Tesla competitors’ listing, it may not be clean to fabricate electric-powered vehicles that are so inexpensive.

Other than that, info is nonetheless scarce approximately in this version. Early revelations suggest it may have a 300-mile range and a four-door body. People withinside the recognition agreement with the Polestar 2 may have a fee much like Tesla’s Model 3. However, something that unites the Polestar 2 apart is a subscription plan.

Great Wall Motor’s 2019 Ora R1 Is Even Cheaper Than Volkswagens’ Upcoming Model

The Ora R1 is an electric powered automobile from Great Wall Motors, and the 2019 version will value as low as the equal of $8,680.It is available in a desire of 5 colorings and functions a very compact body.

The small length way it is now no longer appropriate as an own circle of relatives automobile, however, it should enchant millennials and others on tight budgets who need to test out Tesla’s electric-powered automobile opposition without breaking the bank.

This listing suggests how the electrical automobile opposition is heating up. The motors in this listing, in addition to others popping out quickly, should emphasize that Tesladesires set the bar excessive and satisfy its guarantees to usually excel.

Amazing facts about tesla.

  • While Elon Musk is the face associated with Tesla, many people possibly don’t recognize that he isn’t the founder of the company. Engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning have been the founders, even as Musk joined very early in its history.
  • Tesla has a hefty price tag, however many sense they pay for their well worth due to the vehicle’s composition. Not best can vehicle consumers shop on gas, however, the car makes it so that drivers best ought to update the tires and windshield wipers routinely; not anything else needs regular replacement.
  • Consumers of Tesla’s electric powered automobiles aren’t dropping any speed or power. You will be amazed to discover the Model S can move from 0to 60 miles per hour in 1.2 seconds, even while nevertheless saving the ozone. This is quicker than the Porsche Panamera.

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