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What Happened to Trippie App After Shark Tank?


Have you ever lost your way to the restaurant at the airport? Well, here’s the solution to destress you at the airport. The one and only Trippie – a technological app that helps you locate the nearest places to eat in the airport.

It tells you details about the distance and the time it will take to reach there, it also tells you the timings for opening and closing of the restaurant. All for the convenience of the customer.

It functions on the Apple iPhone and soon will come to be available on android as well. This app was developed by Ryan Drew the now owner and founder of the company Trippie.

Trippie at a glance:

Business ideaAirport navigation app
FoundersRyan Diew
Asked for$100,000 for 10%
Accepted dealNo/None
SharksNo shark
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 9 Episode 9
Website Trippie
App linkiOS APP
Trippie at a glance.


Founder Story:

The idea for the app came to the sophomore at Colgate University when he was on his way back home to Oakland California and he had a long layover. As he wanted something to eat, he carried his luggage around the airport in order to not miss the flight.

Finally, he asked someone to watch over his luggage while he went to grab a bite. That is when he realized how difficult it is to find a restaurant.

He developed the app for the phone with the help of Samantha Braver. The entrepreneur weekend gave them funding of $22,000. He also was provided with the entrepreneur’s fund which was $ 15,000 which gave him a workspace to create the app and add additional features to the app as needed.       

Did Trippie get a deal on the shark tank?

Ryan enters the shark tank with an investment of $100,000 for 10%. He starts the presentation with a typical act on the scene at the airport and how confusing it can be. He then shows the demo of the app and tells the sharks that it is using Google Maps API as the base of the app.

Lori thinks the idea is great but goes out. Due to Lori’s rejection, there is a feeling of rejection in the mind of Ryan who talks about the fact that he does not have a rich uncle to help him out. Robert tells Ryan that he has to create value. Rohan is the next one to go out on a deal with Ryan.

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Barbara thinks the business is too early. Finally, Mark too goes out and urges Ryan to prove him wrong. Ryan walked out of the shark tank with no deal.

What happened to Trippie after the shark tank?

Trippie is an app that got famous for its innovation after its appearance on the shark tank. The app is now available in 120 airports globally and has also added 18 new airports including the ones like Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Sydney. The firm was functioning a bit slow due to the covid pandemic but now seems to have geared up to serve its customers.

About the app:

  • Trippie: The Airport App
  • The app uses the base technology of that Google Maps API.
  • The app is important to give details about the eateries and restaurants in the airport.
  • The company is founded by Ryan Diew and Samantha Braver. 

Competitors Of Trippie:

  • Rec spot
  • Eddie travels
  • Home Exchange
  • Miit and many more        

What is the net worth of Trippie?

Ryan enters the tank with a $1 million valuation. Currently, Trippie has an annual revenue of $ 3 million.

Is Trippie still in business?

Yes, Trippie is an app that is still in business successfully treating customers to much-needed travel meals. It is helping in 10 major airports in the US and also has airports worldwide as part of its business ventures. The app hopes to expand and wants to add new features for its customer let’s see how far it goes with this endeavor.

What is Trippie app for navigating airports?

Trippie is a mobile app designed to help travelers navigate airports more efficiently. It provides users with real-time information on flight status, security wait times, gate changes, and other relevant updates.

The app also includes maps of airport terminals and provides users with walking directions to their gates, restaurants, shops, and other airport amenities. Trippie aims to make the airport experience less stressful and more enjoyable for travelers.

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What is Trippie App?

Trippie App is an Airport navigation app. It functions on the Apple iPhone and soon will come to be available on android as well. This app was developed by Ryan Drew the now owner and founder of the company Trippie.

Who founded Trippie App?

Trippie App was developed by Ryan Drew the now owner and founder of the company Trippie.

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