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Indian startups that made to Google Launchpad Accelerator


What is Google Launchpad Accelerator?

For a while, think of any moment in your life when you were just as close as a 99 to a 100 from your aim, but due to some of the reasons, you failed!

What if, at that particular moment someone really experienced and accomplished would have come to you and indeed helped you reach your 100? Surreal, right? But yes, your success is true and absolutely real.

Now, what if I tell all you emerging entrepreneurs that in order to bring this given scenario to your life and your ambitions, the search giant of the market, Google, has come up with a dreamlike project named, The Google Launchpad Accelerator, just to bring your business ideas very very close to the heights you dreamt of. The launchpad accelerator is here to help all those blooming entrepreneurs and their respective highly potential business ideas, together with the help of Google, bring an extraordinary and dazzling change in the world.

People at google launchpad consist of a bunch of highly experienced mentors and Silicon Valley experts, who are just there to help you understand your business better and teach you how to get your product game strong. The launchpad accelerators are made available specifically according to your local markets in your very own country. This helps the mentors and leaders understand the needs and wants of your area more accurately and precisely. They help you build great products and cater to your society the fullest. As part of all regional launchpad accelerators, selected startups receive immense initiatives and opportunities including exclusive events, training, mentorship, and support. The startups also get to avail certain privileges of connecting themselves to Google. They get to avail equity-free support, financial advice, PR training, and global media opportunities and immense access to google engineers and its working teams. Added, startups can also make close partnerships with google for up to three months, to give their businesses a great boost and support.

Application Process

As mentioned earlier, launchpad accelerators are made available in various countries like Africa, Brazil, India, Japan, Israel, Mexico, approximately 40 countries around the world.

The application process for the entrepreneurs remains simple and uniform, formalities may differ but overall the process is quite similar all over the world. You just need to visit the website given below and apply as per the country your startup belongs to and answer a few questions.

Link for application.

Once you get shortlisted or selected you will get a chance to become a part of this Google Launchpad 3-month program and this will get you to start working on your dream project. Your startup will receive mentorship and support from the best of google.

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Launchpad Accelerator India, based in Bengaluru, is focused on supporting and helping those startups, based on AI/ML, which are indeed focusing on the major socio-economic problems India’s facing right now.

Top Indian startups that made to Google Launchpad Accelerator

Google launchpad accelerator India program is curated to accelerate young Indian startups that are using scalable technologies like AI and ML while addressing the urgent and important socio-economic problems of India. So, listed below are the top ten Indian startups shortlisted for this three-month training under the Google Launchpad Accelerator program’s third edition-


A startup helping over 450 million stakeholders such as farmers, food processing companies, etc. to standardize, digitize and enable discovery of agriculture produce. All of this is done using artificial intelligence (AI).


This startup powers insurance finance and healthcare businesses with intelligent systems, processes and solutions using AI and ML and data analytics.


This startup offers a hyper-local platform providing real-time and accurate air quality data and intelligence both at street level granularity and at a global scale. Clearly, a need of the hour.CureSkin- This startup uses image recognition techniques to identify various simple as well as complex skin problems. Clearly, an artificial intelligence expert.

Intello Labs:

It is an AI-based post-harvest commodity quality assessment mobile app.


This is the world’s first assistive UI platform for businesses. Guiding users at each and every step and thus solving many of the problems faced by businesses in their day to day working.


This particular startup helps detect traffic violations and hence helps improving road safety through artificial intelligence and on crowdsourced video data.


An app-based credit line for the financial industry granting its approved users a limit of up to Rs. 1 lakh.


This startup involves a device that can neutralize pollution from the ambient atmosphere.


This is a product that efficiently and effectively reads and decodes real-time electricity consumption in a household using smart meter data.

As part of the program, these shortlisted startups will first undergo an intensive one-week mentorship boot camp. During this mentorship, the experts and leaders will try and understand various problems and loopholes of your current business plans regarding various domains and aspects and indeed help you get rid of those problems too. At the end of this one-week boot camp, your startup will end up having clear and specific goals for your next approaching three months of the program.

The next list of the shortlisted startups by google launchpad accelerator program could include your businesses’ name too! All you need to do is just focus and bring your potential idea to their notice. Once your startup gets there, there will surely be no looking back and you will be one of the most successful business leaders too.

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