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Tipsy Elves Shark Tank Update


It is cold out there and you want something new and different rather than the boring sweaters in the cupboard. The company that has come up with Quirky and new designs for sweaters is Tipsy Elves.

The company sells on Amazon and on its website. The two festive lovers are Nick Morton and Evan Mendelson. The company has boomer hats and jumpsuits too. They love their designs and hope to build more.

Tipsy Elves at a Glance:

Business ideaUnique Christmas-themed sweaters and accessories
FounderNick Morton and Evan Mendelson
Asked for$100,000 for 5%
Accepted deal$100,000 for 10%
SharksRobert herjavec  
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 5 Episode 12
WebsiteTipsy elves
Buy on AmazonBuy Now!
Tipsy elves at a glance.


Founder Story:

The two founders have different backgrounds Nick is a person who is a geek in SEO and loves to generate business for the company through SEO. While Evan is a lawyer who left his job for this business.

Nick already had knowledge of searches made by the customers every day. He found that Christmas sweaters were the most searched subject on Google. He then decided to open this business.

Did Tipsy Elves get a deal on SharkTank?

The two founders of Tipsy elves entered Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 for 5%. The pitch started off by spreading the Christmas spirit in the air through a fashion show that showcased some of the products old and new. They then talk about the business and sales. They have generated a sale of $862,000 and a half on Amazon and their website is half.

They talk about their backgrounds and how they came to generate this business idea and finally top it off by saying they want to go into retail. The sharks don’t agree and say it is not the right path for them to tread on right now.

Mark has a doubt about how the business will grow in the coming years. He goes out. Lori thinks the product does not have a factor of uniqueness and goes out.

Kevin offers one of his complex deals and says $100,000 for a $2 royalty until he gets his money back then a $1 per sweater till perpetuity. Robert loves the commitment Nick has shown toward the business and he offers $100,000 for 10%.

Daymond loves the founders and their products but is not quite sure if to offer them anything as yet. Nick and Evan accept Robert’s offer as the shark explains to them that he is investing in them and he can grow the business very well.

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What happened to Tipsy Elves after Shark Tank?

Since Shark Tank, the company is generating an annual revenue of around $6 million. After this, they have projected $8 million in annual revenue. They have expanded the business and introduced new product lines and collections as per season.

They have treated their organization as a charity as they have donated to Toys for Tots. Tipsy elves love the fact that they appeared on Shark Tank.

They have increased their employee number to 20 and have a significant increase in annual sales to $20 million. They are now creating sweaters for different movies like The Night Before. As of 2021, they have over $120 million in total sales and annual revenue of $6 million.

Product details:

  • The website has 4 major fun-filled categories of sweaters and accessories to investigate.
  • The four categories are Women, Men, Baby and Kids, Holidays, and Occasions.
  • They have multiple sales on the website.
  • The first page showcases different and new designs in store to choose from. They also show what is trending this season and shopping by different categories like a season, collection, etc.
  • The designs are unique and quirky.   
  • The price to make a sweater is $12 and the cost of selling is $65.
  •  The sweaters they create are now available in many new styles for different festivities.
  • The company has turned itself into a clothing brand now.
  • The other types of clothes they allow you to buy like: Skirts, Shirts, Shorts, leggings, Ski suits and many more.

Competitors of Tipsy Elves:

There are many competitors for Tipsy elves:

  • Rag stock
  • Johnny cupcakes
  • Kuhlman company
  • Essential apparel
  • Sitka
  • Banana republic Canada
  • Paul frank industries and many more.

What is the net worth of Tipsy Elves?

The current net worth of this company is $20 million and its annual revenue has reached $6 million. They have reached an impeccable $120 million in their lifetime sales.  

Is Tipsy Elves still in business?

The deal with Robert helped a lot and they have increased their annual sales significantly. They have made the necessary changes required to generate more sales. The hope is that the company grows and makes itself the face of a unique and quirky product. 

The company has surely made a mark in a highly competitive market. They have added new product lines and types of clothing lines for the increase in sales.

Today they have grown remarkably and are known as a fast-moving clothing brand. There’s a long way to go. Let’s see where this company reaches.

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What is Tipsy elves?

Tipsy Elves are unique Christmas-themed sweaters and accessories.

Who founded Tipsy elves?

The two founders have different backgrounds Nick is a person who is a geek in SEO and loves to generate business for the company through SEO. While Evan is a lawyer who left his job for this business.

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