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College Foxes Packaging Boxes (College Hunks Hauling Junk): What Happened After Shark Tank?


College Foxes Packaging Boxes is a kind of moving service which features aged women from college as movers. This idea was totally based on HUNKS which means honest, uniformed, nice, knowledge, and service and it is a hauling junk and moving business.

College foxes is a junk removal company. College Foxes Packaging Boxes is even promoting from packing boxes to cleaning services, and something that adds value to the packing and hauling sector.

College Foxes Packaging Boxes at a glance:

Business IdeaJunk removal company, and franchise moving business
FoundersNick Friedman and Omar Soliman
Asked For $250,000 for 25% equity
Accepted DealNo Deal
SharksNo Shark
Business status In Business
WebsiteCollege Foxes Packaging Boxes


Who is the founder of College Foxes Packaging boxes?

Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman are the founders of College Foxes Packaging boxes. They got this idea from their college Hunks. Nick and Omar were friends for a long time and were looking for a source to earn extra income. In 2003, they started with a cargo van and created some filers, and began their hauling junk and moving business.

Despite the low economy at that period, they were able to make thousands of dollars through that business. From there, the duo thought what if they started it professionally and started their business and earned $3million in just 3 years. They were also ranked in the top 30 youngster entrepreneurs in Shark Tank.

What happened to College Hunks on Shark Tank?

Nick and Omar came on the Shark Tank in search of an investment of $250,000 for 25% equity in the business. After the demonstration and explanation about College Foxes work and achievement in numbers, Sharks were looking for more out of them, they asked them to give some parts of College Hunks Hauling Junks also.

Nick and Omar said that they had started College Hunks with no investment and hadn’t thought it as a business opportunity, they had just created a similar business to it. Kevin O’Leary gave an offer of $250,000 for 51% of the company. Mr. Wonderful somehow tried to take ownership of the company with a demand of 51% equity in the business. Duo gave a counteroffer of $1million for 10% of the company. Kevin went out.

Daymond  John asked about the business strategy and didn’t get a satisfactory answer to it and went out. Kevin Harrington applauded them but moved out as they were forecasting the future of the business rather than managing it in the present.

Robert gave them an offer of $250,000 for 50% College Foxes and 10% of College HUNKS. These youngsters were having no doubt about their ability and went out without taking any deal out of the two as other sharks were already out of the deal. No deal was made on the show.

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What happened to College Foxes Packaging Boxes after Shark Tank?

Despite receiving an offer from Kevin and Robert, the duo didn’t take the deal. After the show, like other business ideas, it didn’t receive any benefits for College foxes and they kept it on hold and gave their all attention towards College Hunks Hauling Junks.

Nick and Omar’s old business kept growing and had been extremely successful. They had also written a book called ‘ Effortless Entrepreneur ‘and also appeared on Fox Business news. Nick and Omar have taught future business models to avoid blunders when entering the  Shark Tank.  If an entrepreneur runs a successful business and asks the investors to put his money in a fresh idea, they are unlikely to do so because there is a COI on where their attention would be on the invested company or not. 

It is still good in business and its price ranges for junk removal are between $100 to $600. They do franchise business. Also, the initial price of the franchise is between $40,000 to $60,000. The company had over 200 employees in the unit and $100 million revenue and with few franchises earning up to $2million.

In July 2021, College Foxes Packaging Boxes made this press release:

“The purpose-driven, values-based, socially conscious, tech-enabled national moving and junk removal franchise College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® recently accepted minority investments from Susquehanna Private Capital (Susquehanna) along with two former International Franchise Association (IFA) Chairs- David Barr and Shelly Sun.

Advised by Arlington Capital Advisors, Co-Founders and Visionaries Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman remain as head hunks. While terms of the agreement are undisclosed, the new investors will play roles on the board and help guide the future growth of the company. The two founders famously turned down a deal from Robert Herjavec on the very first episode of ABC’s Shark Tank ten years ago. Since then, Soliman and Friedman have led a successful brand that capitalizes on disrupting the local moving and junk hauling industries with a focus on building leaders and stress-free client experiences. College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving now has over 160 franchises in the USA and Canada and is on pace to reach over $200M systemwide sales this year, nearly a 70% increase from 2020.”

Competitors of College Foxes Packaging Boxes?

  • U- Haul
  • Two Men and Truck
  • American Van Lines
  • Got Junk Load Up

How much is College Hunks hauling junks worth?

At the time of the shark tank appearance, College Foxes Packaging Boxes was valued at around $1 million. As of 2021, College Foxes Packaging Boxes have earned over $100-200 million in annual revenue and earned $2million through a few franchises.

Is College Foxes Packaging Boxes is still in business?

College Foxes Packaging Boxes didn’t work well but College Hunks Hauling Junks and moving franchises are still operating.

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What is College Foxes Packaging Boxes?

College Foxes Packaging Boxes is a Junk removal company, and franchise moving business.

Who founded College Foxes Packaging Boxes?

Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman are the founders of College Foxes Packaging boxes. They got this idea from their college Hunks. Nick and Omar were friends for a long time and were looking for a source to earn extra income.

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