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VPcabs Shark Tank Update


I can vividly remember one day when my dad had taken me, along with my mom and younger brother, to meet one of his friends from work and they had shown us a Jurassic-Park-themed pinball machine that they owned. I can still hear the loud PING sounds that would come when the pinball would hit the flippers and the blood-curdling ROAR! hat the dinosaur would make when we lost a game.

But there is now a trend of virtual pinball machines that may now be available in arcades throughout the world. I would surely like to try them sometime! Let’s now see about one of these companies that makes these arcade classics more modern, but still keeps the charm where it should be. Presenting Vp cabs – a pinball game of the old times.

VPcabs at a glance:

Business ideaDigital/virtual Pinball Machine with greater than 1 pinball game
FounderBrad Baker
Asked for$200,000 for 10%
Accepted deal$200,000 for 25%
SharksDaymond John
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 7, Episode 28
VP cabs at a glance.


Founder Story:

The founder Brad Baker (inset)while owning an audio/video store, was initially asked by his brother to modify his arcade’s pinball machine to make it virtual, which Brad did, and later he considered it the prototype for a new generation of a virtual pinball machine.

Later, many other local arcade owners also started to ask for Brad’s design Virtual Pinball for their own establishments, and thus Demand increased. This later led to Baker traveling throughout the country and selling his product at trade shows and at other commercial enterprises, such as fast-food joints.

Did VPcabs get a deal on Shark Tank?

When Brad Baker stood in front of the Sharks, asking for $200,000 for 10% of his company, he started his pitch by touching on how the pinball machine is a classic source of entertainment and that now, in the time of the digital revolution, he has now come up with the idea of making the pinball machine virtual to make it akin to other digital tools but to maintain its classic charm.

While explaining the product, Brad gets nervous and forgets his words, but Kevin O’Leary‘s sarcastic encouragement helps him find his rhythm again he finishes his pitch by asking the judges to come forward and to try the VP machines for themselves.

After trying the product, the sharks returned to their seats, and then Kevin asked how these products would be sold to commercial and individual customers.

Brad then started talking about how the sales of the product, around $750,000, had helped him pay off his house’s mortgage and had sold them at trade shows. He then finished his pitch by explaining the technical side of the VP machine.

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The Sharks then started expressing their views by mentioning that children were not likely to buy the product as to the increase of handheld gaming devices in the market and a few are doubtful about the scope of the idea and the commercial aspect.

All the other sharks are out, except Daymond John, who asks Brad if he would like to make a deal for $200,000 but for 30% equity, Brad insists on 20%, but they later come to the common ground of $200,000 for 25%.

What happened to VPcabs after Shark Tank?

Brad Baker now follows his dream of going to more trade shows, as well as one time designing a Back to the future theme virtual pinball machine with the help of the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Wizard World Comic Con, signed by various movie cast members which were later auctioned with the $7500 amount to be used for Parkinson’s Research, and the marketing and exposure VPcabs received was priceless.

Product details:

  • The product is unique and is a bit for higher-end buyers, (cost around $3495 -$7995).
  • Was named the Best Christmas game of 2014 by Holiday Buyers Guide.
  • This was later featured as one of the best 5 deals made by Daymond John in June 2017.
  • The machine uses highly advanced physics gaming technology to simulate the classic pinball game.
  • Is able to have multiple editions of virtual pinball games stored in it instead of just one.
  • You can contact them regarding any inquiries or queries you may have on this email id,
  • The company started in Cincinnati, then in Fairfield, and now is based out of Hamilton, Ohio with manufacturing in Columbus, Ohio.

What is the net worth of VPcabs?

The net worth when it aired on shark tank was $800,000 and sales of this company were $750,000, the net worth of this company is $5 Million as of 2022.

Is VPcabs still in business?

Yes, as of 2022, VPcabs is still in business, generating a revenue of up to $3 million-$5 million in sales, but in 2021 had reduced sales due to chip shortages. They have now opened a restaurant named the Pinball Garage featuring around 80 types of machines in Hamilton, Ohio, nearby to their manufacturing plant.

The future prospects of this company may always be to spread their influence further throughout the country and to keep selling their product at the best quality that they can provide.

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What is VPcabs?

VPcabs is a digital/virtual Pinball Machine with greater than 1 pinball game.

Who founded VPcabs?

The founder Brad Baker (inset)while owning an audio/video store, was initially asked by his brother to modify his arcade’s pinball machine to make it virtual, which Brad did, and later he considered it the prototype for a new generation of a virtual pinball machine.

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