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Lazy Enough to Read Privacy Policy, use this AI Smart App to read Privacy Policy for you!

Did you know Tinder shares your private conversations and matches and WhatsApp interprets your personal conversation to make better-targeted advertisements? All this happens because we are lazy enough to read the lengthy and fully textual privacy policy of websites.  Recently, when I was using the FaceApp filter on my photos and feeling really excited about it. Later I got to know about the privacy policy issues of FaceApp, that they are running their algorithm after uploading our photos on the cloud. This made me more scared and I started searching for solutions for this privacy policy issue. Yesterday, when I was scrolling on Product Hunt and found this product which is known as Guardthis product makes me stop my search for privacy policy solutions.
So, Guard basically uses some Artificial Intelligence algorithms that read the privacy policy for us and spot out all the threats in them. Guard website also offers a test for users to test how good they are at analyzing privacy policies. They also show a pre-analysis of the privacy policy of some famous websites like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.   You can also suggest the Guard team the next website to analyze for everyone and additionally you can help them in training their AI algorithm by answering some questions.                   Do check out the Guard official website to protect yourself from any kind of unknown breach of your private data in the future. 

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