What Happened to Yumble After Shark Tank?

Joanna Parker and David Parker came up with an idea for Yumble and to make it a world, they showed up on Shark Tank. Yumble basically serves freshly, healthy, delicious, and nutritious kid meals.

Yumble has its own application where you have to take a weekly or monthly subscription and they deliver the food straight to the doors, “no cooking required”. It serves food to 3 to 5-year-old kids. Yumble impressed three sharks with their idea but finally made a deal with Bethenny Frankel for $500k in return for 6% shares.

Yumble at a glance:

EPISODE NOSeason 10 Episode 8
BUSINESS IDEANutritious Meal Subscription Food Service For Kids of 3-5 yrs
FOUNDERDavid Parker And Joanna Parker
ASKED FOR500,000 For 4%
ACCEPTED OFFER500,000 For 6%
SHARKBethenny Frankel


Who owns Yumble?

The founding of Yumble is quite an interesting story as it’s a home story of Joanna Parker and David Parker. Joanna Parker was a housewife and she used to get tired of serving fresh meals at the same time every morning and this was an issue that both husband and wife discussed and realized that this was the same situation in every household.

So, they decided to take a step ahead on that rather than just continuing the same process every day. Yumble was the required solution to this problem as Yumble serves fresh and nutritious kid meals. The couple made their own application where others have to take a subscription for a week or month.

Yumble was founded in the year 2016, in New York. Yumble’s official website is Yumblekids.com. Joanna Parker turns into an Entrepreneur one night when she found the solution to this particular problem.

How was the Yumble Shark Tank Pitch?

Yumble was the great idea of handling this common issue of making and serving healthy meals every morning for children but to make it possible, it needed investment, and hence, the couple reached the required platform Shark Tank. Joanna Parker’s pitch for Yumble was for $500k for 4% shares.

After presenting the complete idea of Yumble, its founders were successful to hits three sharks on the tank. Rohan Oza, a businessman, and investor showed interest and put his offer on the table saying $500k for 12% shares. Lori Greiner offered the same deal as Rohan Oza. To encounter that Bethenny Frankel jumped with a deal of $500k in return for 6% shares and she got the deal.

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How is Yumble doing since Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Yumble dominated the market and they surpassed through the sale from their website Yumblekids.com They found venture capitalists who invested $12.5 million in their start-up. In Bethenny Frankel’s eyes, Yumble had a valuation of $8.3 million.

Prior to their appearance on Shark Tank, the couple claimed that they had earned $1.3 million in sales. The deal with Bethenny was never made. The pair raised $12.5 million from venture capitalists. The business has continued to grow and as of June 2021 has annual sales of $8 million.

Even after finalizing the deal with Frankel, they never did any transactions with her but still, they managed to continue their business and from their hard work, they also made the sales rise. Yumble continued to develop and they’ll reach $8million in yearly sales by 2021.

Yumble revenue:

Yumble made a website named Yumblekids.com from where they sell their meal products and people have to take a subscription for a week or month from where they earn revenue. The meal costs them around $6.9 to $7.9 which showed $1.3 million sales in 2018.

Yumble pricing
Yumble pricing

Yumble net worth:

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Yumble was valued at around $8.34 million. Also, in September 2018, they raised an $8.5 million VC fund from Sonoma Brands and others.

Competitors Analysis:

Competition helps to improve ourselves. Similarly, in the market, there are many other products giving tough competition to Yumble, which may cause an effect on Yumble’s valuation and Revenue. Few Competitors of Yumble in the market are:-

  • Mia & Ben
  • Milupa
  • Hero Turkiye
  • Bubays

Even in this competitive scenario, Yumble continues to maintain its legacy.

Is Yumble still in business?

Since using her star power as a spokesperson, Bethenny has helped increase Yumble’s popularity and reach. They keep coming up with new meals on a regular basis, making Yumble more approachable.

Interesting facts:

Some interesting facts about Yumble are:-

  1. Yumble provides fresh and Nutritious meals.
  2. It has a variety of delicacy
  3. It was founded because of Joanna Parker’s irritation or frustration of making healthy meals every morning.
  4. Yumble has a valuation of $8.3 million.
  5. It made it easy to have a meal with “ No Cooking Required”.

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What is Yumble?

Yumble has its own application where you have to take a weekly or monthly subscription and they deliver the food straight to the doors, “no cooking required”. It serves food to 3 to 5-year-old kids.

Who founded Yumble?

Yumble was founded by Joanna Parker and David Parker.

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