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Mo’s Bows Shark Tank Update


Has it ever happened to you that you’re all dressed up to go out with your friends or family, but something just seems to be missing? No, I’m not talking about your phone or our keys, I’m saying that you’re missing out on a bow tie from Mo’s Bows!

Established by Moziah Bridges at the age of 9 (crazy, I know) in 2011, Mo’s Bows is dedicated to making you look good to feel good, no matter the occasion.

Mo’s Bows at a glance:

Business ideaHandmade bowties for special occasions
FounderMoziah Bridges
Asked for$50,000 for 20%
Accepted dealNo deal
SharksNo shark
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 5, Episode 27
WebsiteMo’s Bows
Mo’s bows at a glance.


Founder Story:

Ever since he was a kid, the founder of Mo’s Bows Moziah bridges, or Mo as he likes to be called, loved to dress sharp, no matter what he was doing or where he was.

Later, he saw that he couldn’t seem to find a type of tie that he liked, so his grandmother taught him to sew for himself and this is how he got the idea to share his fashion sense with others, and do what he liked and figure out how to make money from it and decided to create his own company, Mo’s Bows.

Did Mo’s Bows get a deal on Shark Tank?

In Shark Tank, the founder Moziah Bridges walks up to the sharks with his mother Tramica Morris and they both introduce themselves and put forward their ask of $50,000 for 20% of their company, Mo’s Bows. Mo then goes on to talk to the judges about how he loved to dress well even when he was younger and how he got the idea of creating his own company and selling his handmade bow-ties after his grandmother taught him how to sow for himself.

They then give some sample bow-ties to the sharks to see their quality, which the sharks really liked. Mo then says that he has sold around 2000 bows in the last 2 years resulting in around $50,000 in sales, as it costs around $6 to $10 to manufacture a bow tie which goes for $45 to $60 in the market. He also says that he is sure that he is TNBT (the next big thing), which the sharks love, and that he is sure to reach a wider audience due to their company having good exposure and him having also appeared in the Oprah Magazine, which impresses the sharks.

The sharks then ask what they will use for the $50,000 they are asking for and Tramica says that they will use it to secure a manufacturer in order to meet the needs of the demand, but the sharks say that then the product will no longer be handmade, which they consider is the unique selling point of the product. They also say that Mo and Tramica do not need a deal as they should grow their company steadily by ensuring good margins and publicity and then move from specialty boutiques and go on to partner with major fashion outlets, for which the sharks don’t seem to be the right fit for so Mark, Robert, and Barbara are out.

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Kevin O’Leary wants to make a royalty deal for $50,000 $3 for every tie sold, but Daymond John reminds them of how he is glad he hadn’t sold his company to an investor, which is now worth over $40 million and tells Mo and Tramica not to take up investors at this time as he is instead willing to mentor them, even without a stake in the company, so then Tramica says that they will decline Kevin’s offer in order to receive mentorship from Daymond, which is more valuable for them in order to take their company to the next level.

What happened to Mo’s Bows after Shark Tank?

After their appearance in shark tank, Daymond John mentored Moziah and helped the latter expand his company further and has now also done over $100, 000 in sales.

Daymond also went on to help Mo’s Bows to meet two other big tie-making companies. Robert Stewart and Neiman Marcus tested some of their products in their own stores and if they do well, it will surely help Mo’s bows in massive proportions. The company is also featured in the shark tank update in episode 6 of season 12 in which Daymond applauds Moziah for bringing about the massive growth of his company and achieving success at such a young age. Moziah also went on to sign a 7 figure, 1 year deal with the NBA, in 2017.

Product details:

  • Their range of items includes bow-ties (obviously), along with regular ties, pocket squares, and face masks
  • The costs range from $15 to $30 depending on the item.
  • All products are handmade and quality-approved.
  • They can be contacted through their email-id at,
  • Mo’s Bows’ headquarters is in Netherwood Avenue, Memphis.

What is the net worth of Mo’s Bows?

At the time of shark tank, the valuation of the company was $250,000 as per the founders. But now due to their great sales of about $600,000 since 2015 and major development, as of 2022, the company is valued at about $2 million.

Is Mo’s Bows still in business?

Yes, Mo’s Bows is still in business and now has 7 full-time employees along with Moziah Bridges and Tramica Morris and all their products are handmade in their company located in Memphis.

They have now included regular ties in their range of items and face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moziah Bridges’ future is to promote more publicity for his brand to make more consumers aware of their products.  He also wants to start his own clothing line of neckties and Blazers as he grows older and wants to go to college and buy his own Range Rover. Well, good luck with that!

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What is Mo's Bows?

Mo’s Bows is a handmade bowties for special occasions.

Who founded Mo's Bows?

Established by Moziah Bridges at the age of 9 (crazy, I know) in 2011, Mo’s Bows is dedicated to making you look good to feel good, no matter the occasion.

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