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Uniform Shark Tank Update


There could have been various reasons that led to a day or days you could not attend school, college, or university due to any reason? Well, children do not attend school due to not having uniforms. This social problem has been the reason behind the one and only business Uniform that was started by Adam Butlein and Child liberty.

The business started off due to an experience and now it has turned into an opportunity for millions.

Uniform at a glance:

Business ideaSocial enterprise promoting ethically produced clothing from Africa
FoundersAdam Butlein and Child Liberty
Asked for$300,000 for 10%
Accepted dealNo offer
SharksNo shark
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 10 Episode 10
Website Uniform
Uniform at a glance


Founder Story

The founder Child Liberty left his homeland of Africa early in his childhood and moved to America where he lived his dream by working in Silicon Valley and having a great education.

He reached his homeland back after his work in 2009 where he came across children who were not attending schools and taking education due to the reason of not having a uniform at an affordable rate. This led to the reason for the development of the business. They started and were known as Liberty a Justice which soon changed to Uniform.

Did Uniform get a deal on shark tank?

This social enterprise enters with representatives Adam and Child seeking an investment of $300,000 for 10% equity in the company. They have samples of their Super soft tees on the clothes rack. They distribute their samples to the sharks after the pitch is presented.

The two of them are asked about sales and they reply that they had made $40 million in sales with their company Liberty and Justice before the Ebola virus outbreak till 2014. When the business resumed in 2016 they saw that there was a lot of leftover fabric that needed to be used, which they converted into uniforms for children in Africa.

The sharks were impressed by the social mission that the company was undertaking but they were not that interested in investing in the business. Daymond offered them some mentorship if they needed it but no shark offered a deal. Sadly, Adam and Child walked out with no deal.       

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What happened to Uniform after shark tank?

The business was successful without the help of the sharks. The company Uniform has successfully made a stand in stores like Target where they have a clothesline for children while they are also available for sale in stores like Bloomingdales. Butlein has started another business venture called Litezilla.   

About the product:

  • The business started in 2010 and was called Liberty and Justice.
  • The company continued to be Uniform +1.
  • The company sells apparel in the US that is manufactured in Africa
  • It is a social enterprise.
  • The collection is available for both men and women.
  • Each item on sale has a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • When the product was manufactured by Liberty and Justice the company had them labeled as “Fair Trade”.
  • The company employs women in cities like Ghana and Liberia to manufacture the product, which empowers them and gives these women a livelihood.
  • The business sells a collection called 10 capsule collection that consists of a logo tee, military shirt, hoodie, camp jacket, and bucket hat.
  • The t-shirt retails for $18 per piece.
  • The company has 1300 customers as of today.    

What is the net worth of Uniform?

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Uniform was valued at around $3 million.

Is Uniform still in business?

The company is successful and is still strong and thriving after its shark tank appearance.  They have many happy customers and are helping the children in need with every purchase. The company dreamed of dominating the world and being in a lot of stores to help millions of children in their country. Let’s see where the social necessity takes them?

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What is Uniform?

Uniform is a Social enterprise promoting ethically produced clothing from Africa.

Who founded Uniform?

The founder Child Liberty left his homeland of Africa early in his childhood and moved to America where he lived his dream by working in Silicon Valley and having a great education.

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