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The burger- the staple food of the United States and is bought by all citizens as well as immigrants. This staple has various fusions which have led to the outrageous number of fillings just two buns can hold. Things look a bit different for the future of this delicacy as it gets a DNA cleansing and becomes a plant-based Food. This is the idea behind the enterprise ‘Everything Legendary’ that has given this junk food a healthy twist for all to enjoy.

This company started in 2019 with an aim to make the black community eat healthier. The three friends behind this venture are Jumoke Jackson, Danita Gassen, and Duane cheers. This venture has an aim to save the planet with their dish because they know there is no planet B. They started their business before covid and realized that the method of delivery will not work out, therefore, shifting towards an online medium making it better for customers to reach a burger that is delicious and lifesaving.

Everything legendary at a glance:

Business ideaHigh-quality plant-based burgers
FoundersDuane cheers, Danita Gassen and Jumoke Jackson.  
Asked for$300,000 for 10%
Accepted deal$300,000 for 25%
SharksMark Cuban
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 12 Episode 15
WebsiteEverything Legendary
Everything Legendary at a glance.


Founder Story:

The three friends are from the city of Washington DC and are natives of the place. The aim of the company came into the minds of the three owners when they looked at the long and unhealthy history of their community. They wanted to save people from High blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity all because of an unhealthy diet that was costing their lives.

They started off the business with a commercial kitchen in Washington DC from where they delivered door to door. They soon realized the hardships they faced and turned to e-commerce for help. This helped their business become legendary in sales and the love for the burger soon found its way into the hearts and veins of the customers.

Did Everything legendary get a deal on Shark tank?

The three visionaries entered the shark tank seeking an investment of $300,000 for 10% of their business which took the sharks by surprise. The next thing that awed the sharks was the taste of the burger. This is the best plant-based burger I have ever had said, Kevin. All the sharks despised the frozen foods section of the store as this had a lot of work cut out for them.

Mark was interested in making an offer but made a condition to which they had to agree. He said you should leave the frozen food space and open a cloud kitchen and do door-to-door delivery if you want to grow this business. He was ready to offer them $300,000 for 25% of their business, they agreed and the deal was closed.

What happened to Everything legendary after Shark tank?

After airing this team of three has done some legendary work in the space of food and is known to have changed the direction of sales for the company. They have had grand success and have closed the deal with Mark in the year 2021. Sources say that the company has tied up with a co-packer that produces 400,000 burgers in a day. The deal with mark allowed this food revolutionary product to reach 310 target stores and be placed in hundreds of stores in California, New York Washington Dc, and Chicago areas of the USA. The revenue for this company was targeted at $10 million in 2021.

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In the updated version of the episode, we see them introducing the sharks with their distribution channels and placements in stores as well as supermarkets around the USA, they also throw some light upon their three new co-packers who are handling this business like a storm. They made a remarkable $1.7 million in 7 months after airing on shark tank for the first time after that they had an audacious goal of over $28 million in 2022     

About the product:

This company has made three flavors: Cayenne pepper, Pepper jack, and Cheddar.

  • The burger has only 250 calories.
  • The burger is $16 for four making it expensive yet worthwhile.
  • They have shifted their sales online on their website and have grabbed the opportunity to shape the retail space for the product. It is safe to say that this product has reached almost every store in the US.
  • The filling is made from Potato starch, Hep protein, coconut oil, and beetroot extract.    

COMPETITORS Of Everything legendary:

  • Beyond meat
  • Air protein
  • Aleph farms
  • The better meat co. and 247 others.

What is the net worth of Everything legendary?

The valuation of the company everything legendary has a lot to say for itself as it was $3 million in the shark tank pitch. The company reached a valuation of close to $1.36 million as of today and has expanded to thousands of stores throughout the US making way for their grand success.

Is Everything legendary still in business?

Yes, surely this burger is having its headstrong success. Managing to go far beyond the expected revenue. Today it has spread its delicious wings across the whole of the USA and tries to be the next phenomenal change in the industry. Nothing goes to say they will grow higher and make this a staple worth remembering.    

The future is a never-ending cycle of sales for this venture that believes in introducing the same plant-based concept into wings, sausages, and breakfast patties. They are on the rise to raise the bar of junk food in the US. Hope to see the revolution go on to change the world.

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What is Everything Legendary?

This is the idea behind the enterprise ‘Everything Legendary’ that has given this junk food a healthy twist for all to enjoy. It is basically a plant-based burger patty that consists of Potato starch, Hep protein, coconut oil, and beetroot extract.

Who founded Everything Legendary?

The three friends from Washington DC called Duane cheers, Danita Gassen, and Jumoke Jackson.  are the proud founders of the enterprise Everything Legendary.

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