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Paper Box Pilots: What Happened After Shark Tank?


13-year-old Noah Cahoon has an idea to turn the regular boxes into creative toys for the children. Noah Cahoon is CEO of the company Paper Box Pilots.

The company creates decorative stickers that turn the simple box into a toy. Noah appeared on the Shark Tank with his father Brian Cahoon and little brother Milo Cahoon in season 6 of the show. They were seeking a $350,000 investment for 25% of their company.

Paper box Pilot shark tank update
Paper box Pilot

Paper Box Pilots at a glance:

  • Decorative sticker designs that bring cardboard box toys to life.
  • Founder: Brian and Noah Cahoon
  • Asked For $35,000 for 25% at $140,000 valuation on Shark Tank.
  • Received $35,000 for 50% from Kevin O’Leary.


Who is the Founder of Paper Box Pilots?

The founder Noah states that when he was 6 he would play with the boxes. Brian states that he would draw the thing on the boxes to make it look like a plane Brian later started to print the pictures out and started sticking those on the box.

Noah says when his little brother Milo was getting into the box planes Noah had this idea to create the stickers for his brother. Noah and his Father turned this idea into a business. Before shark tank, the product was already selling to 27 retail stores. The stickers would be on the sheet with instructions to cut the box. The father and son appeared on the show to get more funds for the production as well as to expand their business internationally.

Paper box Pilot shark tank update
Noah and his father Brian

Did Paper Box Pilots get a deal on shark tank?

Noah and his father Brian appeared in the show with his little brother Milo. They introduced him as the CFO of the company, Chief Fun Officer. The father-son duo was seeking an investment of $35,000 for 25% of the company.

Milo acts as a model as he steps into the box demonstrating their product. This attracted the shark’s attention. The duo then offered Robert Herejavec his box which was decorated as a racing car. Brian and Noah tell the sharks the Paper Box Planes are the set of stickers that could turn any box into a toy.

Kevin O’Leary steps and says that he has experience with the toy industry since 1999 and states that he would be the best partner for the business. Barbara wants to know about the price of the product. Noah confidently gives the shark all the details and is sold for $8. They reveal that they have made $7,500 worth of sales till now; Mark stated that it was very low, and they need to start selling in bulk to get the margin. Noah states that the business was set up to steadily grow. Sharks seemed impressed with the explanation of this young entrepreneur. Noah further states that the product is sold at a total of 24 stores which are mainly toy stores, and they were making equal sales online.

Kevin was interested in the business he stated that they should ship the box with the product as well. Kevin was ready to offer $35,000 for 50% of equity if they agree to sell the box. Noah was happy to have the deal on the table but he asked if any other sharks had any offers.

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Lori loved the product Noah was making but she didn’t see the business expanding so she stepped out. Lori told Noah to call her after several years and she would give him an internship at her company if he wishes to learn the business.

Robert Herejavec was still enjoying the box he was given and offered the same amount as Kevin. Kevin O’Leary tells the businessmen his history with the toy stores and he can help them expand better than any shark. Barbara offered $35,000 for 35% of the shares on the condition to make more girls-friendly stickers as well.

Robert Herejavec quickly offered $50,000 for 50% of the business. Noah was happy to have so many deals for his business. His father told him to choose for himself who he thinks would be the best mentor for him. Noah choose Kevin O’Leary’s offer and walked out with having Mr. Wonderful as his partner.

Investors of Paper Box Pilots:

Paper Box Plane received a $35,000 investment for 50% of the company equity with the condition they sell the box with the stickers as well. This made Kevin O’Leary an equal partner in the business.

Paper Box Pilots revenue model:

According to the founder, the products were sold at 24 retail outlets. They mostly targeted the toy stores. The Paper Box Plane sticker offered three sets which were for an Airplane, A Racecar, and a Firetruck. The company had made $75,000 in sales in 8 months of the business although there is no information available about the later years.

Each set was selling at the $8 before the shark tank. The company sells this product through its websites, toy stores, and online platforms such as Amazon. After the shark tank, the company provided all three sets together as a “Shark Tank Special” pack which sells for $20.

What Happened to Paper Box Pilots after shark tank?

After Shark Tank, the company started receiving more orders through the website. Noah and his father appeared on a morning news channel which states that they have received more orders for the product after shark than they have received in 8 months.

The company website had taken into consideration of Barbara’s advice and has introduced girl-friendly stickers. The company still isn’t selling the boxes with the box as they are encouraging the users to use the old boxes and recycle them

Paper box Pilot shark tank update
Noah Cahoon

The company website seems to have shut down there hasn’t been any update on the companies Facebook page. It seems like Noah has taken a break from the business to continue his education.

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What is Paper Box Pilots?

Paper Box Pilots creates decorative stickers that turn the simple box into a toy.

Who founded Paper Box Pilots?

13-year-old Noah Cahoon has an idea to turn the regular boxes into creative toys for the children. Noah Cahoon is CEO of the company Paper Box Pilots.

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