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Spoonful of Comfort: What Happened After Shark Tank?


What do you do when your loved ones are not well? All you can do is send them a bouquet of flowers is that it? In these tough times of pandemic whereby your near and dear ones are remote, the idea was an instant hit. When you are looking for a unique, caring and special food gift Spoonful of Comfort is a good pick.   

This is exactly what struck them to come up with an idea to offer more – a Large Chicken Soup Jar, half-dozen cookies, half-dozen rolls, a serving ladle, and a hand-written note in the package. To let our loved one be healthy at the time of need – when exactly required.

Spoonful Of Comfort is now available with great choices like College Care, Get Well Soon, new Parent or Corporate Care packages, etc. The care package came into life once Marti Wymer and Scott Gustafson brought Spoonful of Comfort, their comfort food delivery service into existence.

Spoonful of Comfort shark tank update
Spoonful of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort at a glance:

  • Gourmet soup delivery service along with get-well gift care packages.
  • Founder: Marti Wymer and Scott Gustafson
  • Asked For $400,000 for 10% at $4 million valuation on Shark Tank.


Founder Story:

Wymer got the idea in 2007 after hearing her mother was diagnosed with cancer. When her mom was in Canada and she was in Florida with small children and she’d just returned from visiting her mom, she couldn’t go see her again frequently.

She was caring and wanted to comfort her mother and decided to send her homemade chicken soup. Her mom loved it but sadly she passed just 6 weeks later. Wymer started Spoonful of Comfort as a way to honor her mother by letting the needy easily send gourmet gift baskets to loved ones who are far from home.

The Care Packages’ main ingredient is signature chicken soup 64 ounces and additional tomato basil and leek potato soup too. The care package also includes rolls, cookies, and a beautiful handwritten note that shows we care.

Wymer offers a clear guarantee: “It is my promise to make and deliver a Spoonful of Comfort with as much care as if I were sending it to my own mother.” Marti Wymer and Scott Gustafson brought Spoonful of Comfort, their comfort food delivery service in 2016.

Did Spoonful of Comfort get a deal on Shark Tank?

Spoonful of Comfort product owners, Marti Wymer and Scott Gustafson pitched her business on Shark Tank in 2016. Sought for an investment of $400,000 against 10% equity.

Post her pitch of the Spoonful of Comfort, there were areas that caused discomfort to Sharks. The duo had already invested 1.3 Million in the business earlier without results.

Sharks clearly picked areas that need attention and first was their customer acquisition cost was $18 for every transaction which was very high and had to be reduced. Secondly, their marketing needs a clear push to reach a price level to let their customers repeat business. Shipping was not free and took 3-4 days to deliver which was too late as the sick can get well before that.

Marti Wymer was afraid to be turned down with a deal and the rejection happened. The sharks gave the company a “No.”

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In this case, it was a NO DEAL at Shark Tank for Spoonful of Comfort.

What Happened to Spoonful of Comfort After Shark Tank?

Post the episode, the viewers were quick to jump on board with the Shark’s criticisms and provided the much need relief to Spoonful of Comfort. Fortunately, Sharks underestimated the power of food gift care during these tough times. Initially had a few glitches due to late or missing deliveries, but from then onwards Spoonful of Comfort has had overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who truly praise its tasty food and quality care packages.

Spoonful of ComfortUtah20088668.6 Million

After the Shark Tank episode, there was a significant increase in their orders. In this case, the pandemic proved to be a blessing for Spoonful of Comfort and soared their business. The care packages come at $69.99 and $79.99 price and offer a great variety like College, New Parent, and Get Well soon packages, etc.

Their thoughtful ideas on the selection of gourmet soups and related food with excellent quality are the trick behind the success. The soup and cookie gifts start at $69.99. Just Soups are $59.99, Cookie packages start at $24.99 (1 dozen) and go up to $39.99 (2 dozen cookies).

Great accessories, including bandana boy bib set, calming tea, bath tea, blanket embrace, raw honey & dipper are pleasant choices.

Spoonful of Comfort shark tank update

What’s the net worth of Spoonful of Comfort?

Spoonful of Comfort at the time of appearance was valued at around $4 million.

Interesting facts:

  • Offer gluten-free soups and gluten-free vegan cookies!
  • The soup arrives cold, please refrigerate upon arrival and enjoy within 3-5 days.
  • 6 Great Soup varieties – Chicken, Clam, Tomato Basil, Harvest Vegetable, etc.
  • 7 Cookie types ranging – Chocolate Chip (With Vegan Option), Snickerdoodle, Sugar Triple Chocolate, and Ginger Bread Cookies.

Is Spoonful of Comfort profitable?

The company is profitable and performing very well on sales as well. Folks can subscribe to discount coupons also if they want to save some money. Clear marketing strategies had led Spoonful of Comfort to skyrocket its growth story.

The company continues to flourish in these pandemic times by providing the most important source of comfort to the needy. With physical distancing in effect, a Spoonful of Comfort may be just what we all need across 50 states in the US today.

The company is a phenomenal success story with $68.6 Million in revenues and has undoubtedly been a source of comfort for many during the pandemic to treat with “Love by the Spoonful”.

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What is Spoonful of Comfort?

Spoonful of Comfort is a Gourmet soup delivery service along with get well gift care package.

Who founded Spoonful of Comfort?

Marti Wymer started Spoonful of Comfort as a way to honor her mother by letting the needy to easily send gourmet gift baskets to loved ones who are far from home.

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