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What Happened to Naturally perfect dolls After Shark Tank?


Naturally perfect dolls –A doll for all girls

Do you remember the first doll you ever played with? Was it a barbie doll or a soft toy? What if there was a doll that was multi-ethnic in look and feels and is played by all kids alike. This is the idea brought about by the couple Angelica Sweeting and Jason Sweeting. The idea had a strong vision and that is why it succeeded as a business but not for too long. Let’s see what happens next?   

Naturally perfect dolls at a glance:

FoundersAngelica Sweeting and Jason Sweeting
Business IdeaDiverse Line of Dolls
Seeking For$200,000 for 20% stake
Final Deal$200,000 for 30% stake
SharksDaymond John
Business StatusOut of Business


Who is the owner of Naturally perfect dolls?

Naturally perfect dolls were the brainchild of the parents of two beautiful daughters who were the inspiration for the birth of the new company. They are from Miami Florida.  They believed that however, their child looked she should feel proud about themselves. This sparked the idea of creating the brand.

One of their daughters was in love with a barbie doll and wished she would have hair just like her. So, she asked her parents wasn’t her hair blonde and straight but curly and black and they said “This is how you are proud of that!!”.

To encourage their daughters, they developed their first doll to spread the message to every girl that beauty is from within and each skin tone has a different beauty standard.

Did Naturally perfect dolls get a deal on Shark Tank?

The husband-and-wife duo had a strong passion to convey the message they tried to spread one doll at a time, this time to the sharks. They stated that they were seeking $200,000 for 20% equity in their company.

The duo explained how they had built the product on three strong pillars being Multi-ethnicity, individualism, and diversity. Jason stated that everyone has their differences that should not be ignored.

After a long discussion, the first shark that is interested is Daymond John who offers them $200,000 for 30 % they immediately grab the offer and it is accepted.

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Naturally perfect dolls after shark tank:

The Partnership of husband and wife had successfully made a deal with Daymond John. They saw their sales increase and they even sold their products on their website and Amazon. They got many orders from customers after they aired on the shark tank episode.

They expanded the line of products. But when came to delivery they were unable to fill the load. Due to constraints in many places, they saw that the delivery was not done for many of their long awaiting customers. This made the customers disappointed. At the time of Shark tank, they are valued at $666,666.


They started with one doll and then expanded to four dolls. Their names were:

  1. Angelica
  2. Brielle
  3. Camryn
  4. Kennedy

They were sold for $84.99 each., are currently sold out online. Quite amazing that their products stock was wiped out of the inventory when they aired on shark tank due to heavy demand. They do not know how to manufacture new ones now. Leaving customers furious.

Naturally perfect dolls net worth:

They got good ratings and rankings as well as good reviews from customers. They had a strong media presence. The eager customers were waiting to get their deliveries of the products till December 2018. They made no new sales after March 2018.  At the time of the shark tank appearance, Naturally perfect dolls were valued at around $666,666.

Interesting facts:

  • Managed to raise $84000 in 2015.
  • The huge following of 1300 backers on Kickstarter.
  • Daymond withdrew his money from the company
  • The website shut down due to trademark issues.
  • Each figurine is 18 inches tall.

Is Naturally perfect dolls still in business?

The beginning for the company was a rather auspicious one but soon there was no trust left in the investors. Due to this the company led to its own downfall. From Daymond to all the customers, minor investors had left the company in a bad state by withdrawing their investments. 

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What is Naturally perfect dolls?

Naturally perfect dolls is a doll that was multi-ethnic in look and feels and is played by all kids alike.

Who is the owner of Naturally perfect dolls?

Naturally perfect dolls are the idea brought about by the couple Angelica Sweeting and Jason Sweeting.

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