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What Happened to Aura Bora After Shark Tank?


Aura Bora is a brand that manufactures some delicious and plant-based sparkling water for those who are in need of something yummy and nutritious.

It contains original herbal, fruit, and floral extracts with no calories, no sugar, and no artificial taste. It comes in five different flavors that are mix-matched, such as Lavender Cucumber, Lemongrass Coconut, Peppermint Watermelon, Basil Berry, and Cactus Rose.

The co-founders came on Shark Tank for the expertise and investment from the sharks to make their company a huge success.

Aura Bora at a glance:

BUSINESS IdeaManufactures delicious and plant-based sparkling water
ENTREPRENEUR(S)Maddie Voge And Paul Voge
ASKED FOR$150,000 For 5%
ACCEPTED OFFER$200,000 For 15%
SHARKRobert Herjavec


Who started Aura Bora?

Aura Bora – Herbal Sparkling Water was founded by Paul and his wife Maddie Voge.

Paul holds a degree in B.A Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles whereas Maddie holds a B.A in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado. Paul came into business soon after his graduation and started two companies within a year and Aura Bora was the first one.

Maddie had also worked for two companies as a copywriter after which she came into Aura Bora. Aura Bora came into existence with a simple observation done by the couple which was a gap in the sparkling water market. They then researched and found that there were not many awesome flavors, tastes and uniqueness in this phase till then to which they decided to try something into that.

It took them months to get the flavors and taste which would pull the customers towards their door and that’s how a simple observation turned out to be a beverages business model.

Did Aura Bora get a deal on Shark Tank?

Even if your product is excellent in design, packaging, and marketing, if its pitch is not up to the mark, it can affect the product growth.

Paul and Meddie came on Shark Tank to show their excellent beverage company with an awesome pitching technique. They came looking for an investment of $150,000 for 5% shares in the business. They served a few samples to the sharks to taste and when they had it, their faces’ reaction changed and were very impressed with it.

Robert was first to go and he encountered an offer of $200,000 for 15% equity which was quite a fair deal as per him. The couple didn’t want to give such an amount of equity easily but accepted the deal in a moment with no encounters. The deal was made on the first offer.

What happened to Aura Bora after Shark Tank?

On the show, the deal was made between Robert and Aura Bora, which gave it a huge success. After the show, it also got 10,000 plus followers and got a verified tick. Working with Robert Herjevic made their business completely successful and gain tremendous growth in it.

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It has achieved an expansion from 500 retail shops to 1200 retail shops contract which includes a few of the top marketers 7-11, Amazon, and many more.

Currently, it has 18,000 plus followers and still growing. Even after the deal made on the show, it’s continued to gather investors for the company. It has accumulated around $2million investment and said in a conference that it will be used for growing its team and supporting brand expansion. It is also focusing on the D2C channel.

 Investors include actor Scott Eastwood, musician Marley Williams, consumer products accelerator SKU and CPG-focused venture capital fund Balanced Breakfast to whom Paul Voge shows his thanking gesture. On Amazon, it has a great review which includes a ‘ Perfect Drink’ comment and many more. It has a bit high cost but still, the consumers feel it is worth it after having it.

Since its launch in 2020, it has raised $3 million from side investors and is valued at more than $20million.

What is Aura Bora worth?

Aura Bora has a valuation of $1.33 million at the time of the shark tank pitch, later they raised $3 million from side investors and is valued at more than $20million.

Aura Bora is growing high and high in terms of sales, which directly generates a huge amount of profits in its pocket. It is available in around 1200 retail shops which include a few famous brands such as 7-11, Amazon, and others.

As it is healthy and nutritious, it doesn’t give a chance to its consumers to go away. As it is free from artificial colors and ingredients, an individual can have it on a regular period. More the consumption, more the sales.

Competitor analysis:

Aura Bora is a beverages company and all over the world there are infinite markets against it but still, it is unique, stable, and makes its path anyway. Few of its fellow competitors are:-

  • Anheuser Busch
  • Nestle
  • The Coca Cola
  • PepsiCo Inc.

Is Aura Bora still in business?

Aura Bora, with the help of Robert Herjavec, is still going strong in the market and has become a popular brand among consumers. It is available on its official website as well as Amazon.

Aura Bora is also available currently in about 26,000 retail stores. It is safe to say that the company will run successfully in the near future.

Is Aura Bora gluten-free?

Few of the interesting facts about it:-

  • It is a beverages company
  •  It is sparkling water
  •  It is founded by Paul but later managed by him and his wife Maddie.
  •  It is sold in over 500 retail shops
  • It comes in 5 flavors- Lemongrass Coconut, Peppermint Watermelon, Lavender Cucumber, Cactus Rose, and Basil Berry.

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What is Aura Bora?

Aura Bora is a brand that manufactures some delicious and plant-based sparkling water for those who are in need of something yummy and nutritious.

Who founded Aura Bora?

Aura Bora – Herbal Sparkling Water was founded by Paul and his wife Maddie Voge.

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