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Cinnaholic is a desert company that made vegan food deserts that are lactose-free, egg-free, and cholesterol-free, cinnamon rolls, additionally, they made scratch based Brownies, Raw chocolate chips cookies dough, baked chocolate chips cookies, cinnamon rolls cakes, and bite-sized rolls called “Baby Buns” that contains cinnamon in it. It is the best option for those who are vegetarian or vegan and for those who don’t like non-vegetarian food snacks. They have over 30 different flavors and over 30 different toppings.

Everything in his bakery is made from scratch which keeps their cost very low. The cost of their rolls is lesser than any related snacks also they claim that It contains calories half of the traditional rolls as 500 calories only. They are growing very quickly across USA and Canada. They opened various line-up stores around various parts of the country and abroad.

Cinnaholic at a glance

Episode No.Season-5, Episode-28.
Business IdeaGourmet Cinnamon Rolls and Desert.
FoundersShannon and Florian Radke.
Asked For$200,000 for 20% of equity.
Accepted Deal$200,000 for 40% of equity.
SharksRobert Herjavec.
Business StatusIn Business.


Founder Details

Cinnaholic is founded and developed by 2 young entrepreneurs and a sweet couple called Shannon and Florian Radke they both are the co-owners of this company. Shannon was a baker that was trying out some vegan recipes and developed some amazing recipes that she had done for herself and her family and friends. Then they decided to open a little bakery. They opened her first bakery in 2010, in Berkeley, California right across from the University.

Florian is a former German Punk Rock Scenes ton, later he also joined her wife’s business, and together they successfully operated her bakery business.

Did Cinnaholic get a deal on Shark Tank?

Cinnaholic is introduced as a bakery and dessert company in ABC’s famous reality show Shark Tank in Season-8 and Episode-28. It is introduced as vegan bakery items that are 100% vegetarian and have lactose-free, egg-free, and cholesterol-free items that contain cinnamon in them, along with almost half of the calories contains in any regular deserts.

The shows that they have over 30 flavors and over, 20 varieties of toppings that each one can customize along to their preferences. They gives their samples to sharks along with different varieties and flavors and asked for $200,000 for 20% of equity.

Sharks love the taste and flavors of their rolls and asked for her sales as in the year before the show they made over $260,000 in sales and want Sharks to open another store. Sharks found the product interesting but can’t find any relevant business as the owner wants to operate it as a franchise but sharks plan to sell this throughout the country. Therefore all sharks backed themselves except Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’ Leary.

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Robert offer’s him $200,000 but for 40% of equity, rather Kevin plan’s is quite different as they offer him $200,000, for the royalty of $1.20 for each unit sold until they get their money back, after that, they want $0.60 further as their profit. Owner’s rejected Kevin’s offer and countered Robert to close the deal at 35%, but Robert rejected their counter. Finally, they accepted Robert’s deal, here they got’s a deal on the Show.

What happened to Cinnaholic after Shark Tank?

After the show Cinnaholic receives a huge hike in their sales as when they becomes a well-known brand after the show, also, their sales increased sharply, they opened various stores in various other parts of the country.  Although, the deal with Robert never be closed as they want to operate it as a franchise business but Robert wants to sell this directly to customers all over the nation.

Their 1st franchise started in 2015, in Berkeley which was a huge success for him after that they collaborated with a franchise company called “Atlanta Franchise Group” to fully focus on their goal to get their business nationwide. As of July 2021, they have over 56 running franchises in the nation and abroad along with 64 new developing units and they can create revenue of $1 Million.

Later, In January 2022, Cinnaholic announced that they had marked over 62 new franchisees and the plan’s for 25 new outlets in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts, and various other parts of the country.

Competitors of Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic is one of its kind of bakery that makes vegan deserts along with cinnamon in it but they have to face competition with some similar rivals that are:-

  • Allison’s Gourmet.
  • Nooch.
  • Pastry Perfection.
  • Dessert Gallery, etc.

The following table show’s the difference between their Revenue and Employees.

Cinnaholic.20-25Approx. $5 Million.
Allison’s Gourmet.20-25Approx.$ 5 Million.
Nooch.20-25Approx.$ 5 Million.
Pastry Perfection.35-39Approx.$ 7 Million.
Dessert Gallery.20-27Approx.$ 5 Million.

Net Worth of Cinnaholic:

After the show their business is grown sharply as in November 2021, they generate a revenue of over $4.5 Million to $5 Million and their valuation is increased from $500,000(at Shark Tank) to approx. $5 Million.

Is Cinnaholic is Still in Business?

Cinnaholic is still in business and operating in various parts of the country and some other parts of Canada too. Its sales and valuation are increased more than 25 times when it appears in the show.

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What is Cinnaholic?

Cinnaholic is a Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls and Desert.

Who founded Cinnaholic?

Cinnaholic is founded and developed by 2 young entrepreneurs and a sweet couple called Shannon and Florian Radke they both are the co-owners of this company. Shannon was a baker that was trying out some vegan recipes and developed some amazing recipes that she had done for herself and her family and friends.

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