What Happened to Byoot Swimwear After Shark Tank?

We are all fond of being in our swimsuits on the beach to enjoy the sea and weather, or even indoors in the pool. Especially for the one-piece swimsuit, there is a real hassle to remove and wear it again.

We have all heard about detachable Pinafore dresses for kids which come with buttons. But what if the same idea is part of your one-piece swimsuit?

Ladies would love them as it comes with the ease of removing or wearing your swimsuit in a whisker. The couple brought the fantastic idea of the one-piece removable swimsuits to the world.

Welcome to the world of Byoot Suit Swim, a company that offers swimwear for women of all sizes. Founded by Nadia Boujarwah and Lydia Gilbert, Byoot Suit Swim creates comfortable, stylish, and affordable swimsuits that cater to the diverse bodies of women.

Byoot swimsuits at a glance:

EPISODE NOSeason 12 Episode 14
BUSINESS IDEAButton-up women swimwear
FOUNDERSElyce and Nathan Billany
ASKED FOR$50,000 for 30% equity
ACCEPTED OFFER$50,000 as a loan with 10% interest and 5% equity
SHARKKendra Scott
WEBSITEByoot Swimsuits



Who is the Byoot Founder?

Elyce Billany was a mid-westerner from a small town. Elyce with her husband was on a beach vacation and was struggling to get her one-piece swimsuit in a dirty beach bathroom. This incident struck her with an idea to find ways and solutions to come up one-piece swimsuit that is removable easily without any fashion change.

With no experience in Design, she started working on the prototype with New York Manufacturer with the finest quality of materials to offer a swimsuit that washes well and maintains its shape, and color with style.  

Elyce had to face a lot of struggles to get the “Byoot Suit” in shape, but she was determined to produce a quality product to be loved and fashioned in a “byootiful way”.   

Did Byoot swimsuits get a deal on Shark Tank?

Elyce and Nathan Billany couple entered the shark tank episode to pitch for $50,000 at a 30% stake in their business. Elyce came up with this design with a New York Manufacturer, which was both functional and easy to use. The best part was women can remove the suit by just removing the buttons on both the sides of the bottom without removing the whole suit.

Elyce explained the various styles they offer on swimsuits and virtual fittings also like collars etc. Their initial Kickstarter investment was $30,000. Now the idea was to expand this design to large-scale businesses.

Our guest shark Kendra Scott noticed an interest in Byoot products and made an offer to Elyce and Nathan $50,000 for 5% equity in the business and a loan with a 10% interest rate. Post a few thoughts, Elyce accepted the offer and Byoot left the shark tank episode with a deal.

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What happened to Byoot Swimsuits after Shark Tank?

Post the Shark Tank episode, Byoot has been able to launch Byoót Suit the one-piece suit with the ease of handling them. The sales are happening only on their company website – https://www.byootcompany.com/. Post-Pandemic, the business has picked certain innovative concepts like Virtual fittings which increased their sales.

Byoót suits were of great quality, by the manufacturer team in New York. The Byoot swimsuits selling price of $60-$120 with a cost price of $30 which is an excellent margin proposition. The company is still under the $1 million valuation.

Byoot Swimsuit is prepared of high-quality materials, starting with limited colors. Comes with air-drying material, and can stretch all four ways with the buttons easily placed on both sides at the bottom for handling at ease. Started with solid colors: black, red, and navy. Came up with unique patterns like floral, stripe, and nautical were also choices for customers.  

Now, they have expanded in all sizes, the suits with different styles and colors with an assurance to remain consistent in spite of a few washes. Suits are on high-quality fabric, with 86% Nylon, and 14% Spandex which ensures color consistency for a longer duration.

Byoót Company has been able to bring its products into the market via its website. Primarily sold on their official website, for now, interestingly also allows a 10-minute slot for virtually guiding interested customers to enable them with the right guidance and the most appropriate product to suit them.

The design minds in the company have launched new “Torso” Options in August 2020.

Competitors of Byoot swimsuit:

  1. Zivame
  2. Marks and Spencer
  3. Parfait Lauren and many more.

Byoot Swimsuits net worth:

The company is still under the $1 million valuation. Yes, the company is profitable from the sales through their own website. With the launch of new designs and fittings, and accessories their product lines have expanded and increased sales also.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The unique design of a One-piece suit has buttons to have a detachable option, quick to change.
  2. New patterns included – paisley-floral and stripes.
  3. The website offers – Swimwear with wide options in color and styles, including pandemic essentials, masks, and children’s books
  4. Byoot Suit has received 5 Star ratings as their quality is unmatched.
  5. Now seen in Style Insider, Paula Sands Live, and Galdy’s.

Is Byoot Swimsuits still in business?

Elyce and Nathan have promised to donate a portion of their sales to the Every Mother Counts organization which helps with safe pregnancies and childbirths. Being still new in the market, they have already launched Swimsuit variants like Torso’s and bikinis as a new product line in 2021.

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Who founded Byoot swimsuits?

Elyce and Nathan Billany came up with an idea for a one-piece swimsuit that is removable easily without any fashion change.

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