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What Happened to Shell Bobbers After Shark Tank?


Hooked on traditional plastic fishing floats? It’s time to make a splash with Shell Bobbers – the sustainable and stylish alternative made from real seashells!

Our handcrafted floats not only look great, but they also help you fish more responsibly and reduce your impact on the environment. So whether you’re a seasoned angler or a weekend hobbyist, join us in making waves with Shell Bobbers!

Shell Bobbers is a unique shotgun shell fishing Bobbers used to hunt fish.

Any fish hunter will really love it as it is made up of real 12 gauge shotgun shells. Its prototype was also loved by all the retailers during its initial stage. It is manufactured from empty shotgun shells.

Shell Boobers at a glance:

BUSINESS IdeaShotgun Shell Fishing Bobbers for fishing
ENTREPRENEURJeff Stafford And Dusty Holloway
ASKED FOR$80,000 For 20%
ACCEPTED OFFER$80,000 For 33%
SHARKMark Cuban


Who owns Shell Bobbers?

Jeff and Dusty are the founders of Shell Bobbers and friends from their childhood. They love to do fishing and hunting and they are doing it since their teenage. One day, when they found that empty shells were floating, they got an idea of making it a business model.

Since hunting and fishing is a big business and huge money-gaining sector, the pair have the confidence that they have a winner from which they can stand for a long run in the market.

What is Shell Bobbers?

Shell Bobbers is a company that offers fishing floats made from real seashells. The seashell floats are designed to replace traditional plastic fishing floats and are a more sustainable option for fishermen who want to reduce their impact on the environment. The floats are handcrafted and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different types of fishing.

How was the Shell Bobbers Shark Tank pitch?

Shell Boobers came in the show seeking an investment of $80k for 20% equity in the business. During the pitch, they showed the complete formation of the boobers and ended their pitch with a funny statement: “which shark wants to go on his hook or which one wanted to be headshot”.

Kevin O’Leary gave an offer of $80k for 50% equity with a 50 cent per royalty until he gets his investment back. Robert and Daymond didn’t find this business a real business and moved out. Lori Greiner was quite interested but moved out as she was quite hesitant to give any offer.

Mark Cuban was only left in the tank who gave an offer of $80k for 33% equity. After a small discussion, the pair accepted the deal to which Daymond replied ‘this is a bad deal’, Mark encountered him by saying that he didn’t have a vision.

What happened to Shell Bobbers after Shark Tank?

After the show, the deal between Mark and the pair helped them to go to 3000 stores and they were also in talks with Walmart but unfortunately, Shell Boobers is currently out of business.

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They had only 1000 dollar sales but they had received a huge retailer’s demand for their prototype. But after the show, they were projecting it to $ 1 million sales. In 2017, they eventually got into Walmart. Jeff took a job as Chief Marketing Officer in Darwin. Slowly, their business fell down and got closed.

Still, the products are shown as available on Amazon but not in Walmart. Shell Boobers were sold in the name of Fishing Ammo and it also got a celebrity addition to it. It got various fishermen celeb, which also includes one of the famous Duck Dynasty stars- Willie Robertson.

What is the net worth of Shell bobbers?

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Shell Bobbers was valued at around $240,000.

They used to sell the product on Amazon and on their own website. The exact manufacturing cost will be updated soon but as per the demonstration done on the show, it engages low production cost and huge profit margin.

They manufacture it from trash, which is unique and it also holds various celebs for its advertisement, which is an effective marketing strategy used by all the businesses nowadays and it actually works for almost all of them, but unfortunately, Shell Bobbers is out of business.

Competitor analysis:

Even though Shell Boobers holds a very unique feature of its innovation, it went out of the market. A few of its fellow competitors were:

  • KastKing
  • Penn Fishing
  • Shimano
  • Eagle Claw
  • Rapala

Is Shell Bobbers still in business?

The deal with Mark bore fruit and Shell Bobbers was available for sale on Amazon. They also availed their product in 3,000 7-11 stores and we’re also planning to collaborate with Walmart.

When they appeared in the updated segment, they told everyone that they had made $1 million in a year, all thanks to Shark Tank. But since 2017, their social media handles have not been updated.

Since 2010, Holloway has been operating his surveying business, and Stafford is working as the CMO at Darwin Automotive. The product is still available on Amazon but no deal with Walmart. Looking at this situation, it is safe to say that there is no bright future for Shell Bobbers.

Interesting Facts:

Few Interesting facts about it:-

  1. It is made from empty shotgun shells.
  2. It is used for hunting and Fishing
  3. It was featured on the sportsman shopping network
  4. It was successful to go to Walmart
  5. It is a piece of instant hit equipment to use and to manufacture

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What is Shell Bobbers?

Shell Boobers is a unique shotgun shell fishing Boobers used to hunt fish.

Who founded Shell Bobbers?

Jeff and Dusty are the founders of Shell Bobbers and friends from their childhood. They love to do fishing and hunting and they are doing it since their teenage.

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