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M3 Girl Designs Shark Tank Update


Looking for the perfect accessory to spice up your little girl’s wardrobe?

M3 Girls Design brings a new level of fashion and fun with their interchangeable magnetic accessories. This Shark Tank success story has revolutionized the way we think about kids’ jewelry, and founder Maddie Bradshaw is paving the way for young entrepreneurs everywhere. Learn more about M3 Girls Design and their journey to success in this exciting article.

Many girls now are looking for simple jewelry to replace the glitz and glamour of metallic items.

Enter M3 girl designs, the perfect answer for this problem, with the founder, Maddie Bradshaw, truly being a born entrepreneur as she came up with the idea when she was only 10 years old!


Founder Story:

The founder of M3 girl designs, Maddie Bradshaw, always had a creative streak and one day decided to make new designs for items such as magnets that she would use for her school locker to fit her liking, which she did by taking some bottle caps from her uncle’s Coca Cola machine and using them to create magnets with various designs on them.

 Her friends also wanted a part of that action so she made some for them and as the popularity of her handmade jewelry increased after giving some of her products to a toy store in her locality of Dallas, Texas, which later sold out in just a few hours.

So she knew that she had to expand,  and then went on to initiate her own startup, with her younger sister Margot helping with the merchandise and their mother Diane supporting them financially.

M3 girl designs at a glance:

Business ideaMagnetic pendants for girls of all ages with simple jewelry
FounderMaddie Bradshaw
Asked for$300,000 for 15%
Accepted deal$300,000 for 30%
SharksMark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 3, Episode 5

Did M3 girl designs get a deal on Shark Tank?

Maddie, Margot, and their mom Diane Bradshaw introduce themselves to the sharks, asking for $300,000 for a 15% equity in their startup, M3 girl designs, M3 standing for Maddie, Margot, and Mom, as Margot, the Vice-president, explains.

Maddie tells the sharks about how she came up with the idea to use bottle caps and magnets with various designs for her locker and then went on to build her own startup when the popularity went sky high for her handmade decorative magnetic pendants, which she calls Snap caps.

Margot,11 at the time, says that while she handles the Snap caps for the startup, Maddie and Diane came up with the idea of handmade jewelry called Spark of life, more suited to Maddie’s age group, but could still be worn by kids of all ages, as she was 15 at the time.

Maddie then says that they have been selling their product for over 5 years in over 1000 stores across the nation, making $ 5 million in sales, which astonishes the sharks. Robert asks about their sales in the previous year and laughs in disbelief when he hears that they made $ 1.6 million, with their profit being around $ 1 million with their product being sold at apparel stores, toy stores, etc. Maddie had also written a book, encouraging others to start their own businesses.

Robert asks how they reached over 1000 distributors, and Maddie says that their sales representatives came to them after a few stores loved their items. Lori observes that most of their sales came from the Snap caps and Diane says that they are always trying to make new products.

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Mark asks about their margins and Maddie says that the snap cap is 75 cents and the spark of life jewelry is $2. Diane then says that the company is equally divided between the three of them, but Lori is doubtful that jewelry will sell that much at the time.

Robert asks Maddie why they need the money as she is already earning a large profit when she says that they will use the money to start global distribution. Kevin decides to do a deal for $300,000 but for a 30% stake, which later changes to 40% as Lori also joins in while saying that she can help the founders.

Daymond doesn’t think he’s the right shark for the startup so he backs out but Mark brings it down to 30% again and wants Lori with him.

Kevin argues but Maddie then counters that she wants Robert, Mark, and Lori for 30% with free Dallas Mavericks season tickets. The three sharks accept the deal, even though Mark says that he can’t give them tickets but they can come anytime to his luxury suite with their friends or family.

What happened to M3 girl designs after Shark Tank?

After their appearance on shark tank, the company had grown with their products being popular at stores across the nation, but later a lawsuit was against the company regarding copyright infringement and two other lawsuits in which they were the plaintiffs, whose verdicts were not favorable to the startup also causing the sharks to withdrew their deals.

Maddie’s debut book, “You Can Start A Business, Too,” has been published, showcasing a wealth of business terminology, concepts, and motivational anecdotes for young entrepreneurs. Priced at just $6.95, the book is a perfect gift for aspiring business owners and is available on Snap Caps Online Website.

This is a real success story that will only continue to grow as the two girls expand their brand. It also serves as a valuable lesson for parents on how to encourage their children to pursue their dreams and work hard to achieve them.

Product details:

  • The products include snap caps and a variety of fashion items ranging from $2 to $10 during shark tan
  • The Company is closed from 2016
  • Many of the items on the website are sold out.

What is the net worth of M3 girl designs?

The net worth of the startup in shark tank was $ 1 million when the deal was done, but later the company was supposedly valued at $15 million when it shut down in 2015 with lifetime sales of $ 5.2 million.

Is M3 girl designs still in business?

The company had been closed by Maddie in 2015 when she left for Stanford university and after also receiving a master’s in Education from Harvard in 2019, she’s now an Instructional Technology coach at the Wildwood school in LA.

We don’t know if Maddie Bradshaw will restart her company or continue her career, but she is an inspiration to other youngsters to start their own businesses and forge their own paths.

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What is M3 Girl Designs?

M3 Girl Designs is a magnetic pendant for girls of all ages with simple jewelry.

Who founded M3 Girl Designs?

The founder of M3 girl designs, Maddie Bradshaw, always had a creative streak and one day decided to make new designs for items such as magnets that she would use for her school locker to fit her liking, which she did by taking some bottle caps from her uncle’s Coca Cola machine and using them to create magnets with various designs on them.

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