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What Happened to Mush After Shark Tank?


Mush is an oatmeal product that is healthy, nutritious, and contains beta-glucan fiber. Mush, also known as Overnight Oats, is a food company that appeared on Shark Tank in season 9. The company produces ready-to-eat, healthy, and delicious overnight oatmeal cups in a variety of flavors.

Mush oatmeal is soaked full night into dairy-free milk which improves and increases the nutrition absorption power and cuts down the starch for proper digestion of the food.

Mush includes a soluble fiber that is healthy and also improves insulin in the body and lowers cholesterol. Kat and Ashley wanted to expand their business of Mush for which they needed investment and they made it successful by making a deal with Mark Cuban for $30,000 at 10% with an unlimited line of credit.

Mush at a glance:

BUSINESSHealthy, nutritious, beta-glucan fibrous oatmeal
ENTREPRENEURAshley Thompson And Kat Thomas
ASKED FOR$300,000 For 10%
ACCEPTED OFFER$300,000 For 10% With An Unlimited Line Of Credit
SHARKMark Cuban
Buy on AmazonBuy Now!


Who is the founder of Mush?

The founders of Mush are Kat Thomas and Ashley Thompson. They first met in the financial industry. Both of them were food lovers but wanted a healthy alternative as they researched that there were not many options to go for, especially for individuals who have a busy schedule.

So, they decided to start their own brand food industry “Mush” to serve healthy with a motive to change the world. They started presenting in the farmer market to collect feedback about taste, digestion, nutrition, and healthy living.

Food these days is derived from different products instead of natural resources, these foods are very high in sugar, spices which are not good for health. They found that people are ready to spend lots of money on clothes, shelter, etc. but not on the integral health of their own.

Kat and Ashley were also bored of eating outside food which is not good for them in their daily routine and so for them and others, they gave a thought and managed to launch their own food brand industry Mush with a motto of safe living and proper digestion.

How was the Mush Shark Tank Pitch?

To make it worldwide, Kat Thomas and Ashley Thompson came on Shark Tank to make a Pitch of $30,000 for 10%equity.

Kat shared that when she was working, she was not able to get healthy food because most of the cereals and proteins include high sugar because of which she decided to launch Mush. Robert didn’t have much interest in the food industry so he went out.

To follow up, Lori said Rohan is an expert in the food industry so she’ll not be giving any offer. Rohan offered a deal of $40,000 in return for 20% shares. Mark encountered an investment that these girls wanted to change the world and offered his deal of $30,000 for 10% plus an unlimited line of credit, Barbara Corcoran offered the same.

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After a small discussion among themselves, Kat and Ashley decided to go with Mark Cuban.

What happened to Mush after Shark tank?

After making a deal on Shark Tank and appearing on the show, the sales suddenly rose and they were getting orders continuously, they received so many orders that they were out of the packaging.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Mush has continued to expand its product line and distribution and has become a popular breakfast option for health-conscious consumers. The company has also been featured in a number of national media outlets, including Forbes and Food Network.

But, with the help of their investor Mark Cuban, they were able to start a new production within a very short period of time of 48 hours and complete the order successfully. They currently have their product on Amazon. You can also find the Mush on Whole grain, CVS, and 7-11 stores. Mush sales grow up to $ 2 million after Shark Tank. Mush is still in business in the year 2021 and has a net worth of $ 4.5 million.

What’s the net worth of Mush?

Years before launching their product, they sold it in the farmer’s market and made $72,000. In the year 2017, their sales were doubled, and made a profit of $120,000. Now they sell their food online on Wholefoods, CVS, and 7-11 stores as well as they have their market on Amazon and sell internationally.

It costs them $3.9 per packet and they sold it for 70 to 80 cents per unit, from where the firm manages to earn a huge amount of Revenue. As it is sugar-free, No cooking is required meal which automatically increases the customer market.

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Mush was valued at around $300,000.

Alternatives of Mush:

Competitors of Mush have emerged and can also create a huge impact on its production and sales in the market. A few competitors of Mush are:-

  1. Oatmeals
  2. True elements
  3. Nestle And many more.

Is Mush still in business?

The company wanted to be worldwide and wanted to give a healthy lifestyle to all individuals, they have a motive of changing the world with their product by making the world fit.

They are also focusing on capturing the market over the products which includes high sugar solvent and garbage in it. They currently have their market on Amazon and will increase their valuation more and more with upcoming years.

Interesting facts:

Some interesting facts about Mush are:-

  1. It requires no cooking.
  2. Soaking in dairy-free milk increases nutrition
  3. It is completely healthy and can be followed up for daily routine.
  4. Its retail price is only $3.9 per unit.
  5. Mush has a motive of changing the world, it gives proper digestion and safe living.

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What is Mush?

Mush is an oatmeal product that is healthy, nutritious, and contains beta-glucan fiber.

Who founded Mush?

The founders of Mush are Kat Thomas and Ashley Thompson.

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