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What Happened to Little Nomad After Shark Tank?


Little Nomad is a decorative foam mat business that was founded in 2016. It creates traditional foam mats for kids to play and exercise, which includes variations in looks and design which add beauty to the surface.

Little Nomad gives a great play experience on its surface. It is easy to clean and able to withstand roughness. It creates an illusion of a beautiful rug and is an elegant addition to the room surface.

Little Nomad at a glance:

BUSINESS IDEACute Stylish Playmats
FOUNDERElizabeth Granados
ASKED FOR$80,000 For 15%


Who is the owner of Little Nomad?

Elizabeth Granados is the founder of Little Nomad. She shared a story that explains the evolution of Little Nomad in the business world. She said that the idea of Nomad came to her mind long before she was pregnant with her first child. One of her friends invited her over to take a look at her new house. The family room was very tastefully designed but it was also covered in unclean foam rugs.

Elizabeth had ideas about renovating the room but she couldn’t say anything because she wasn’t a mother yet. She didn’t share her opinion then but decided that she’ll not follow the same for her child and invented Little Nomad.

As she is an entrepreneur, she gets many ideas which she put in her innovation and values to Little Nomad. She also holds a bachelor’s degree of science in marketing. She had also worked as a new business development manager for a Kiosk Company.

How was the Little Nomad Shark Tank pitch?

In season 8 episode 15, Elizabeth came with her Little Nomad and expectations of making it available in all the homes. She needed a specific amount of investment along with shark expertise of $800,000 for 15% shares in her business. She explained about her product, its benefits, and its uses. Firstly, Daymond John went out as he didn’t feel that customers would be ready to pay such a hefty fee.

Mark also went out because of the same. Kevin O’Leary found the product too expensive as per the market and demand and moved out.

Robert felt that she was at her too early stage and went out wishing her the best of luck. Lori Greiner was only left in the end. She really loved the product and Elizabeth’s idea but wasn’t ready to invest her money in Little Nomad. Unfortunately,  Elizabeth went out with no deal or investment in her hands.

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What happened to Little Nomad after Shark Tank?

Little Nomad didn’t receive any investment from the sharks but gained some popularity after the show. Elizabeth didn’t stop herself, she sold all her inventory to fulfill her requirements.

Still, many consumers, especially moms from all the corners of the world, are purchasing and adoring the comfortable and design of it. It is going well on Amazon. In 2019, she founded and launched NamaMat for the kitchen. She also changed the brand name to ‘The House of NOA’ in October 2019.

In 2020, she added a few new products to her business which include a portable high chair mat, an exercise mat, and table/ placemats. In 2021, she launched washable rugs, and still, it is going on and on in the market. In 2021, they also introduced washable rugs and have been doing good with revenue between $4 million to $5 million.

What’s the net worth of Little Nomad?

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Little Nomad was valued at around $250,000. Elizabeth had added a few new products and variations as per the customer requirements in the market, which is receiving quite a positive response and adding value and revenue to Elizabeth’s pocket. She had also made it available on a few of the retailer shops, which helps to allocate money for Little Nomad.

Competitors of Little Nomad:

Little Nomad is quite amazing and adorable but it is not unique in the market, which makes its path difficult to survive in the market. Few of its competitors are:-

  • Pher’s life aquatic play mat
  • Lolland Playmat
  • Tiny love meadow days super playmat
  • Skip Hop play mat

Interesting facts:

A few interesting facts about Little Nomad are:-

  1. It provides Playmat for children
  2. In 2019, it changed its name to ‘ The House of NOA’.
  3. It is easily washable
  4. It provides a luxurious look to your house.
  5. It sells varieties of products along with kid play mats like – exercise mats, hair mats, and others.

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What is Little Nomad?

Little Nomad is a decorative foam mat business that was founded in 2016.

Who founded Little Nomad?

Elizabeth Granados is the founder of Little Nomad. She shared a story that explains the evolution of Little Nomad in the business world.

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