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Jax sheets: Shark Tank Update


Have you ever had to use the same bedsheet without washing and you could smell all the odors and you still slept in it? Presenting the first-ever bedsheets for men from Jax sheets. The first-ever bedsheet is made from silver and bamboo Fibre.

This product is ideal for anyone who hates laundry hot sleepers and men who sleep comfortably. Jax sheets are smooth, and soft, which requires less laundry.    

Jax sheets at a glance:

Business ideaCopper Infused Silky Cotton Sheets for men who don’t wash their sheets  
FounderWen Muenyi
Asked for212,000 for 10%
Accepted dealNone
SharksNo sharks
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 12 Episode 13
WebsiteJax Sheets
Jax sheets at a glance.


Founder Story:

The founder of this product Jen Muenyi devised the product to be soft and smooth as well as sustainable and anti-bacterial because a lot of research was done before developing the product. The product has multiple benefits and the copper in the sheets is making the sheets breathable in nature and affordable despite this component.  

The idea for the enterprise came to Wen when he bought a silk bedsheet for a comfortable sleep at an exuberant price. He thought there could be a way to make this affordable and sustainable for the user and that is how he came up with the idea of Jax sheets. He started the review cycle of the product with the help of 1000 volunteers who had pleasant experiences.    

Did Jax Sheets get a deal on the shark tank?

Wen enters the shark tank asking the sharks for an investment of $212,000 for 10% of the Jax sheets business. He talks about the technology of the product and how he has used the same technology in the clothing line business as well. The sharks loved the fact that the founder Wen was free from ambiguity when he shared his pitch with the sharks. The sharks were concerned about the sales of the product.

Kevin was intrigued by the sheets but wasn’t interested in buying the clothesline. He goes out of the deal. Next is Mark who is impressed with the way the pitch went and he thought Wen was a genius but he was not ready to offer a deal. Finally, all the sharks go out one by one.

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The pitch on the shark tank did not give Wen and his business comfort. Wen had to leave the shark tank without a deal from the sharks. 

What happened to Jax Sheets after Shark Tank?

The company survived the pitch and walked out without a deal. The company is still thriving as a business and has made some sales in the past year or so. The products offered by Jax sheets are available to be bought on Amazon and HercLeon. Both the products have made a sale close to $1 million up to date.

Product Features –

  • The product is sustainable, smooth, and soft from bamboo fibre.
  • It is useful for any person who hates to do the laundry.
  • Keeps you cool in all seasons
  • Very comfortable.
  • Keeps your skin free from any germs or bacteria.
  • Uses bamboo fiber to be made.
  • The sheets range a cost $179 to $199
  • They are available in many colors and sizes.
  • They are designed for use indoors and outdoor.


Bamboo Fibre Luxury Sheets is a competitor of the company.

What is the net worth of Jax Sheets?

The net worth as seen on shark tank is $2.12 million as of 2020. The product retails for $179 to $199 on HercLeon’s website. It is available in all sizes and a variety of colors. Also, revenue as of 2021 is increased to $1 million.

Is Jax Sheets still in business?

Yes, the company is still in business they started off with a kick-starter campaign and raised $351, 976 which now turned from $90,000 into $ 1 million in sales for the company.

The hope to strive for success has not stopped this enterprise they surely will succeed in their endeavors and go ahead far beyond where they are now, in their comfort zone. The Jax Sheets have now expanded their product range from Bed Sheets to Pillow Cases and Duvet Covers which are now favorites amount the users.

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What is Jax sheets?

Jax sheets is a copper Infused Silky Cotton Sheets for men who don’t wash their sheets.  

Who founded Jax sheets?

Jax sheets were founded by Jen Muenyi who devised the product to be soft and smooth as well as sustainable and anti-bacterial because a lot of research was done before developing the product.

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