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Gato Cafe Shark Tank Update


Do you know what is the Spanish word for Cat? Gato, meaning cat in Spanish. Yes, you are right, a Cat Café if you translate it literary. Gato Café is similar to any normal cafe that we visit, have coffee, relax and spend some time. 

It is a cafĂ© where you get delicious coffee and food but only full of cats, a perfect place for cat lovers, isn’t it? These kinds of cafes are very popular in Asia and also emerged in Europe.

This café was meant to be set up in Florida, becoming the first Cat Café in the city, it was inspired by the Gato Cafes around the world.

The idea behind this was to have animals cage-free life, which was associated with the animal rescue group. The café will be open to cat adoptions. The café was founded in 2014 in the United States.

Gato Café at a Glance

IdeaTo provide the cats with a cage-free life and a space for cat lovers to spend some time.
FoundersAdriana Montano
Asked For$100,000 For 20%
Accepted DealNo deal
SharksNo Shark
Business statusOut of Business
Episode No.Season 6, Episode 29


What is Gato Cafe?

Gato Cafe is a cat cafe that appeared on Shark Tank in Season 9, Episode 7 in 2017. The company, founded by Patricia Chang and David Braginsky, combines a coffee shop and cat adoption center. The Sharks were impressed with the concept and the founders’ passion for animal rescue, but ultimately, no deal was made.

Founder Story:

Adriana Montana is the owner of the idea and the café. She originally belongs to Barranquilla, Colombia, and has lived in the United States for more than twenty years. As she says, cats are the only thing she enjoys more than coffee, this idea came to her when she worked for the animal non-profit and read an article about the upcoming cafes and this pushed her to start her Cat Café in Florida with her husband Michal Meng, who served in Army National Guard.

When she noticed the growing trend of cat cafes, she initiated the idea with an Indie Go-Go campaign. She wished to raise $75000 through the campaign but unfortunately couldn’t raise that big of an amount.

Did Gato Café get a deal on Shark Tank?

Though the idea of starting a Cat Café surprised some of the sharks, it was not a business that any of the sharks would invest in. Adriana appeared on the show with her kittens creating and demonstrating her idea. Mark though loves cats, does not approve of the idea and so he is out, Kevin is out because he dislikes cats.

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Lori appreciates the idea and efforts that Adriana is putting into but refuses to invest and is out followed by Raymond. Though Adriana is successful in answering all the questions raised by the sharks, as the café would earn the entry fee of nine dollars.

It would be on the ground floor. And most importantly this café would be safe for the cats and different from the rescue shelters. After a lot of discussions, approval, and disapproval of the concept the café left with no deal.

What happened to Gato Café after Shark Tank?

When Daymond asked Adriana about how big the café would be, Adriana replied that she did not have a store yet. It seems like this dream of Montana never became a reality. After the show aired the owner decided on the second crowdfunding and hoped for donations after the media coverage, but failed to do so, receiving only twelve people in support. In the beginning, she invested $2000 and planned the business.

The cafe in its first campaign sought $75000 but could only raise $1,210. The valuation of the Gato Café during the pitch was $500,000.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Gato Cafe has continued to operate and expand its business. The company has a strong social media presence and has gained a loyal following of customers who appreciate the cafe’s unique combination of coffee and cats. In addition to serving coffee and snacks, Gato Cafe also hosts events and classes, such as yoga and painting, that feature adoptable cats.

While the Sharks did not invest in Gato Cafe, the company has used its appearance on Shark Tank to gain publicity and build its brand. The founders’ commitment to animal rescue has helped to differentiate the business and attract customers who are passionate about animal welfare.

What’s the net worth of the Gato CafĂ©?

The net worth of the Gato CafĂ© during the pitch was $500,000 as per the founders but they didn’t get a deal from Sharks.

Is Gato Café still in Business?

The concept of Gato Café never really came into being. Adriana Montano still believes n the idea and is working for it.

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What is Gato Cafe ?

Gato Café is similar to any normal cafe that we visit, have coffee, relax and spend some time.  It is a café where you get delicious coffee and food but only with full of cats, a perfect place for cat lovers.

What's the net worth of Gato Cafe ?

The net worth of the Gato CafĂ© during the pitch was $500,000 as per the founders but they didn’t get a deal from Sharks.

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