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What Happened to Man Medals after Shark Tank?


Are you a man who wants to get appreciated for the household work you do every day? Or, are you a wife who wants to motivate and trick your husband into helping you in the kitchen?

Man Medals is here to solve both these problems, with its range of medals that will not only appreciate men for the work they do but also provide them with motivation to keep doing so!!

Man Medals at a Glance:-

IdeaMedals awarded to men for completing household chores
FoundersJim O’Brien
Asked For$10,000 for 10%
Accepted DealNone
Business statusOut of Business
Episode No.Season 5, Episode 2
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What is Man Medals?

Man Medals is a company that specializes in creating medals that aim to award men for all the household chores for which they get nagged constantly.

The aim of the startup is to bestow men with their due appreciation for all the chores they do.

There are currently six medals in the product line. These include putting the toilet seat down, running the vacuum, asking for directions, picking up dirty laundry, putting the toilet paper roll on, and taking out the trash.

The startup also has some special medals such as the military-themed “coming home to be a daddy” medal.

Founder Story:

Man Medals is a company born out of a sarcastic comment! One day Jim, the founder of Man Medals was announcing to his wife that he had taken the trash out of the house.

She asked him, “What do you want, a medal?”, to which Jim replied, “Yes, I do”. As crazy as it sounds, this was the origin of Man Medals.

Jim then set out to create “awards” for men, which were essentially small pins that proclaim different award titles in reference to the household chores done.

10% of the revenue of the company also goes to the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund.

Did Man Medals get a deal on Shark Tank?

Jim entered Shark Tank with his startup Man Medals and a demand of $10,000 for 10% equity in the company.

He begins the presentation by bringing in a male model and re-enacts the whole story of how he came up with the idea of Man Medals, eliciting a chuckle from the panel.

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He reveals that he had sold only $2500 worth of his products. The products sell for $5 each and all the six medals can be bought for $25.

Even though the profit margins are huge, most of the Sharks question the need for the product as well as its market size. Shark Kevin even advised him to abandon the idea of making this a huge business. Jim therefore, had to exit the tank without a deal.

What happened to Man Medals after Shark Tank?

Man Medals could not secure any deal on Shark Tank, and despite that, the company gained massive attention.

Owing to all the hype created around the products, Kevin Brown, a comedian known for his work in the TV series “3rd Rock” ended up investing in the business.

With the amusing medal titles in his product line and clout generated by Kevin Brown’s presence on the investor’s panel, the company gradually became a novelty product.

The company also increased its product line by including gifts such as mugs and cup holders. The company ceased operations in 2021 and is now no longer in business.

Product Details:

  • Man Medals is a company that creates medals for men who succeed in doing daily household chores.
  • The product line consists of six medals with different titles such as, I picked up the trash, and I installed the toilet paper roll.
  • The products are shipped worldwide.
  • These small pins or what are termed “awards” are made to boost the motivation of men for household chores.

What’s the net worth of Man Medals?

Jim entered the tank seeking $10,000 in exchange for 10% equity, valuating the company to $100,000. He could not grab any deal on the Show and hence, the then Net Worth cannot be calculated.

As of the present times, the company is out of business and hence, its Net Worth remains un-estimated.

Who are the competitors of Man Medals?

Man Medals does not have any reported competitors as of now.

Is Man Medals still in business?

No, Men Medals is no longer in business. As of August 2021, the company shut down its website and is no longer delivering any products.

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What is Man Medals?

Man Medals is a company that specializes in creating medals that aim to award men for all the household chores.

What's the net worth of Man Medals?

As of the present times, the company is out of business and hence, its Net Worth remains un-estimated.

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