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Himalayan Dog Chew Shark Tank Update


Ever wondered what the healthiest and most nutritious snack for your dog can be? Then look no further than the Himalayan Dog Chew created by Suman, Sujan, and Nishes Shreshta with exactly that question in mind!

Their signature product supposedly only has 4 ingredients, yak/cow milk, lime juice, and salt, so you don’t even have to bore yourself reading the ingredients of the pack. Now they have come to shark tank for a deal in order to help them make their company bigger. Let’s see what happened.

Himalayan Dog Chew at a glance:

Business ideaDog treat from hardened yak cheese.
FounderSuman, Sujan, and Nishes Shreshta
Asked for$750,000 for 5%
Accepted dealNo deal
SharksNo shark
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 6, Episode 18
WebsiteHimalayan Dog Chew
Buy on AmazonBuy Now!
Himalayan dog chew at a glance.


Founder Story:

The brothers Suman & Sujan Shreshta with their friend of the same name Nishes Shreshta came up with the idea of a dog chew made from yak cheese in 2003 when they saw a dog in their native village in Nepal eating a piece of yak cheese. After which they decided to start selling a new version of the yak cheese that would be more suitable to be consumed by dogs, and then tested their product at a local dog event in 2007, where it was an instant hit. 

They then set up their own company centered around this product and started to use a commercial space for further research, development, and production, and then also secured $5 million worth of revenue in just a few years. Let us now see what happened in Shark Tank.

Did Himalayan Dog Chew get a deal on Shark Tank?

The pitch starts when founders Suman, Sujan, and Nishes greet the sharks in the traditional Nepalese manner and introduce themselves as the founders of Himalayan Dog Chews, asking for $750,000 for 5% of their company, which they will use to take their company to the next level.

They tell the sharks about their product and how it contains very few ingredients but is made with traditional methods to preserve its natural quality, much to the joy of both dogs and their owners. They then provide some samples to the sharks to see their quality and they explain that in Nepal, yak cheese is consumed by humans, but their product is more suitable for dogs after processing.

Kevin asks about their numbers, so they say that they have a million units, nearly $5.6 million in revenue, through distribution in around 6000 pet stores, which impresses the sharks. Mark then asks that if they have such good sales, why do they need $750k that puts their valuation at $15 million, 3x their sales, when Sujan says that they want a partnership with a shark as they have influence in the market which Mark doesn’t like because he thinks they are flattering him into a deal, and that they would keep some of the money for themselves to compensate for their salaries, and that the project further sales to be around $8 million.

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Daymond and Mark back out, but Lori, hesitant at first, then puts forward a deal along with Robert and Kevin of them each having 5% in the company with Kevin giving the company $750,000 but as a loan to be paid over 3 years at 10% interest, which the founders don’t want as they don’t want a debt deal and try to counter higher equity at a higher amount, like $1.5 million for 20% but then all sharks are out except Robert who wants 15% for $750k, which Sujan declines and after being wished good luck from the sharks, they leave the tank.

What happened to Himalayan Dog Chew after Shark Tank?

Since the shark tank pitch, the company has been growing even bigger even without an investor as they now include distinctive Dog products in a variety of flavors, and also have products like Mediterranean Heathland tree roots, called Ruff Roots, as well as leashes, chew toys, etc., all being sold on their website, Amazon and other retailers. One founder, Sujan Shreshta, also went on to give a Ted talk in January of 2018.

Product details:

  • Their product is nutritious and doesn’t have any chemicals that may harm your dog.
  • They have a wide variety of products, ranging from $6 – $180, with free shipping over $49.
  • They can be contacted through their e-mail at,
  • Their headquarters is in Arlington, Washington.

Competitors of Himalayan Dog Chew

Some competitors of this company are: –

  • Pawstruck LLC
  • Nature’s Variety Inc
  • Nylabone
  • Salix LLC

What is the net worth of Himalayan Dog Chew?

With the company now renamed Himalayan Pet due to its various products, it now has annual revenue of over $11 million in revenue, so I think they’re glad they hadn’t taken the $ 8 million valuation from the sharks, but we don’t know what their current net worth is.

Is Himalayan Dog Chew still in business?

Yes, Himalayan Dog chew, now Himalayan pet, is still in business, with their wide range of products for man’s best friend, but has now been acquired by Prairie Dog Products in April of 2020 (Prairie Dog Pet Products being under Kinderhook industries).

We don’t know much about their future endeavors, but we are sure that they are going to keep expanding and keep developing to keep making many dogs happy, and with them, their owners as well.

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What is Himalayan Dog Chew?

Himalayan Dog Chew is a dog treat from hardened yak cheese.

Who founded Himalayan Dog Chew?

The brothers Suman & Sujan Shreshta with their friends of the same name Nishes Shreshta came up with the idea of a dog chew made from yak cheese in 2003 when they saw a dog in their native village in Nepal eating a piece of yak cheese.

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