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NONU CARE | The Revolutionary Hair Products Startup


Well, if you are a man and if you happen to live in India, then I am pretty sure you are familiar with the fact that topics such as male baldness and sexual wellness are prohibited from a discussion on the Indian continent to add to that is the well-known Indian saying “Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota”, but to counter this blatant stereotyping a new startup called “Nonu Care” has started to spread its wings.



Nonu care is a revolutionary startup that deals with male pattern baldness problem and provides products which address the problem hair loss at the root itself.

After starting Nonu Care in July 2019, Anudeep and Sekhar went forward with encouraging men to come forward and discuss their personal issues, as a result, thousands of men came forward and gave a fair try to Nonu Care, the positive results experienced by the consumers further enhanced Nonu Care’s brand image and recently Nonu Care was backed by Y Combinator, the most prestigious startup accelerator in the world.

The mission of Nonu Care as stated by its founders is to bring the men’s wellness to the forefront and acknowledge “Mar Ko Bhi Dard Hota Hai”.

Nonu Care aims at shattering the stereotypes and ignorance around men’s sensitive personal issues such as hair loss and sexual wellness and address these issues through a combination of scientific and ayurvedic treatments.


Nonu Care was started by Anudeep Reddy Sura in July 2019, an engineer by profession and an alumnus of the prestigious University Of Pennsylvania.

Anudeep initially worked as a software developer at Amazon but went on to fulfill his dream of having a startup that focuses on all kinds of male problems such as baldness and sexual wellness, he firmly believed in bringing the issues faced by males to the forefront of discussion and was soon joined by Sekhar Reddy Sura who is a mechanical engineer by profession and currently the COO at Nonu Care, he is the head of logistics and operations at Nonu Care.

History & Mission

Nonu Care was started by a group of simple & happy-going engineers in July 2019. After having faced male pattern baldness and the painful repercussions that accompany it such as visible loss of hair, blank patches on the scalp and societal perception.

As in most cases the engineers too turned towards ayurvedic creams, oils, therapies, and laser caps but when none of it worked the group finally decided to try science, the group decided to make products that would address pattern baldness at the root itself, before the problem would turn worse, with the help of doctors and after receiving certain certifications such as ISO, GMP, and other quality assurance certifications, the startup was finally launched in July 2019 and has till now had several customers who have tried the group’s products.

Nonu Care Work Model

Nonu Care startup offers 4 variants of hair growth to improve hair density by up to 20%, and enables hair to grow thicker and stronger, to achieve this Nonu Care offers 4 variants of hair care products which are as follows-

  1. Minoxidil, 5% solution(Rx)
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Minoxidil is a prescription medicine widely used to prevent hair loss, it relaxes the blood vessels and provides more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

  • Finasteride, 1MG (Rx)

Finasteride suppresses the production of DHT, a hormone primarily responsible for male pattern baldness at the source itself, thereby reducing hair loss.

  • Biotin Gummies

Gummies are primarily made of Biotin and other multivitamins(A, C, E) that are essential for thick and strong hair growth.

  • The Shampoo

It is made up of natural and organic ingredients and is enriched with caffeine that is widely known to attack DHT directly, it also stimulates hair follicles thereby improving hair growth.

These products are backed by certified doctors and Nonu Care offers a monthly supply of 4 products at a price of Rs 1500 to its users.

To find out more about Nonu Care products visit:

Nonu Care: Peppy Love

Peppy Love is one of the products of Nonu care for mens all bedroom concerns. Its an ayurvedic supplement which helps in strength, stamina and provides amazing intimacy for couples.

Peppy Love is men’s Libido & Testosterone Booster supplements (capsules) which contain Shudh Shilajit 500mg, Ashwagandha 200mg, Tongkat Ali 200mg, and Horny Goat Weed 100mg.

It helps to improve Sex Drive, Stamina & Performance, also increases testosterone levels, and sperm count by 62%.

We strongly recommend Nonu care products for you. Well, be sure to purchase from this link.


Nonu Care was started in July 2019 and since then have been used by thousands of men and have garnered substantial positive reviews from its consumers, according to Anudeep and Sekhar this is their biggest achievement as people have finally started believing in addressing the problem of male pattern baldness.

To add to this, Nonu Care has been one of the startups to be inducted by the Americal seed accelerator, Y combinator in its 2019 summer batch of startups, and has invested a substantial amount in this startup.

Future Outlook

Nonu Care startup founder Anudeep aims to extend the services offered by Nonu Care towards men’s sexual wellness as well. Anudeep and Sekhar aim to make Nonu Care a single point destination to address all the sensitive personal issues of men, they also aim to increase their reach in the near future to the rural areas of India.

Do Share Your Thoughts

Have you as a male ever suffered from baldness? Have you heard or used the products from Nonu Care? What was your experience like? Do tell us all your thoughts in the comments section below, we look forward to reading all the comments in the section below.

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What is Nonu Care?

Nonu care is a revolutionary startup that deals with male pattern baldness problem and provides products which address the problem hair loss at the root itself.

Who founded Nonu Care?

Nonu Care was started by Anudeep Reddy Sura in July 2019, an engineer by profession and an alumnus of the prestigious University Of Pennsylvania.

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