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Extreme Sandbox: Shark Tank Update


Have you ever loved construction toys as a kid and wanted to play with them? What if there was an enlarged version of heavy equipment used on a construction site that was 10 acres large. This is the idea of Extreme Sandbox -a heavy material adventure for adults to relive their childhood memories.

This experience is on everyone’s bucket list and it is sure worth the investment. The first site for the extreme sandbox was Minnesota and they hope to expand this worldwide.

Extreme sandbox at a Glance:

Business ideaHeavy Construction Equipment Adventure and fun for adults
FoundersRandy Stenger
Asked for$150,000 for 15%
Accepted deal$150,000 for 20%
SharksMark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary
Business statusIn business
Website Extreme Sandbox
Extreme Sandbox at a glance


Founder Story:

The story of extreme sandbox started with an idea given by Randy’s five kids who once asked him whether they could play on the construction site. As Randy agreed to the idea. The business was born.

Before the business could be set up there was some heavy research was done on the idea. The business was not such an expensive venture that was heavy on the pockets. It was a process where everything from land to equipment was leased for trial. The first 1000 customers of the product loved it and from then on, the business was reinvested in by the payments made by its consumers.

Randy was a cop in Colorado for 5 years and then he moved to Minnesota to give his family a better life and start his adventure business. Now he and his brother manage the premises and hope to bring the experience nationwide.  

Did Extreme Sandbox get a deal on the shark tank?

For the founder Randy, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience called Extreme sandbox in the shark tank episode to seek $150,000 for 15%. They have an extreme sandbox experience through video and the sharks love it.

Randy explains how he has gone out of the way to redefine how entertainment is experienced. Kevin sees the opportunity to crush a car in the video and asks if he can do it and the answer is Yes! Randy tells the sharks about sales and says he has done $1million in sales in the past three years. He has done 400,000 in sales in the last year. The biggest challenge faced by the founder is getting the land /site for the business.

Next, Randy talks about the cost of leasing the land and equipment which costs him $100-$125K. Randy wants to open his business in Dallas. Mark is quick to state he has a lot of land in Dallas. Randy talks about the history of the business and how he had no experience in the construction business. He explains how he wants the idea to reach each metropolitan city in the nation and also wants to centralize the front end of processing for the company.

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Lori doesn’t like the idea of scaling up, so she’s out. Daymond is fascinated by the idea of construction and heavy equipment but does not see where he can add value to the project, he’s out. Robert is not interested and engaged in the idea, so he’s out. On the other hand, Kevin O’Leary is highly interested in the product and asks if he can crush a car? He finally offers Randy $150,000 for 20%. Mark likes the offer and wants to go half with Kevin. Randy agrees to the deal. Randy walks out of the shark tank with a deal of $150,000 for 20% with both the sharks Kevin and Mark.  

What happened to Extreme sandbox after shark tank?

The deal with Mark and Kevin closed with their second and third sites that opened in full swing after the appearance on the shark tank show. The target opening date for the site was 15th April. The other site was opened in Texas US by the same company. The company has seen annual revenue of over $3.6 million.

About the product:

  • The experience costs $300 to $400 per person.
  • The user has a training session at the start of the session where the user familiarizes themselves with the usage of the heavy materials.
  • The user can have a session for the experience which lasts from 1 to 7 hours.
  • The user can enhance the experience by crushing cars.
  • The package includes sand excavation through the 10-acre site, a ride on the bulldozer, and much more.    

COMPETITORS Of Extreme Sandbox:

  • Max tool
  • The ceramic shop
  • Puls
  • John Deere US
  • Tiger supplies and many more.

What is the net worth of Extreme sandbox?

The net worth of the extreme sandbox has become $7.5 million from when its appearance on the shark tank was seen. The company has an annual revenue of $3.6 million as of Jan 22 and is seeing steady growth from customers in the years to come. 

Is Extreme sandbox still in business?

Yes, the company is still in business, doing rather successfully with the help of its new members the sharks Mark Cuban and Kevin O’ Leary. The company has opened two new sites for its customers and is slowly fulfilling the dream of seeing itself nationwide.

The future is fast and heavy for this extreme sport and now it has become bright with the help of the sharks. Soon their dream of opening the sites nationwide will be a success. Let’s see where else this extreme sport takes you!!

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What is Extreme Sandbox?

Extreme Sandbox is a Heavy Construction Equipment Adventure and fun for adults.

Who founded Extreme Sandbox?

The story of extreme sandbox started with an idea given by Randy’s five kids who once asked him whether they could play on the construction site. As Randy agreed to the idea. The business was born.

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