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Ice Chips: Shark Tank Update


Were you crazy for candy when you were young? What if there’s a candy in the market that will satisfy your cravings and dentists allow you to sink your teeth into some. It is made from an ingredient called xylitol and hand-made by grannies Beverly Vines Haines and Charlotte Clay. Ice chips are certified organic which is an added bonus.

They have many flavors to choose from and their customers are happy with the product and craving more.

Ice chips at a glance:

IdeaNaturally Sweetened, Xylitol, Sugar-Free Candy
FoundersBeverly Vines -Haines and Charlotte Clay
Asked for$250,000 for 15%
Accepted deal$250,000 for 40%
SharksBarbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 4 Episode 9
Website  Ice chips
Buy on AmazonBuy Now!
Ice chips at a glance


Founder Story:

The two founders met each other in the year 1986 when they came across the entrepreneurial spirit that was needed to start a business of their own. The first successful venture for these two grannies was that of a line of products to cure skin infections.

In 2009 they revised their thinking and came up with the sugar-free xylitol candy which meant the product was safe for diabetics. Once the product was created despite less knowledge in the art of candy making, the product became a huge hit among its customers. Customers came up in millions to buy the product due to its taste and looks.

Did Ice chips get a deal on the shark tank?

The natural organic sweet treat entered the shark tank with an expectation of investment from the sharks of $250,000 for 15%. They had got samples of all 17 flavors for the sharks and the sharks loved the product. Bev and charlotte were very excited that their product was going to be shipped worldwide in this phase of their lives.

They were till now popular in health food stores and the doctors and dentists say the product is good for dental health and diabetes patients which allows their sales to double. They sold products worth $325K through wholesale and online and hope to hit $1million towards the end of the year.

Barbara loves the product and offers $125,000 for 33% promising Bev and Charlotte that the product will reach 3000 big-box retailers at the end of the deal. Kevin would like to partner up with Barbara, but she would not like to work with him.

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Instead, Barbara wants to partner up with Mark Cuban and their offer is $250,000 for 40% of the company. Next Daymond wants a bite into the business he offers $250,000 for 35% and tells the founders that he will help them manufacture the candy. Kevin wants to partner with Daymond but he refuses and lowers the price to 25%. Robert by this time goes out. Beverly and charlotte decide on the various offers and accept the offer made by Barbara and Mark Cuban. They walk out with a deal from Mark and Barbara at $250,000 for 40%.

What happened to Ice chips after the shark tank?

The deal with Barbara and Mark never closed. But soon after the air of the episode on shark tank, the company saw a huge sale. The two grannies sold over $300,000 worth of products to their customers. From this, they could buy their very own candy-making machine that was customized and increased production for the company Ice chips. Today they are still in business with annual revenue of $ 5 million.

  • The product Ice chips candy is made from Xylitol is a glycemic Index sweetener
  • The website showcases gift cards for its customers.
  • The product retails for $17.75 to $125.62.
  • It is available in packs of 3, 6, 12, and 24.
  • The product is sold in a resealable refill that is 5.28 oz in weight and retails for $13.59.
  • The product is available in individual and variety packs.        

Competitors of Ice chips:

  • U Coffee
  • Bocca
  • Zweifel
  • Hawaiian Paradise coffee.

What is the net worth of Ice chips?

Their net worth on the show was $625,000 now their net worth has reached $6.25 million after accepting a deal from Barbara and Mark.

Is Ice chips still in business?

Yes, Ice chips is still in the business enjoying their sweet success and popularity as a sweet treat among its clients. They have introduced a lot of products in the years and plan to do so even further. They now have the equipment and knowledge to develop the products on offer.

These products are available online and in wholesale. This safe-to-eat candy becomes even safer every step of the way. This product has got a makeover in packaging.   

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What is Ice Chips?

Ice Chips are naturally Sweetened, Xylitol, and Sugar-Free Candy.

Who founded Ice Chips?

Beverly Vines -Haines and Charlotte Clay met each other in the year 1986 when they came across the entrepreneurial spirit that was needed to start a business of their own. The first successful venture for these two grannies was that of a line of products to cure skin infections.

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