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Minus Cal: What Happened After Shark Tank?


Minus Cal is a protein bar that helps in blocking fat and losing weight. The bars contain a blend of fermented tea extract which stops the small intestine from absorbing fat. Choleve extract is really beneficial but it is available in very small amounts in all teas.

To get its benefits, it is required to consume Choleve extract in larger amounts. These bars contain Choleve extract which will help people lose weight- not directly but by stopping the fat absorption process in the body. These bars were available in 3 flavors- Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Apple Cinnamon.

Minus Cal at a glance:

  • A protein bar that helps in blocking fat and losing weight.
  • Founder: Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael
  • Asked For $500,000 for 20% at a $2.5 million valuation on Shark Tank.
  • Currently out of business.


Who are the Founders of Minus Cal?

Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael founded Minus Cal. According to Barrett Jacques’s LinkedIn profile, he has worked as a recording artist for Sony Music Entertainment. While pitching the products in Shark Tank they said that Choleve is a scientifically proven remedy for lowering Cholesterol. While Comparing Choleve with Orlistat, they said Orlistat reduces fat by 25% but has some severe side effects. Whereas Choleve reduces the fay by 12% and has zero side effects.

How was Minus Cal Shark Tank’s pitch?

Minus Cal appeared in episode 1 of season 11 of Shark Tank. They were seeking a $500,000 investment for 20% equity. At the beginning of the pitch, they put up a musical performance, and then they started pitching. They used research papers and JAMA Internal Medicine study papers as proof.

minus cal shark tank update

They received a lot of negative comments from the sharks. Mark Cuban argued with the founders saying they are contradicting their own statements. All the sharks agreed with him. Mark Cuban even suggested people not buy the product. The shakes also thought $500,000 is a very big amount for a startup that does not have revenue. This is why they had to leave Shark Tank without a deal.

What Happened to Minus Cal After Shark Tank?

After Mark Cuban’s harsh comments, Minus Cal was left without a deal. The company failed to generate sales and its appearance on Shark Tank also affected its sales and popularity. This is why the company soon went out of business.

 Minus Cal shark tank update
Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael

Minus Cal Net Worth:

They asked for $500,000 for 20% at a $2.5 million valuation on Shark Tank, but couldn’t grab a deal with any of the Sharks. They have estimated lifetime sales of $28,000 and currently out of business.

How Minus Cal makes money?

The Minus Cal protein bars were available for sale. They sold a box of eight bars for $29.95, which is a lot more expensive than other protein bars. The company had started selling the products just before appearing on Shark Tank. so they did not make a lot of sales and profit. The company soon went out of business.

Investors of Minus Cal:

The founders appeared in Shark Tank seeking a $500,000 investment for 20% equity. But they failed to bag the deal and had to leave the show without any investors.

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Competitors of Minus Cal:

There are multiple protein bars available in the market which are healthy, inexpensive, and low-fat.


Builtbar is a healthy and low-fat protein bar. The bar is high in protein and has fewer carbs, fats, and calories. There are no additives and preservatives in the protein bar and it is completely gluten-free. They are available in many flavors. Builtbar’s revenue is $10 million.

Premier Protein

Premier Protein provides healthy and tasty snacks. They produce protein shakes, protein bars, and other healthy snacks and drinks. Their revenue is about $10 million.

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen was founded in 2015 and provides healthy condiments, sauces, and snacks like protein bars.

Is Minus Cal Dead?

Minus Cal protein bars are no longer available for sale. The company went out of business. Their website and social media handles are not active or updated since 2019.

Vice President of Minus Cal, Barrett Jacques is now working as a Business Developer for MetaPhy Health.

Interesting facts about Minus Cal:

  • While pitching the product on Shark Tank, the founders seemed to be contradicting their own statements. They said the product will ‘help lose weight, help lose calories and cholesterol while they had clearly mentioned that the protein bars are for losing weight.
  • Mark Cuban actually suggested viewers not buy the product.
  • The founders used theories and research papers as proof that the product will help lose weight but they had not conducted any research to check if the product actually works or not.

What is Choleve? Does it really block fat as you eat it?

Choleve is a dietary supplement that claims to help reduce the absorption of dietary fats and cholesterol in the body. It contains chitosan, a type of fiber derived from the shells of crustaceans, which is said to bind to dietary fats and prevent their absorption.

However, it is important to note that the scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of chitosan for weight loss and cholesterol reduction is mixed and inconclusive. Some studies have suggested that chitosan may have a small effect on reducing body weight and cholesterol levels, while others have found no significant benefits.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that taking supplements like Choleve should not be considered a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet, staying physically active, and managing stress are all key components of a healthy lifestyle that can help support weight management and cardiovascular health.

As with any supplement, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before taking Choleve or any other dietary supplement, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.

Does Choleve reduce fat?

Choleve, derived from black tea extract, doesn’t impact dietary fat. Choleve is a dietary supplement with chitosan, claiming to reduce fat and cholesterol absorption. Scientific evidence on its effectiveness is inconclusive, with some studies suggesting modest benefits while others find none.

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What is Minus Cal?

Minus Cal is a protein bar that helps in blocking fat and losing weight. The bars contain a blend of fermented tea extract which stops the small intestine from absorbing fat.

Who are the founders of Minus Cal?

Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael founded Minus Cal.

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