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What Happened to Gobie H2O After Shark Tank?


Did we even know that in an hour, in the US itself, we throw away around 2.5 million bottles?  

Furthermore, almost 15 billion gallons of bottled water were consumed in 2020. This needs to change to reduce the plastic waste in our environment. There are ways to prevent the wastage of plastic bottles like by reuse of the bottles which are safe and of longer shelf life instead of a single-use bottle. Precisely, this was the concept that Kevin brought to life.

Gobie H2O at a glance:

BUSINESS IDEAReusable filter enable water bottles
FOUNDERRusty Allen
ASKED FOR$300,000 For 10%
ACCEPTED OFFER$300,000 For 40%
SHARKDaymond John


Who is Gobie H2O owner?

Rusty Allen being an Industrial Designer, was not happy with single-use bottles as it causes environmental impact and lack of reuse. This frustration brought Rusty to think and design a unique filter on the Gobie H2O bottle.

The dual filter is made up of the Hard and Softshell of coconut which allows the user to get filtered water, which is clean and removes impurities up to 99.9%. The product GobieH2O has a great design appeal to its consumers.

How was the Gobie H2O Shark Tank Pitch?

Rusty made a pitch of $300,000 at 10%. Being a designer, he could explain the filter’s unique features of both Hard and Softshell. He demonstrates even taking muddy water and post-filtering it’s clean and even drinks it, which impresses the sharks.

Kevin comes up with a good question about how this filter bottle can get an edge over the crowded market which has stiff competition. Rusty explains the filter design which is more robust than others.

Robert explains his children are already using filter-based bottles. Mark asks if the design is own or available in the market. Rusty clarifies the design is freely available. This brings down the cost to $10 with a good margin as they can sell at $30.

Daymond and Robert enquire on sales until now, Rusty was quick to confirm sales of $285,000 over the last year and a half. He has been in negotiations with other online retailers but could not get confirmed orders. Lorie is convinced of the Hard- and Soft-Shell filter as a unique proposition.  But the potential market was not large, so she opted out.

Robert, Kevin, and Mark are also out as Rusty could not respond clearly to future market projections and additional alternatives to look only at bottle design as a business proposition and not mix with the water bottle industry which is crowded.

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Daymond is impressed with bottle design makes an offer of $300,000 at 40%, which was 30% more stake than Rusty had approached for. Rusty enquires if other sharks would like to pitch it but no takers. Rusty negotiates it to 20%, Daymond stands firm on the offer at 40%.

Rusty hesitates but then finally accepts Daymond’s offer at 40% for $300,000 and walks out with a deal.

What happened to Gobie H2O after the shark tank?

Rusty had a deal and was able to get large retailers like Amazon. But did not prosper long as it did run out of water eventually. As of today, in Amazon, the products GobieH2O are listed but currently unavailable. The main website GobieH20 exists but is misleading as it displays beauty products.

Prior to the Shark Tank episode, GobieH20 did make a revenue of $285,000 in 17 months. Rusty Allen had a robust design and with its cost per bottle at $10 and selling price of $30 he had a great 66% margin per unit. However, his marketing could not sustain, and business could not succeed even after a shark tank deal.

Rusty, took a lot of care and quality checks while working on bottle prototype evaluation validated for more than 40 materials and ended up with Versaflex material.

Tie up with PolyOne Corporation was a great collaboration to produce high-quality FDA compliant, specialty TPE formulation and OnColor colorants for the reusable filter water bottles with 22 Ounce capacity. Unfortunately, GobieH2O is out of business now in spite of having a great-designed bottle.

What’s the net worth of Gobie H2O?

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Gobie H2O was valued at around $750,000. But sadly they are out of business now.


Other competitors in the fray are related to similar concepts.

  • OKO H20 Brand is the closest competitor. Comes in pair – of 2 Bottles at a price of just $10.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The Flex Flo concept has been utilized.
  2. Comfort fit finger loop design has been embedded in the bottle.
  3. Ergonomically designed Mouthpiece and non-slip basement.
  4. Filters Tap water with 2 filters of Hard and Softshell.
  5. BPA Free and Toxic free.

Is Gobie H2O still in business?

GobieH2O is no longer available in the market and out of business. Rusty has moved into a different business line providing supplements for dogs, being a new business owner of Happi Canine.

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What is Gobie H2O?

GobieH20 bottle has a dual filter that is made up of the Hard and Softshell of coconut which allows the user to get filtered water, which is clean and removes impurities up to 99.9%

Is Gobie H2O still in business?

Unfortunately, GobieH2O is out of business now in spite of having a great-designed bottle.

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