War Paint Dragons’ Den Update

As a man, do you lack confidence because your face has imperfections and want something that would make your face look perfect as well as boost your confidence?

Then you might as well call yourself a non-binary or a gender-fluid person because men paint battlefields, not their faces. Anyway, this article is going to cover a male makeup brand “War Paint” as a man was paid for writing it.

All the feminists reading this article are requested to proceed to the next article or continue to read it. In any case, we don’t care.

Did the male Dragons support the brotherhood of men by outrightly rejecting this deal or are they imposters? Let’s find out.

War Paint at a Glance: 

IdeaMale makeup brand
FounderDaniel Gray
Asked For£70,000 For 7%
Accepted Deal£70,000 For 12%
DragonsPeter Jones and Tej Lalvani
Business statusActive
Episode No.Season 17, Episode 5


What is War Paint?

War Paint is a London-based company that manufactures and markets male makeup products under the brand War Paint For Men.

Its packaging and branding are done in a way that ensures it gives a Sigma male appeal from its appearance. The company claims that its product also is designed specifically for male skin. 

The website of War Paint states its founder’s mission, whom we directly quote

“War Paint is on a mission to empower men.

War Paint is all about helping you to feel ready to tackle whatever today brings. And whilst we’re serious about what we stand for, we don’t always take ourselves too seriously.

Makeup isn’t only for women, and neither’s confidence. It’s for everyone that wants it. And if you want a men’s brand that speaks to you, looks f**king cool in your bathroom, and stands for something more than just products, we’ve got your back.”

The company tries to exploit every single thing that can be associated with masculinity (or what in today’s gender-fluid world would be known as TOXIC MASCULINITY) to sell a product that is an antonym of it.

Since the number of gender-fluid or transgender people has been rising significantly in the Anglophone world, this brand is gaining traction which eventually has led to huge investments in the company. 

Who is the Founder of War Paint?

Daniel or Danny Gray War Paint in March 2017. He has had a quite successful career in sales and management. He has been at the top of the managerial hierarchy in multiple well-established companies before he started his enterprise.

Danny was bullied as a child in school for his appearance which led to him developing body dysmorphia. He used his sister’s makeup products to cope with this and it boosted his confidence.

This childhood experience was the reason because of which he decided to create a product that would cater to similar needs of other men. Hence, War Paint was born.

Did War Paint get a deal on Dragon’s Den?

As soon as Danny entered the Den he disclosed that he suffers from mental illness. This was an unethical act as there should be no personal argument made by either party in a professional meeting unless asked.

Danny, a seasoned business manager, must have been well aware of this fact but decided to play the victim card anyway. 

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The Dragons quickly gathered that the product is slated to do well as masculinity is on a decline in Anglophone countries and the company also had an early mover’s advantage. All the Dragons made an offer to Danny, spoiling him with choices.

Danny too, capitalized on this opportunity and went on to interview Peter Jones before considering any investment.

Peter not only convinced Danny to let him in War Paint as an investor but also dropped his equity demand by four percent when Danny refused to budge.

 What happened to War Paint after Dragon’s Den?

War Paint received an excellent response in terms of revenue after appearing in The Den. Its products are available in multiple retail chains. It was introduced in John & Lewis on a trial basis where it exceeded the sales estimates by 50%. It was given a permanent spot in the chain following this.

The year-to-date sales of War Paint saw a 71% increase in 2020 and it sold more than 50,000 units during that period. 30% of the sales are through women who buy the product for their male partners.

The company also received investments at a much higher valuation post its Dragons’ Den appearance. Recently, War Paint secured an investment of £1 million.

With the men’s makeup market being a £1 billion industry and the increasing number of feminine males in the Anglophone world, it seems that War Paint is on a trajectory for a tremendous amount of growth.

Product Details:

  • It is marketed by the first men’s makeup brand.
  • It is a makeup product for men.
  • It has masculine packaging and branding.
  • It is for men who are insecure because of how their face is (not really men).
  • It is available in multiple retail chains across the UK.

Competitors of War Paint:

Though War Paint was an early mover in the billion-dollar men’s makeup industry, it now directly competes with multiple big and small brands in the market globally like:

What is the Net Worth of War Paint?

War Paint raised an investment of £70,000 in the Dragons’ Den at a valuation of approximately £540,000 which was a result of really tough negotiation by Danny.

Within 6 months, the company raised money at a much higher valuation. In 2020, the company saw a 71% increase in 2020 and it sold more than 50,000 units during that period.

30% of the sales are through women who buy the product for their male partners. Recently, War Paint secured an investment of £1 million.

The company’s worth today is not public but it would be a conservative estimate if it is said to be in millions of pounds

Is War Paint still in Business?

Yes, War Paint is actively in business as of 2023 and its revenue is growing significantly as the male (read transgender) makeup market is unsaturated to a large extent as the number of men (read NOT MEN) using makeup products is on the rise in Anglophone nations and metro cities of former British colonies. 

The company attempts to sell a product whose usage is strictly a non-masculine trait in the garb of masculinity by making its branding and packaging appear masculine.

In our opinion, this business will experience huge growth and attain its peak right before the Anglophone society destroys itself from within by its gender-fluid ideology.

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What is War Paint?

War Paint is a London-based company that manufactures and markets male makeup products under the brand War Paint For Men. Its packaging and branding ensure that it gives a Sigma male appeal from its appearance. 

What's the net worth of War Paint?

War Paint secured an investment of £1 million. The current net worth of the company runs into millions of pounds.

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