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What Happened to ODR skis After Shark Tank?


Are you one of those Ski lovers? Carrying those heavy Skis across long distances before you get the right spot to start skiing?

We have some good news for you. ODR Skis have come with a simple but elegant idea of Skis that are handy and can be carried just in your rucksack. Yes, it’s now possible and the great ski idea is evident today because of Kevin Greco our founder of ODR Skis.

ODR Skis famously known as Sled Dogs are a unique combination of both ice skating and skilling. These ODR Skis proudly are favorites across the consumer’s segments let it be beginners, skaters, and even hockey players.

ODR skis at a glance:

Business ideaPortable Ski Boot Blades
FounderKevin Greco
Asked for$350,000 for 10%
Accepted dealNone.
SharksNo Sharks
Business statusOut of business
EpisodeSeason 12 Episode 7
WebsiteODR Skis
ODR skis at a glance


Founder Story:

Kevin Greco who spent his childhood in Alaska loved his experience of the slopes and learning skiing. Kevin started his illustrious corporate career at Intel and then joined SpaceX. But his keen interest in launching his creation of ODR Skis was a determined effort to make it a reality.

ODR Skis came into existence with the support of a community of riders who loved their ski experiences to introduce the novel ODR Skis. Like other businesses, it has its teething issues but its community is steeped in helping overcome these obstacles.

Did ODR Skis get a deal on shark tank?

Kevin Greco pitched into the Shark Tank episode to seek an investment of $350,000 for a 10% stake in their business. Makes an impressive entry with his ODR Skis into the episode, introducing himself as the Chief Enthusiastic Officer. Explaining how traditional types of equipment are bulky, difficult, and challenging is now replaced with sleek and hassle-free ODR Skis equipment.

Demonstrating the users with his ODR Skis by the community across the world in the US, and Austria and bringing this as a sport and brand disrupting the Ski industry. When sharks enquire about any competition, Kevin explains the important aspect of the Blade on the bottom of the shoe is made of Liquid Injection Steel.

Kevin explains how he was a distributor initially but ended up investing in the Norway firm with almost $450,000 and took over this firm which was present in 20 countries. The product is produced at a cost of $100 and sold at $350 which is a great margin.

Daymond comes with a great question, as Kevin had taken over this firm earlier how it will work with Sharks, as he explains he is passionate about this business and would continue even if he is left alone. But Daymond and Lori both are out of it.

Marks comes out to praise Kevin as the Perfect Entrepreneur and the passion has come to carry on his business. But does not buy into the concept. Barbara also explains how he has grown and has been top-notch but could not trust the aggression he wants to progress ahead can kill the business too. Barbara is also out. Kevin Greco had to leave without a deal.

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What happened to ODR Skis After Shark Tank?

The company did see an expansion as it introduced new products to its existing product lines. This company sold out as they aired on shark tank. ODR skis were not able to revive their needed stock as per the demand.

ODR Skis did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, but they were able to generate interest in their product from investors outside of the show. They received investments from several angel investors and were also able to secure a loan to fund their operations.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, ODR Skis has continued to grow their business and expand their product line. They now offer a wider range of skis and accessories, and have expanded their customer base through partnerships with ski resorts and other companies in the industry.

ODR skis were also not able to answer the demand due to the supply chain challenges faced by covid. The pitch saw a valuation was $3.5 million but in actual fact today the valuation is $2.5 million. It did seem to be overvalued by $1 million. While checking the products offered by ODR skis are:

RD 43:

  • Great for enthusiasts
  • The interior of the shoe is warm and comfortable making it apt for the slope’s cold winds.
  • Built for tough terrains and slopes. Built to last as a skate on the snow.
  • The hard flex feature works in parallel to the responsive liner making it a comfortable boot with no compromise on performance.  


  • A must-buy for newcomers
  • The multi-fit liner allows the skis to fit on more than one shoe size.
  • Eclipse has a dual-colored shell that is matte black at the bottom and white for the upper part of the shell.
  • The lightest model created yet for smooth movability in the snow and slopes.
  • Uses the standard flex point to allow the user to have stability 

Competitors Of ODR skis:

The company has competitors like:

  • Home school outwear
  • DPS Skis
  • High society free ride
  • 4FRNT and many more.

What is the net worth of ODR skis?

At the time of the Shark Tank ODR Skis was valued at $3.5 million as per the foudners but in actual fact today the valuation is $2.5 million. It did seem to be overvalued by $1 million.

Is ODR skis still in business?

Yes, ODR skis are Still in business now. The orders are being taken online at their website – ODR Skis – ODR SKIS. The website ODR Skis – ODR SKIS allows online sales of products and accessories. Does come with 12 month warranty and shipping options to the customer. Recently they have launched another variant called HYGEN Intermediate at $389 to customers online.

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What is ODR Skis?

ODR Skis famously known as Sled Dogs is a unique combination of both ice skating and skilling. These ODR Skis proudly are favorites across the consumer’s segments let it be beginners, skaters, and even hockey players.

Did ODR Skis get a deal on shark tank?

Unfortunately, Kevin had to walk out without a deal.

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