Tree T Pee: What Happened After Shark Tank? [Updated]

In season 7 of the shark tank, Johnny Georges an irrigation farmer from Florida with a dream of his father came up with a product called Tree T Pee which is said to reduce the use of water by 9000 gallons for citrus crops.

Johnny Georges went on the show seeking an investment of $150,000 for 20% of the company’s equity. Kevin O’Leary called this pitch the most emotional pitch on the show. 

Tree T Pee at a glance:

  • A cone-shaped, water and nutrient containment system designed for trees 1-5 years old.
  • Founder: Johnny and Rick Georges
  • Asked For $150,000 for 20% at $750,000 valuation on Shark Tank.
  • Received $150,000 for 20% from John Paul DeJoria.


Who owns Tree T Pee?

On the website of Tree T Pee, they have mentioned the idea of Tree T Pee came from Johnny’s father Rick Georges who was an irrigation farmer.  Rick Georges was the inventor of Micro Sprinklers which revolutionized the irrigation industry; he called these micro-sprinklers “Geor-jet”

Tree T Pee was invented by Johnny and Rick to protect the crops from frosts. The father and son were packing the dirt around the young trees which would protect the trees from getting frozen and dying. The dirt would have to be removed from the trees the next day to make the trees warm with the sun but doing this would take so much time.

One day Johnny asked his father there has to be an easier way to do it after thinking Rick made a cone to be placed around trees and it worked. The only problem that remained was that removing the cones would take too much time and manpower.  Johnny thought of making Tree T Pee as if would help save water.  He states that it worked like a domino effect as it saved electricity as well as fuel.

Johnny states on his website many farmers rejected his ideas and stuck to the conventional ways but he was persistent to change that one farmer at a time.  Johnny got the opportunity to be on the shark tank in 2013. During an interview, Johnny said “it was to go up there and be yourself and hope they like you. If not, they get to show the world what we are doing for water conservation”

Did Tree T Pee get a deal on the shark tank?

Johnny Georges appeared on the show seeking an investment of $150,000 for 20% of the equity. The pitch started with Johnny trying to remember his words as he got flustered “when good people come together for a noble cause, great things happen” he states. Johnny further explains the Tree T Pee a water conservation product made from 100% recycled plastic, which through irrigation reduces the water use from 25000 gallons per year to 800 gallons.

John Paul DeJoria who was the guest shark on the show asked to know more about the product. Johnny demonstrates the product by saying the Tree T Pee once placed around the three will get 3 millimeters of the rainwater in an hour. Kevin O’Leary asks if is this the first invention and why hasn’t anyone thought of having a product that shoots water at roots? Johnny lets him know that people have invented such products but the wind will take the water away.

Kevin O’Leary seems amused with how the product could save so much of the water. Johnny adds the only cast that is to be added is electricity since farmers own water. Johnny states that he is so far only selling to the people he knows in 5 country areas In California. Each unit costs $3.95 to make sales for $4.50 each. He has made 127,500 Tree T Pee. Sharks weren’t happy with the margin as he was only making a dollar through the sales. Upon asking about the patent Johnny lets them know that he has a utility patent in his name. Johnny further lets them know some expensive models last 30 to 40 years.

Mark asks if he has had the idea of expanding to other countries. Johnny replies that he simply hasn’t taken it on himself.  Lori asks if he knows the market to which Johnny says he knows 40 nurseries out of which 19 are commercial.  These are the only people Johnny sold to due to a lack of network. Johnny further reminisces the story of how one lady kicked him out but he gave her 5 samples and his business card and in the next week she called him to order 4,995 more of the Tree T Pee cones.

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Kevin O’Leary asks why he is selling the product for $5 and not go more than $10 or $12. Johnny states that the farmers purchase thousands of such cones. Kevin further asks why not $7. Johnny lets him know that he just wants to be honest. Kevin explains that there were not enough margins for the company and it would make it difficult to make distributors step in to help him reach his product nationwide. To reach the product nationwide Johnny would need to have a network and only distributors can help with it due to the margin, Kevin steps out.

John Paul DeJora starts by saying there are farmers on every corner of America and there are farmers out there who are willing to pay $6 to $7 for the product. John says he will give Johnny everything he is asking for that is $150,000 for 20% of the equity because he can see Johnny stands for the right cause. There is a small emotional moment on the set as sharks congratulate him for the deal that could change the lives of farmers around the world.

What Happened to Tree T Pee shark tank?

After the appearance on the show Tree T Pee received wide recognition. The company appeared in various news media as well as on the Forbes website. Multiple news mediums cheered Johnny for his revolution product.

The company is now selling the product through home depot stores in Florida and their website.  The product is sold at $8 on the website. Along with the Tree T Pee, there is various merchandise sold to help the business on the website which costs $25,

There are two designs for Tree T Pee white and black. Only the black model is sold on the website now as according to Johnny Georges it’s the best for plants. Currently, Tree T Pee expanded it’s merchandising along with its main products.

Tree T Pee shark tank update

Investor’s details:

Johnny went on the show seeking $150,000 for 20% of the equity. By the end of the pitch, John Paul DeJoria offered him $150,000 for 20% of the investment. With the help of john Johnny could build the network.

How much is Tree T Pee worth today?

Before the shark tank, Johnny would sell the products to the farmers he knew. He states he knew only 42 nurseries and was doing business through them.  Farmers are the target market for the product. After appearing on the shark tank with the help of John Paul the product now sells at home depot stores in Florida for $8 and as well as through their website. With the help of John DeJora, the company has managed to ship the product internationally bringing the company to a global level.

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Tree T Pee was valued at around $750,000. Tree T Pee is sold through home depot stores in Florida and their websites.  During the pitch, Johnny revealed the cost of each unit is $3.95 and sold at $4.50. The product is now sold at $8 through the website which gives the company more margin than before.

Tree T Pee shark tank update

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What is Tree T Pee?

The tree T-PEE is a cone-shaped, water and nutrient containment system designed for trees 1-5 years old, and made in the U.S. from 100% recycled plastics.

Who founded Tree T Pee?

Tree T Pee was invented by Johnny and Rick to protect the crops from frosts. The father and son were packing the dirt around the young trees which would protect the trees from getting frozen and dying.

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