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Indian Startups In Y Combinator in 2019 and 2020


YCombinator in short known as YC is one of the most desirable places for early-stage startup founders, till now YC has shaped more than 18 unicorns startups.

Since 2014 about 40 Indian startups make their place in YC and surprisingly about 14 startups got selected in 2019 batch and 24 in Winter 2020 batch.

What is YCombinator (YC)?

  YC is a startup accelerator that selects a batch of startups twice in a year and provides them with a funding amount of about 150,000 $ at the equity of about 7%.

YC winter batch starts in January and ends in March while the summer batch starts in June and continue till August.

Top Indian Startups that made to YCombinator (YC) | Bizzbucket

After getting selected in YC startups get reshaped into proper businesses with proper business plans and after three month period, each selected startup has to pitch on demo day for investment opportunities.   YC is founded by Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Trevor Blackwell, and Robert Tappan Morris in 2005. Currently, YC startups have raised more than 25$ billion and its portfolio includes startups like Airbnb, Stripe, Quora, Dropbox, Gitlab, Doorbash, etc.              

Top Indian Startups that made to YCombinator (YC) | Bizzbucket

Which are the Indian YCombinator incubated startups?

Till 2014 about 40 Indian startups made their place in the YC accelerator of Silicon Valley which includes startups like ClearTax, RazorPay, Meesho, Drivezy, and Groww.     Now let’s take a look at 2019 YC startups list which includes:

Y Combinator shortlisted 24 Indian startups to be a part of its three-month-long accelerator programme, almost doubling the number from 14 Indian startups in the summer batch of 2019.

However, this year, things have been a little different for the Y Combinator demo day due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since it has been advised to avoid public gathering, the accelerator programme decided to call off the event which was supposed to be held both for the live-studio audience and virtually on March 23 and 24. Y Combinator decided to hold the event virtually on March 23, but later decided to bring it ahead to March 16.

Y Combinator hosts its demo day for the shortlisted startups to showcase their products in front of a live audience and pitch it to investors.

Indian Startups In Y Combinator Winter Batch 2020

Able Jobs

Able Jobs is an online skill development and training platform that helps entry-level job-seekers to land non-technology roles at companies such as Amazon, Accenture, and Axis Bank. Able jobs were started in 2019 by Ravish Agrawal, Svatantra Kumar, Siddharth Srivastav.

Able Jobs helps to get high quality candidates as per companies job requirements within 5 days.

Breathe Well-Being

Breathe Well-Being is a digital weight loss program that helps Indian patients manage or prevent chronic conditions such as diabetes. Breathe Well-Being was started in 2015 by Aditya Kaicker, Rohan Verma.


Chutney is a B2B fresh produce supply chain startup that sells vegetables and fruits through local neighborhood stores. Chutney was started in 2019 by Jhansi Elango, Vivek Nautiyal


DeepSource is an enterprise tech startup that provides an automated tool to review codes. The tool also helps developers automatically find and fix issues in codes. DeepSource was started in 2018 by Jai Pradeesh, Sanket Saurav.


Easyplan is a fintech startup that helps Indians with middle-class incomes invest through money market accounts. Easyplan was started in 2017 by Sanjay Gandhi, Manisha Pandita.


EduRev is an ed-tech startup that focusses on online preparations for various entrance exams for admissions to schools and universities or to get into government jobs. EduRev was started in 2017 by Hardik Dhamija, Kunaal Satija.

Farm Theory

Farm Theory is an agritech platform that sources “ugly” and “imperfect” farm produce from farmers — which are otherwise healthy to eat but are not sold in the market due to imperfections — and sells it to restaurants. Farm Theory was started in 2019 by Arpit Agarwal, Sakshi Agarwal.

GIGI Benefits

GIGI Benefits is a fintech startup that provides insurance, investment, and savings accounts for the gig economy workers in India. GIGI Benefits was started in 2019 by Sowmya Rao, Nandini Vishwanath


goDutch is a digital payments platform that issues cards to help people automatically split group payments. goDutch was started in 2019 by Riyaz Khan, Sagar Sheth, Aniruddh Singh


HelpNow is a health-tech startup that provides ambulance services that ensures an ETA of 10 minutes. HelpNow was started in 2019 by Shikhar Agarwal, Venkatesh Amrutwar, Aditya Makkar.

HelpNow provide quickest and safest Ambulance service currently operating in mumbai.


Kosh is a lending startup that turns blue-collar workers into lenders for their community. Kosh was started in 2019 by  Sahil Bansal, Aayush Goel.

Loop Health

Loop Health is a fintech startup that provides primary care and health insurance for employees in India. LoopHealth was started in 2018 by Mayank Kale, Ryan Singh.


Morphle is a health-tech startup that makes artificial intelligence-powered microscopes for hospitals and labs. Morphle was started in 2017 by Rohit Hiwale, Anchit Navelkar.


NearPe is an offline payment platform that allows users to pay for digital services in their nearest neighborhood store. NearPe was started in 2019 by Himanshu Garg, Abhishek Bhayana

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PillarPlus is an enterprise tech startup that builds software that automatically creates construction blueprints for architects and contractors by designing the building’s mechanical, fire, electrical, plumbing services. PillarPlus was started in 2019 by Naman Kasliwal, Rushil Mathur.


Spenny is a fintech startup that automatically invests in diversified portfolios for users whenever they make a digital transaction. Spenny was started in 2019 by Gaurav Arora, Rathin Shah.


StayQrious is an ed-tech startup that focuses on skilling students in computer applications such as coding through online group classes. The company also focuses on collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity through these virtual classrooms. StayQrious was started in 2020 by Shankar Ram A, Avinash Anand, and Aanand Srinivas.

Synapsica Healthcare

Synapsica is a health-tech startup that provides artificial intelligence-enabled diagnostic radiology workflow and reporting. Synapsica was started in 2017 by Cherian Dr, Gandharv Goyal, Meenakshi Singh, Kuldeep Singh Chauhan.


TagMango is a social platform that allows users to book a personalized video from their favorite celebrity. was started in 2019 by Divyanshu Damani, Mohammad Hasan.


Thunderpod is a social fitness platform that allows creators to upload content on its platform. Thunderpod was started in 2019 by Bhavesh Khandelwal, Rahul Khanna.


UrbanKisaan is an agritech startup that builds indoor vertical farms and delivers fresh produce to households in India through a subscription-based model. was started in 2017 by Srinivas Chaganti, Vihari Kanukollu, Sairam Reddy Palicherla.


yBANQ is a fintech startup that simplifies collection and reconciliation for large B2B businesses in India. yBANQ was started in 2019 by Abhishek Ayyagari, Ganesh Mallya, Ahamed Shah Wahidullah.


ZeFi is a neo banking startup that offers a USD denominated savings account with 7% yield (annual net profit) on deposits globally. ZeFi converts the local currency deposits to fiat cryptocurrency DAI, which is pegged to the US dollar and lends it out to low-risk borrowers at a higher interest rate. ZeFi was started in 2018 by Md Halim, Saurav Tomar.

Zeo Auto

Zeo Auto is a subscription-based fleet management and tracking platform for commercial vehicles in India. Zeo Auto was started in 2019 by Kshitij Dixit, Nimit Mehra, Ritesh Singh.

Indian Startups In Y Combinator 2019


Binks is an online platform for ordering tailored clothes for Indian women where they deliver your stitched clothes to your home. Currently, Binks is operating only in Banglore.  


Wingman is a virtual software assistant which act as wingman for sales representatives by providing them accurate information while making conversation with clients. Wingman promises that it reduce the onboarding time for clients by 50%.


Digi-Prex  is an online platform where you upload your medical prescription either online or from WhatsApp and they deliver medicines at your doorstep. Digi-Prex says that they provide medicines 15% cheaper when compared to local medicine shops.


Mela Appis an e-commerce platform that enables users to do shopping in the group via WhatsApp and Facebook.


Khabri is a platform that aggregates audio content in Indian languages on their mobile App and website. Content includes motivational audios, news in audio, and other knowledge-based podcasts.  

Top Indian Startups that made to YCombinator (YC) | Bizzbucket

Nonu Care:

Nonu Care is a Hyderabad based startup which provides hair loss solution via their hair solution kit which includes Biotin vitamins, herbal shampoo, and the USA approved medicines. Check out our detailed article on Nonu care which talks about their history, products, founders, achievements, and much more (here).  


Lokal App is a local new provider in Telgu in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Lokal along with local news also provide job updates, job notifications, quizzes, question-answers, and many more updates.  

Top Indian Startups that made to YCombinator (YC) | Bizzbucket


GreenTigerallows Indian traders to trade on US stocks (NASDAQ & NYSE) without any commission fees.  


MyPetrolPump is solving the problem of fuel refilling in consumers vehicles they deliver petrol/ Diesel in the desired quantity at the doorstep. Currently, it is operational in Bangalore and they claim to have more than 3000 business customer.


Vahanis an online platform powered with AI which enables jobs seeker and job providers to interact via chat. Vahn is currently partnered with dunzo which helped them to meet their growth targets and reduce their costs.


MyScootis a platform to discover and meet new people in the house parties. On MyScoot you can host a house party or join some other party, they verify each profile with their five-tier verification system to avoid frauds.


Skill-lync is solving the problem of core engineering jobs for freshers by providing them an e-learning portal which offers mechanical engineering courses in high quality and also promises 100% job guarantee.  


Trexo Robotics is a wearable robotics company which provides wearable to children with disabilities that makes them walk. They provide Giat training(a type of physical therapy) with their wearables which allows children to exercise while trying to walk.  


Mudrex is transforming manual trading in crypto towards automation in which trader doesn’t have to code even a single line, they can simply make their strategy using drag and drop elements.  

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