Hoppy Paws Shark Tank Update

This is the season of Christmas. Here comes the surprise for this festive season.

It appears an elf with his trusted stead the reindeer has arrived to grace the occasion. They might not appear anywhere in the house, but they left their footprints!!

The company Hoppy Paws is behind this mystery and wants to invite you to try out their other products. Kids love the idea of footprints and are curious about nature.

The founder behind the idea is Trina Barkorous. She founded this company 20 years ago making it a legacy enterprise. 

Hoppy paws at a glance:

Business ideaSelling footprint stamps of Easter Bunny, Santa’s reindeer, elves, etc.
FounderTrina Barkorous
Asked for$50,000 for 10%
Accepted deal$100,000 for 49%
SharksBarbara Corcoran
Business statusOut of business
EpisodeSeason 6 Episode 12
Hoppy paws at a glance.


What is  Hoppy Paws?

Hoppy Paws are a company that aims to make the festive season a lot more lit and joyful for you and your family. It helps your children get that festive vibe going while you keep doing your work without your children’s intervention.

Hoppy Paws is all you need to create realistic, fun to add, and aesthetically pleasing “Paw Prints” for any and every festival that you celebrate.

It adds vigor and charm to your decor within a very affordable price range, not to mention how much of a child’s play it is to make one of these!

Founder Story:

The mastermind Trina Barkorous was busy at work when she created the pawprints of the world-famous easter bunny for her kids.

The kids followed the footprints to their baskets of goodies and soon after the neighbors came asking for the whereabouts of such materials to surprise their kids too.

Loving the idea of the product she developed some more and started her own business. Now all Trina dreams about is to distribute the product in retail stores in and around the country.

The company started off as a surprise for her kids and today she hopes to surprise even more kids around the nation and maybe the world.

Did Hoppy Paws get a deal on Shark Tank?

The deal with hoppy paws was a deal with a beast as the founder entered the shark tank seeking an investment of $50,000 for 10%. She starts off by explaining her rough childhood to the sharks and the origins of the idea for the business.

She later hands out samples and explains the product. She also tells the sharks that she has the product ready to go in terms of packaging. She has invested $105,000 so far in this business.

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Marks hopes that many people in her sales division should have an attitude like hers. Robert like her story but is unsure whether the product will sell.

Kevin is intrigued by her getting up and wants her in his profile the offer he makes is he is ready to invest the 50,000 and wants to know if another shark wants to come on board.

Barbara is offering $100,000 for 50% and Trina wants to know whether she can give 49% or 51 %. She agrees and the deal is accepted with Barbara at $100,000 for 49%.

What happened to Hoppy Paws after Shark Tank?

The company has surprised everyone with its sales after airing on Shark Tank. The company has made a revenue of $1 million till today and has introduced new products to the company for sale.

The sales occurred in 2016 in Target stores around the country. The deal with Barbara closed after the episode on Shark Tank but they faced some problems in the business leading to its closing.

Product Details:

  • Hoppy Paws is a brand that sells kits that help to make various realistic paw prints.
  • The kit includes a stamp to make a hoof print, a mixing tray, and another stamp to make a fluffy white poodle.
  • The powder used for making the hoof print is completely biodegradable and safe from children’s health hazards.
  • The prints once made are also easy and hassle-free to clean up.
  • Hoppy Paws make various paw print kits such as Santa’s Elves, the Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, The leprechauns, and many more.
  • The product works well both indoors and outdoors but on a solid surface.

What is the net worth of Hoppy Paws?

Trina came with a valuation of around $500k on Shark Tank and closed a deal with Barbara on a valuation of $204k after the episode.

The current net worth of the company cannot be estimated because the company has completely shut its business down due to unexplainable and unforeseen circumstances and challenges.

Who are the competitors of  Hoppy Paws?

There is not much information about the competitors of Hoppy Paws, but it will surely face a lot of competition due to the festival market being overcrowded and the target audience is almost the same every year.

Is Hoppy Paws still in business?

The business is not functioning it closed due to some problems faced by the investor Barbara who dreamed to build it as a home brand.

The business was not able to be successful but could start the sales cycle for the company. Today the company has done $1 million of sales in it’ s lifetime. Hope if we could see another product like this in the future.

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What is Hoppy Paws?

Hoppy paws are stamping kits that allow parents to create reindeer and bunny footprints in their homes for kids to find on the holidays.

Who founded Hoppy Paws?

The mastermind Trina Barkorous was busy at work when she created the pawprints of the world-famous easter bunny for her kids. The kids followed the footprints to their baskets of goodies and soon after the neighbors came asking for the whereabouts of such materials to surprise their kids too.

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